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Binance: Binance Chain, Binance DEX, Fetch.AI Token Sale, Blockchain-Powered ‘Lunch for Children’ Program and Zcoin’s integration with Trust Wallet

Biweekly update 13th February — 27th February

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Binance announced that both the Binance Chain and the Binance DEX have now entered public testnet phase at .

Binance has revealed the sites for testing its new decentralized crypto exchange and the testnet explorer for its own Binance Chain network.

Ledger Nano S can now be used to log into your Binance DEX wallet. This ensures keeping your private keys offline, out of reach for hackers, while still providing you with the possibility to trade your crypto assets on Binance’s decentralized exchange platform — currently only available on its testnet.


Binance has envisioned the creation of a native blockchain for its platform. In this article you can find out what you can expect from Binance Chain and the binance DEX Testnet launch on Feb 20th.

Source: @cz_binance

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Conversation with CZ, CEO and Founder of Binance, asking all the questions that crypto traders want to know. The interview covers the importance of exchange security as hacks have been happening to other exchanges recently, DEX plans, upgrade that traders are looking forward to, and what could be driving BNB to all time high prices.

The interview covers Ted Lin’s background, how he got into crypto and Binance, his role as the Chief Growth Officer at Binance on the commercial, education and growth aspects, thoughts on some key announcements from Binance — EUR, GBP fiat exchange, Binance DEX and Chain, Binance Academy and Growth of use cases for BNB.

Italy is home to some of the most active cryptocurrency communities in the world, including the Binance Italian group. This is indicative of the overall activity of the country’s citizens in the blockchain ecosystem. Italy is not only one of the biggest economies in Europe, but also one of the main drivers of blockchain adoption on the continent.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, better known to the crypto community as CZ, stated that the DEX will prioritize speed, security, and user friendliness, some of the elements the majority of existing decentralized exchanges in the global mark et lack.

Binance Charity Foundation (BCF), the philanthropic arm of the global cryptocurrency exchange Binance, unveils its pilot blockchain-enabled donation for its Lunch for Children program in 2019. The official launch was held on February 19 at Jolly Mercy Learning Centre in Kampala, Uganda, providing two meals a day for a full year (end of 2019) to more than 200 students and school staff.


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The Ethereum network will be undergoing a scheduled upgrade at block number 7,280,000, which is predicted to occur on Thursday, February 28, 2019.


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Binance Launchpad will commence the Fetch.AI (FET) token sale at 2019/02/25 2:00 PM (UTC). The token sale will accept BNB and have one session only.

Binance Launchpad has completed the token sale of Fetch AI (FET) tokens. Over 24,000 people pre-signed the User Agreement with 19,860 people successfully submitting a buy order.


Crypto exchange Binance says it’s still profitable ‘even in this bear market’

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, is still profitable despite last year’s market meltdown.

Binance team periodically review each digital asset list to ensure that it continues to meet the high level of standard. When a coin or token no longer meets this standard, or the industry changes, Binance conduct a more in-depth review and potentially delist it.

Major cryptocurrency exchange tokens like Binance token (BNB) and Huobi Token (HT) have recorded impressive gains since February, outperforming bitcoin and most of other altcoins. But will their upwards momentum maintain for a long time?

CEO Of Binance Changpeng Zhao ‘CZ’ has announced on Twitter that the Fetch.AI [FET] ICO token sale has strikingly sold out in about 10 seconds. Binance sold 6% of the cumulative supply for about $6 million


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Zcoin announced its integration with Trust Wallet, the official wallet for Binance. Zcoin support in Trust Wallet allows integration with Binance Chain and its decentralized exchange (DEX). Binance’s DEX will allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without losing custody.



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Binance community has experienced a very high growth rate. The graph above shows a positive dynamic of changes in the number of Twitter followers.

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