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CARDANO: McCann Dublin as the brand strategy and design agency

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Episode 66 — The Cardano Foundation with Bakyt Azimkanov @Bakyt_CF. Learn about the brand reappraisal, the McCann strategy, the future of the Cardano Foundation and much more.


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The Cardano Foundation has appointed McCann Dublin as the brand strategy and design agency for both Cardano and the Foundation.

The brand reappraisal’s end goal sets to achieve a brand realignment that is in line with the Cardano Foundation’s mission and objectives. The exercise’s current stage will assess the existing brand of the Foundation and unify the Cardano brand with the project’s essence and value proposition.

The brand reappraisal, a project led by the Cardano Foundation, is aimed at driving the adoption of Cardano and future-proofing the protocol to deliver value amid growing demand for blockchain solutions.

The brand — alongside with community outreach, education and shaping legislation — is equally vital in driving the adoption and meeting the demands of the future and the brand reappraisal efforts will increase Cardano and the Foundation’s brand to deliver more value.

McCann Dublin is a creative agency specializing in brand, design and digital content. They see the world differently. Where others see challenges, McCann see opportunities to create change for good. Driven by that ethos and steered by McCann WorldGroup’s approach to Truth Well Told, McCann Dublin has reimagined the brand stories of Microsoft, LinkedIn, Norwegian Airlines, AB InBev and Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders to name just a few.

The Cardano Foundation — in a bid to optimize community engagement and its strategic direction — has boosted its Community Management department by appointing J. Casey Monroe as the new Senior Community Engagement and Strategy Lead and Tiago Fernandes Serôdio as the new Community Project Manager, effective immediately.

These hires are a direct response to streamline the community management and is another stride towards the Foundation’s growth goal. Working in collaboration with the Global PR, Communication and Marketing department, Casey and Tiago will advise on diversifying and scaling the Cardano community.

Casey is the first Community Management team member based in the Americas and brings 12 years of experience building and running communities.

In his new role based in Los Angeles, United States, Casey will focus on implementing community engagement and strategic direction plan to improve management, growth, and diversification of the community, with a focus on adoption and use cases, and synergies between digital systems and real-world human behavior. He will also supervise the high-level organization of the Community Management team to optimize the existing structure, streamline processes, information sharing and build a talent pipeline as well as continuous learning and development framework.

Prior to joining the Cardano Foundation, Casey, a native of the San Fernando Valley, California, held various senior community and content management positions at Toyota, Google, Zynga and Wowhead, where he built, grew and supported communities for more than a decade.

Tiago is the first person in the Foundation to manage the Spanish-speaking communities in Latin America and Iberian Peninsula, as well as Portuguese-speaking regions in Africa*, Asia** and South America***.

In his new role based in Porto, Portugal, Tiago will focus on managing the Cardano Foundation’s flagship Ambassador Program and community-related projects. Among his immediate priorities will be rolling out the next phase of the Ambassadorship.

Before assuming his current position, Tiago, a native of Bahia, Brazil, held various community management, marketing, analytics and business development roles at Dash and elsewhere.


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Social media dynamics

The charts above illustrate a decline in the number of Telegram followers. In general, the Cardano experiences an average level of social activity.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Cardano Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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