DeFi in Ether: $49.6B in DeFi, mStable Save gets ERC-4626 upgrade, Maker now connected to StarkNet, Balancer now live on Optimism, STAKE ←→ GNO token merge is complete, The 0xpo Summit 2022 announced, Bancor 3 roll-out update, and much more!

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10 min readJun 7, 2022


Biweekly update on Ethereum DeFi ecosystem vol.54, 24th May — 7th June


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Total Value Locked in DeFi

$49.6B in DeFi this week, currently at ~ $49.56B, with Maker dominance 19.45%.


Top DeFi Tokens by Market Capitalization

Total Market Cap: $92,930,729,087


DeFi Aggregators


Yearn Finance:



  • Latest Aave News: AIP-78, liquidity mining evolution, governance house,& more ecosystem updates.
  • Follow the Aave governance forum.


  • Find the latest Compound proposals here.

Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Chain):

Gnosis Chain Weekly · 03 June 2022:

Derivatives, Swaps and Prediction Markets



Fund Management

Enzyme Finance:

  • A secondary market for your Enzyme vault shares: the best of both worlds: Enzyme’s V3 only allowed for minting and redemption of vault shares, and those ERC-20 tokens were not transferable to third parties. On V4 Sulu, vault managers can enable an alternative option for depositors who want to exit by transferring their shares instead of going through the classic redemption process. By default, shares are now transferable, but you can disable the feature if you prefer to prevent all transfers. Or you can opt for a middle ground and reserve the right to whitelist all secondary buyers before any transfer takes place. This new feature allows for the best of both worlds: the possibility of opening up a flexible secondary market without losing control over who owns what. Especially useful if you need to implement KYC checks and stay 100% compliant.
  • Check out MFP: Enzyme Funding Proposals here.

Set Protocol:

Liquidity Relays

0x project:

  • Announcing the 0xpo Summit 2022: The event will be on November 2–3, 2022, in San Francisco at the beautiful Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. As with the inaugural 0xpo ’20, participation is by invitation/registration only.



  • Balancer now live on Optimism: Selected pools also receive liquidity mining incentives such as WETH/BTC/USDC and ETH/OP/USDC. Find them here.
  • The latest Balancer Report is here.
  • Listen to last week’s Balancer <> Stader AMA here. Balancer <> Picke Finance AMA is here.


  • Bancor 3 Roll-Out Update: 150+ more tokens, Auto-Compounding Rewards, Dual Rewards, UI enhancements, more integrations with wallets, aggregators and token projects.




Payments Networks

Raiden Network:


Privacy protocols for DeFi

Ren protocol:

More updates


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