Crypto News Weekly Recap 📰

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2 min readJun 11, 2024

4th June — 11th June

▫️ Crypto investment products saw $2B in inflows last week amid rate cut anticipation.

▫️ US spot bitcoin ETFs see $65M in net outflows, ending 19-day inflow streak.

▫️ Stand with Crypto US reached 1M members.

▫️ HSBC China rolls out e-CNY services for corporate clients.

▫️ South Korea to treat certain NFTs as regular crypto, new rulebook says.

▫️ Appellate court slaps down SEC regulatory overreach.

▫️ Evolved Apes creators charged in alleged NFT rug pull.

▫️ CoinGecko data breach via third-party email platform; name, email, IP & location of email opens compromised.

▫️ Velocore $6.8M exploit on zkSync & Linea via faulty logic.

▫️ Loopring suffers a $5M hack after the ‘Guardian’ two-factor authentication service is compromised.

▫️ Norwegian government freezes and returns $5.7M connected to Ronin hack.

▫️ Security Alliance (SEAL) partners with the Security Research Legal Defense Fund to assist whitehats using safe harbor agreement.

▫️ Kraken explores pre-IPO funding round: Bloomberg.

▫️ EOF included in Pectra upgrade, largest upgrade ever planned (19 EIPs), likely targeting Q1 2025.

▫️ Fireblocks partners with Coinbase International to extend security, governance, and policy support.

▫️ Consensys Linea paused the sequencer & censored Velocore attacker addresses.

▫️ OP Mainnet implements ‘fault proofs’ to strengthen rollup decentralization.

▫️ ZkSync introduces a decentralized governance framework called ZK Nation; airdrop 3.6B ZK tokens next week.

▫️ Arbitrum DAO votes to approve $215M gaming ecosystem fund.

▫️ Taiko enables permissionless sequencing and proving after mainnet rollout.

▫️ FriendTech to move to new Friendchain blockchain in a move away from Base.

▫️ Telegram launches digital mini-app payment system, Telegram Stars.

▫️ Nexus Labs closes $25M Series A round to scale verifiable computation.

▫️ Solana-based multisig protocol Squads raises $10M, and launches retail wallet app Fuse.

▫️ GME, other memecoins fall with GameStop as Roaring Kitty livestream draws a huge audience.