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Cøsmos Network: Prop #36 is in voting period (delay of Hub Stargate upgrade), Q4 ICF funding recipients, Interchain Conversations II videos are here, Bifrost-2 IBC testnet is live, Althea announces the Gravity bridge, Bluzelle mainnet on Feb 3, Terra has raised $25M, and more!

Biweekly update on Cosmos ecosystem vol. 40, 14th January — 27th January

Welcome all Space Cowboys and Astronaut Girls to our traditional biweekly report on Cosmos! Get ready to catch up with all the news and events that were up in the ecosystem over the past two weeks!
To begin with, the Stargate development team has been hard at work in making sure the Stargate Upgrade is a success. To include an improved user experience and more, the Stargate Upgrade for the Cosmos Hub initially planned for January 28th, was postponed until February 18th, according to governance Proposal 36.
Automatic support for state sync for Cosmos SDK apps has been added. State sync reduces the time needed for a new node to sync with the network, from days to minutes. Read what you need to do to enable it in our report.
As you know, ‘Interchain Conversations II’ was a blast! Over 50+ core contributors discussed the technical roadmap for 2021 and highlighted what various teams in the ecosystem have shipped. Now you can watch all videos from the conference on the official Cosmos Youtube channel.
Over $200M in assets under ICF’s management treasury as of Q4 to fund Cosmos development! Browse through their quarterly report to find out the great work done by the team. Furthermore, the ninth edition of the Interchain Foundation’s biweekly update is now out.
As for the Cosmos ecosystem updates: Phase 2 of IRISnet’s DeFi & Interchain Testnet Bifrost launched, to be followed by the mainnet upgrade. The Blezelle team confirmed the launch of Mainnet on February 3rd. The Althea team announced the Ethereum-Cosmos bridge, Gravity, which they will bring to the Cosmos Hub with a governance proposal later this year. Terra has raised $25 million in a new round from Galaxy Digital, Coinbase Ventures and Pantera Capital to build more apps on its Tendermint-based blockchain. Wrapped Secret (wSCRT), a synthetic ERC20 version of SCRT, is now live on Ethereum mainnet and on Uniswap. Elrond has completed the integration of the Band Standard Dataset on the public devnet for all DeFi developers to readily-integrate. e-Money partners with Starname. Moreover, last week e-Money public sale sold out in just 65 seconds. Kadena Roadmap for Q1 2021is out. THORChain weekly is here. Sentinel’s new Cosmos-based custom wallet is being released for testing. And more!
For more news and details, please, check the report below! See you in two weeks!


Github metrics:


Proposals in the voting period:

#36 Delay of Hub Stargate Upgrade for approximately 2 weeks

The Stargate team is recommending that the Cosmos Hub reschedule the next upgrade to a new commit hash. The new commit hash is expected to be available on Tuesday Jan 26th with a new upgrade proposal immediately after.

This governance proposal will signal that [proposal 35] will not be executed. The Hub governance will vote on the forthcoming proposal aiming for a final upgrade. The earliest target date would be February 11th. Given that Lunar New Year is on Feb 12th. The next best date is Feb 18th 06:00UTC.

Previous proposals:

#35 Cosmos Stargate Hub Upgrade Proposal 2: Time to Upgrade. Passed.

#34 Luna Mission — Funding $ATOM. Passed.

Interchain Conversations II — Governance Working Group — Funding Mechanisms on the Cosmos Hub


Security releases: Upgrade now

Cosmos SDK State Sync Guide

The recent Tendermint Core 0.34 release includes support for state sync, which allows a new node to join a network by fetching a snapshot of the application state at a recent height instead of fetching and replaying all historical blocks. This can reduce the time needed to sync with the network from days to minutes.

A Tendermint blog post outlined the state sync protocol itself, and more details are available in the ABCI documentation. However, the good news is that the upcoming Cosmos SDK 0.40 release will include automatic support for state sync, and developers only need to enable it in their applications to make use of it. Erik Grinaker explains in this article.

Awareness and social encounters

Interchain Conversations II

Over 50+ core contributors discussed the technical roadmap for 2021 & highlighted what various teams in the ecosystem have shipped. Check out all videos from the conference here.

Jack Zampolin talks to about Cosmos IBC, on-chain governance & more:


Information from

Top 10 validators:

Cosmos Markets

Information from

Information from

Cosmos Roadmap:

100% complete


View project ↗

Interchain Foundation

2020 Q4 Interchain Foundation Assets and Funding Overview

Here are the highlights:

  • Total assets as per Q4 2020 add up to USD 212 million
  • Holdings denominated in crypto represent 82% of total assets.
  • Investments include public securities and also crypto investments such as ixo, Regen, Agoric, Althea and Iris.
  • Number of grant applications received during Q4, 2020: 22
  • Number of grants approved during Q4, 2020: 13
  • Grants committed during Q4, 2020: USD 0.9 million

ICF Q4–2020 Funding Recipients:

  • Gravity Bridge & Incentivized Testnet — Althea
  • UX Working Group — Ape Unit
  • BSN & Cosmos Ecosystem Integration — Bianjie AI
  • Atlas Maintenance & Node Explorer — Fission Labs
  • Multi-Sig Application — Sam Panter
  • Tendermint Threshold Decryption — Sikka
  • Jobs.Cosmos.Network Maintenance — TSD, LLC

To apply for Q1 2021 please submit applications by February 14th at

ICF bi-weekly updates

  • ICF Update — Jan 14th: ICF RFP Governance Module Improvements; Cosmos Hub Stargate Upgrade HAPPENING NOW; CosmWasm MusselNet; Progress report: NFT+Metadata Standards; Citizen Cosmos; Orijitech Starting Cosmos SDK Benchmarking; Onur Akpolat Joins Interchain GmbH; UniFi DAO Demo Day; Runtime Verification; LazyLedger Optimistic Rollup Mod; Chainapsis Launches Interchain Accounts with Starport;

The ninth edition of the Interchain Foundation’s biweekly update! They are using this space to highlight some of the more exciting activities that took place at the Interchain Foundation over the last two weeks. This includes some check-in meetings that occurred with various funding recipients as well as general meetings and goings-on that members of the Interchain ecosystem might find interesting and informative. If any of the updates are especially relevant to what you are working on feel free to drop them a line at

If you missed previous updates, check it out at ICF Update — Dec 15th ICF Update — Dec 1st ICF Update — Nov 17th ICF Update — Nov 3rd ICF Update — Oct 20th ICF Update — Oct 6th, ICF Update — Sept 7, ICF Update — Sept 22.

Ecosystem updates

Akash Network:


IRIS Network:

The Upcoming Cosmos Hub Governance Proposal #37 will announce the upgrade to Hub-4 and the first step of the integration of the Interchain Protocol on the Cosmos Network, which will happen on February 18th, 2021.

Secret Network:




StakeDrop Key Details:

  1. Total rewards: 200,000 XPRT ($50,000 based on the latest valuation)
  2. Campaign duration: 45 days
  3. Rewards allocation start date and time: 20th January 2021 (checkpoint 9707)
  4. Rewards allocation end date: 6th March 2021
  5. Magic Transaction start date: 18th January 2021
  6. Average checkpoints per day: 30 (based on the last 500 checkpoints)
  7. Network Rewards Pool: 160,000 XPRT
  8. Rewards Pool: 40,000 XPRT

Band Protocol:

Althea Network:

  • Announcing the Gravity Bridge: The Althea team announced the Ethereum-Cosmos bridge, Gravity, which they will bring to the Cosmos Hub with a governance proposal later this year.
  • Althea Network is growing!


  • Pillar Series: Agoric and MetaMask on Securing Web3:


Projects that are actively building on the Cosmos ecosystem


Social media metrics

Social media activity:

Cosmos community continues to grow! There is a stable increase in the number of subscribers of Cosmos social media channels these weeks.






Cosmos forum

Join Cosmos official Discord channel here.

Check out Tendermint and Interchain Foundation Twitter pages.

There are also Community-managed Channels. These channels are managed entirely by members of the Cosmos community and do not represent official Cosmos or ICF announcements.

Cosmos Validator Working Group

Twitter Cosmos China

Twitter Cosmos Korea

Twitter Cosmos Japan

Cosmos India Telegram

Cosmos Singapore Telegram

This is not financial advice.

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Main sources

Cosmos blog

Cosmos Twitter page

Cosmos subreddit

Cosmos Youtube channel

Tendermint media

Interchain Foundation media

Ecosystem projects’ social media

Today in Cosmos by Adriana and Daniela

🪐Crypto Twitter in general




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