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DeFi in Ether: $17B in DeFi this week, 1INCH token is here, Curve sETH pool is live, PieDAO is launching YPIE, The Shaula release, 2020 in review from Aave, Uniswap, Synthetix, xDai, Raiden, Ren, UMA, 2021 is going to be wild!

Biweekly update on Ethereum DeFi ecosystem vol.21, 22nd December — 4th January


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Total Value Locked in DeFi

More than $17B in DeFi this week, currently at ~$17.45B, with Maker dominance 21.03%.


Top DeFi Tokens by Market Capitalization

Total Market Cap: $22,890,829,140


DeFi Aggregators


  • You can now watch the replay of mStable Community Call 004. The genesis team discussed progress on recent MIPs, current MIPs in development, the new incentivized constant sum market maker (ICSMM), and governance proposals.




OKCoin Integration, COMP.Vote Launch, Developer Community Call Recap, Governance Updates

  • OKCoin Integration: OKCoin natively integrated Compound to launch a new Earn product that allows users to generate yield on USDC and DAI. The Compound integration features daily adds and withdrawals, as well as automatic COMP rewards included in the net rate. Most notably, OKCoin charges no service or gas fee for supplying assets, providing a truly frictionless onboarding experience for DeFi users.
  • COMP.Vote Launch: Compound community members Arr00 and Anish Agnihotri launched, a gasless method to vote on Compound governance proposals. Arr00 and Anish also built an API that allows anyone to send signatures to the COMP.Vote server for relaying.
  • Developer Community Call Recap: The Compound community held its fifth Developer Community Call to discuss ongoing protocol and application development. You can view a recap on the Compound Community Forum, and listen to a recording of the call here or on your preferred podcast platform.
  • Governance Updates: Since the last newsletter, Proposals 33 Remove automatic COMP claims and COMP speed refresh and 34 Semi-Permanent Gas Saving Measures for the DAI Market passed through governance with near-unanimous support from the community.
  • Compound Labs CEO, Rober Leshner, joins SCB 10X Virtual Summit to discuss the DeFi landscape and governance models.



Derivatives, Swaps and Prediction Markets



  • UMA Token Release & Treasury Update: UMA founders and early investors have agreed to an additional two-year lockup; the Risk Labs Foundation now holds over $15mm in non-UMA assets; 2021 is going to be wild with more developer mining, new perpetual synthetic assets, and an “optimistic” oracle that builds off the R&D.

Fund Management

Enzyme Finance (formerly Melon):

Set Protocol:

Securities, Insurance and NFTs

Nexus Mutual:

Liquidity Relays

0x project:




Q1 roadmap is jam-packed:

  1. BNT rewards go live (Jan)
  2. Perpetual BNT deflation via vBNT pool
  3. New APIs improve performance
  4. Dynamic fees




Some highlights from 2020 include:

  1. Launching the Uniswap V2 protocol
  2. Launching Uniswap Governance and the UNI token
  3. $58bn in trading volume, up 15,000% from 2019
  4. $2bn in liquidity, up 17,000% from last year
  5. Over 200 community integrations and counting

Payments Networks

Raiden Network:

Check out the latest Raiden Weekly. Update 150 covers:

  • Development progress of this year
  • Events the team took part in
  • Demos of 2020


Privacy protocols for DeFi

Ren protocol:

More updates


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DeFi Person of the Year 2020 by DeFi Prime.

DeFi predictions for 2021.

Under-the-radar product trends: 2020 recap and 2021 predictions.

Some of the biggest DeFi events of 2020 by The Block:

This is not financial advice.

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