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Beam: The Latest Version Of Beam Wallet On Android, Alexander Zaidelson Spoke At Eurasia Blockchain Summit, Istanbul Meetup II

Biweekly update 11th October — 25th October

Working week is almost over, and it’s time for MimbleWeemble — enjoy our recap of Beam recent news! The development team continues moving forward on the roadmap: Clear Cathode 3.2, Android was released with some significant features and improvements. Firstly, the app responsivity became much faster, and usage feel became smoother due to substantial architectural rework. Secondly, transaction details, address/contact details, tag create/update, and payment proof screens were redesigned. Furthermore, currently, transaction history can be exported and saved on the device. Devs proceed with many fixes of typos, explanatory messages, elements placements, colors — all to make the app more eye-pleasing and more intuitive to use. There are 231 open issues in /Beam, 28 open issues in /android-wallet, and 38 open issues in /ios-wallet with 50 commits in /Beam and 1 commit on /android-wallet.

Beam social life appears vivid: they attend and organize a lot of events — check our update not to miss any of them in the coming month! Say, Team Beam had a great time at Beam Istanbul Meetup II and at the Eurasia Conference, where Alexander Zaidelson performed as a speaker. In addition, some articles, videos, and tutorials appeared in the international media. Learn how to install Beam on your Raspberry Pi with a tutorial by Wilke Trei, aka Lolliedeb; watch “Beam Review: Next Best Privacy Coin?” by Coin Bureau; Claim your right to transactional privacy and low-cost credit with BEAM with a story by Constant P2P.

The usability of Beam is proved by the shops and the services that accept Beam as a Payment Method — don’t forget to find out who replenished the list in the last two weeks. Besides, You can now purchase Beam merch on Amazon and become a recognizable part of the Beam community. By the way, the number of subscribers in social networks increased over the period. Stay Beamed, stay with us!


BEAM GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from BEAM
  1. 221 open issues in / beam, 20 open issues in / android-wallet, and 44 open issues in / ios-wallet
  2. 55 commits in / beam and 2 commits on / android-wallet
  3. Next release will be for / android-wallet Clear Cathode 3.2 for the upcoming week
  1. Clear Cathode Android 3.2 — Release notes
  2. 231 open issues in / beam, 28 open issues in / android-wallet, and 38 open issues in / ios-wallet
  3. 50 commits in / beam and 1 commits on / android-wallet

{General Notes}

  1. Release Notes


  1. The app responsivity became much faster and usage feel became smoother due to significant architectural rework
  2. Transaction details screen, address/contact details screen, tag create/update screen, payment proof screens were redesigned
  3. Transactions history can be exported and saved on the device
  4. On the transaction screen, multiple transactions can be selected


  1. Transactions can be searched by Kernel ID (from the Transactions screen)
  2. Loading bar works smoother and is a bit more informative
  3. When a crash occurs it’ll ask politely to submit the technical details, that will allow to investigate the issue and improve app’s stability
  4. When changing the language the app doesn’t need to be restarted anymore


  1. Many fixes of typos, explanatory messages, elements placements, colors — all to make the app more eye-pleasing and more intuitive to use

{Known limitations}

  1. When restoring your funds in automatic mode, verify that your most recent transaction (from any device) was completed at least 1 hour ago. Otherwise, your restored balance may be incorrect and additional restore procedure will be required
  2. When restoring your funds with your specific node, verify that the node is fully synchronized with the blockchain before starting the restore procedure. Otherwise, your restored balance may be incorrect and additional restore procedure will be required

{Points to mention}

  1. DO NOT SIMULTANEOUSLY RUN TWO WALLETS INITIATED FROM THE SAME SEED PHRASE. No funds will be lost in any case, please read this article for full details
  2. If you really want to run two wallets (read: geek mode), initiated from the same seed phrase, make sure each wallet is connected to the node configured with the owner key (which is derived from the seed phrase)
  3. Even if two wallets are connected with such a node which is properly configured with the owner key, the transaction history will not be syncronized among them (each wallet will see the correct balance but only its own transaction history)

Social encounters

  1. How to install Beam on your Raspberry Pi | a tutorial by Wilke Trei aka Lolliedeb
  2. Beam Review: Next Best Privacy Coin? | a video by Coin Bureau
  3. You can now purchase Beam merch on Amazon
  4. Claim your right to transactional privacy and low-cost credit with BEAM | a story by Constant P2P

“To secure loans, customers must deposit collateral. But what if they could also earn interest while it’s in escrow?” asks Huynh. “This would cut the cost of borrowing even further. We’re already exploring this with the Beam team as this would give holders easier and cheaper access to capital, digital or fiat.”

  • “Eurasia Blockchain Summit Istanbul Day 2! Here we go! privacy panel.” See post.

Upcoming events:

  1. San Francisco Blockchain Week, USA, October 28th — November 3rd 2019
  2. Beam Official Meetup, San Francisco, USA, November 2nd 2019
  3. Okex Odessa Talks with Alexander Zaidelson- 20 November 2019
  4. Genesis DevCon 2019 — Bangalore, India, November 23–24th 2019 (to be confirmed)
  5. Beam Official Meetup — Bangalore, India, November 24th 2019
  6. Beam 2nd Official Meetup — Istanbul, Turkey, November 2019 (date to be confirmed)


  1. According to the recent Roadmap Update:

First, they decided to extend the scope of the Double Doppler release till the end of the year.

The release will include the following major features:

  1. A decentralized marketplace for Atomic Swaps in the Beam wallet
  2. Lelantus-MW on Testnet
  3. Confidential Assets POC/Testnet
  4. Multisig
  5. Hardware Wallets — Finalizing Trezor working on Ledger support
  6. Opt-in Audit — initial features

The next version, codenamed Eager Electron, will be released in the first quarter of 2020 and will contain the following items:

  1. Second Hard Fork (PoW update)
  2. Lelantus-MW on Mainnet
  3. Confidential Assets on Mainnet
  4. Tor/i2P integration

Some of the functionality that they originally planned for 2019 but was given lower priority compared to other tasks:

  1. GhostDAG research and POC — delayed to 2020
  2. Porting to Rust — they will seek the community help for this. Beam Foundation will issue grants to perform this task.
  3. Enhanced Wallet Security — delayed till they start working on Beam Business Wallet
  4. Lightning — while Lightning is a fascinating technology, they feel that Beam network is fast and private enough at the moment, so the work on full Lighting implementation is also delayed
  5. BLS Signatures — currently delayed, they will review this in the beginning of 2020

The next big thing — looking further into 2020!

The 2019 goal is to build a solid Layer 1 network for Beam. In 2020, they will spend more time on expanding Layer 2 and making Beam more of a platform.

Confidential Assets being the first step in this direction, the natural next steps is to offer full Smart Contract capabilities to the network.

Smart Contracts will allow for a multitude of applications, including stable coins, P2P lending, non-custodial exchanges, and other DeFi applications.

Mimblewimble does not support smart contracts per se, so the right way to add them to Beam is through a sidechain. They will be researching the existing projects to choose the right technology for the sidechain (can be Libra, Ton or something else). The high-level design goals are to create a sidechain with Turing-complete smart contracts, multiple assets with the ability for 1-to-1 pegging to assets on Beam mainnet, fast execution, and strong privacy.

  1. Another article depicts additional milestones:

It is their deep belief that any transfer and holding of value requires confidentiality. Confidentiality is needed for crypto coins, stable coins, utility tokens, tokenized securities, even for crypto kitties. The plan is to enable the issue of additional Beam Assets (or bAssets) on their blockchain.

To enable wide adoption, they will work in two directions:

  1. Bridges to Bitcoin, Ethereum and eventually other blockchains. Such Bridge will allow locking an asset on Ethereum and issuing a matching bAsset on Beam. The bAsset can then be traded between Beam wallets in full confidentiality
  2. bAsset Issuer, allowing a 3rd party to issue their own tokens on Beam blockchain. Such a token can represent any kind of value and have associated rules that will be enforced by the issuance server


  • You can now exchange $BEAM on InstaSwap! Available pairs: BTC/ETH/USDT and soon to be added: EUR/USD/GBP! Read more here.
  • An announcement Bitfly new $BEAM mining pool here. The pool features dedicated high-performance stratum mining servers in the EU, US, and Asia.
  • Beam Emission Table

Partnerships and team members

Here you can find the list of the shops and services that do accept Beam as a Payment Method. It is updated every week!

Every week new businesses are accepting Beam as a Payment Method. Here is the list of this week’s newcomers:

  1. Hive OS
  2. BitcoinPrBuzz
  3. Steve Dressler Music
  4. Teradelta
  5. CryptoBanTam
  6. Sheldon Store
  7. Crypto Daily Training
  8. Bitrage
  9. VPS Get


Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of BEAM Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from BEAM

Downloads: Beam Android Wallet | Beam iOS Wallet | Beam Desktop Wallet

This is not financial advice.

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