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Dragonchain: Current Dragon Net Statistics, The team at DC Blockchain Summit, Academy first dev course is now available, DRGN is live on Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct

Biweekly update 21st February — 7th March

This is not financial advice.

During the last two weeks, Dragonchain team published a blog post with metrics, partnerships, and ongoing product developments over the last month. Current Dragon Net statistics is impressive: there are 230+ nodes running on DragonNet and more than 831,755 average transactions per month. Development is still in progress mostly in private repositories. As for social encounters, these days the team attending DC Blockchain Summit in Washington. Last week, Joe Roets, Chris Jones and Sieng Van Tran lent their expertise in blockchain and entrepreneurship as mentors at the first Hash Outliers Bootcamp. Dragonchain Academy’s first developer course and certification released. BlackCat Blockchain Investments announced partnership with Dragonchain to accelerate the implementation of blockchain at the business and institutional level in Spain. And the last, but not the least — Dragonchain is now live on Blockfolio Signal and Delta Direct.


GitHub metrics

Also there are private repositories (~100 private repositories on commercial github).

Dragonchain CEO Joe Roets in Official Telegram group:
Dragonchain, Inc. began in 2017 and has been developing the enterprise and scalable platform on multiple private and proprietary repositories.
We’ve stated from the beginning that we intend to make the open source codebase network compatible with the commercial platform. We expect to do that sometime in 2019, and will involve an update to the open source codebase.

Developer activity (from
Source: Dragonchain blog.

Social encounters

  • March 6th-7th, 2019: Dragonchain team at DC Blockchain Summit 2019 hosted by the Digital Chamber of Commerce, Washington DC, United States.
Source: @dragonchaingang.

There was also Dragonchain CEO Joe Roets keynote on recent Dragonchain solutions as proof of what businesses can deploy today.

Dragonchain Academy

  • Dragonchain Academy’s first developer course and certification released on February 22th, 2019: Learn how to write and deploy smart contracts on the Dragonchain platform. Sign up to Daragonchain Academy mailing list to get first access to this course.
Source: @DragonchainAca.

Last weekend, Joe Roets (@j0j0r0), Chris Jones (@cjones2002) and Sieng Van Tran (@sieng) lent their expertise in blockchain and entrepreneurship as mentors at the first Hash Outliers Bootcamp.

Source: @DragonchainAca.

If you are interested in collaborating with Academy at your next program, contact

  • Twitter:

Tenacious Dragon 🤘‏ @TenaciousDragon (on March 3rd, 2019):

Source: @TenaciousDragon.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

There is a slight increase in the number of token holders these weeks.

Source: Dragonchain blog.
  • Dragonchain Wyrm Holes give you the ability to transfer tokens from one blockchain network to another. Learn more here.


The first installment of the Dragonchain 2019 Roadmap:


  • DragonScale — Publication of model
  • DragonScale — Competition launch
  • Academy — Additional courses
  • Academy — Productized LMS
  • Takara — Adoption metrics reporting
  • Privacy Products — whitepaper
  • Consulting services launch
  • Commercial platform — on premise capabilities
  • Commercial platform — sandbox (LAB)


  • Time Products — Marketplace listing
  • Marketplace — vendor enrollment features
  • DragonDen — launch
  • Patent — licensing standardization
  • Commercial Platform — expanded dashboard features
  • Privacy Products — Launch
  • Dragon Factor — expanded features
  • Commercial Platform — multi-cloud capabilities

Partnerships and team members

Dragonchain and MetroEDGE are accelerating industry 4.0 implementation by leveraging the security and scalability of the Dragonchain Platform and MetroEDGE’s high-performance EDGE computing and storage grid. The platform is designed to serve IoT, healthcare, supply chain, and other industry 4.0 needs. It will allow companies to plug their pre-existing application layers into a complete EDGE computing solution.

Source: Dragonchain blog.

Contact the team today and they’ll connect you with our partners at Antonym and MetroEDGE.

  • Socialize on Dragonchain with Dragon Den

Dragon Den is a decentralized community built on the Dragonchain Platform. It is Dragonchain’s response to fake news, trolling, and censorship, with incentives for users that generate and identify quality content. As part of its community-centered design, users are given agency to stop the circulation of unsourced news, enforce community standards, and reward valuable content through a tokenized reward model.

They’re currently in phase 2 of our Dragon Den closed beta. If you’re interested in participating in phase 2, fill out the form to sign up.

Source: Dragonchain blog.

BlackCat Blockchain Investments signed a partnership agreement with Dragonchain. This agreement will support the development and implementation of the Dragonchain Platform at the business and institutional level in Spain.
As part of their support for educational and development-focused blockchain projects, BlackCat will extend the reach of the Dragonchain ecosystem, targeting strategic sectors with development potential.
Cooperation between Dragonchain and BlackCat will increase blockchain awareness and adoption, leading to growth for hybrid solutions in an expanding market.
This partnership will also generate a significant competitive advantage thanks to Dragonchain’s ability to implement quickly in any sector, be it energy, online games, real estate, health,education, etc., and provide data protection in a hybrid or selective manner.

Download Blockfolio to get all the latest Dragonchain updates.

All the latest Dragonchain updates will now be directly available on Delta. Make sure to enable notifications for our Direct updates so you never miss out.


  • Twitter:

Tenacious Dragon 🤘‏ @TenaciousDragon (on February 3rd, 2019):

Source: @TenaciousDragon.

See also Tenacious Dragon Twitter thread on “Has a blockchain company ever dropped as much magic as @dragonchaingang and @j0j0r0 in the last 6 months?”

  • Telegram:

Jonel (admin): “Don’t pay attention to rumors. There’s too many in this industry guys. Pay attention to our fundamentals. Pay attention to what we are doing. What we have public that’s public. What we don’t have public is because of legal NDAs.”

Social media metrics

Social media activity

Facebook — announcements, 25–50 likes, 5–10 shares.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 50–100 for one post.

New media: — since August 17th, 2017. Last post — on February 24th, 2019: latest news, price, etc.

Dragonchain also has Kakao talk for koreans.

Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Dragonchain community continues to grow. Despite the fact of growth in other social media, there is a slight decrease in the number of subscribers of Dragonchain Telegram channels and subreddits these weeks.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Dragonchain Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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