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Dragonchain: Developer Plan available now, The team at VivaTech in Paris, Jeff Barr highlights Dragonchain achievements

Biweekly update 2nd May — 16th May

Dragonchain steals the show! The team has made great strides these weeks! The Dragonchain Developer plan is now available and you can start building today on the most flexible and scalable blockchain platform and see what you can accomplish with baas! Jeff Barr, Vice President and Chief Evangelist for Amazon AWS, presented alongside Sieng Van Tran, President of the Dragonchain Academy, at their meetup hosted at the Dragonchain HQ. Together they discussed Dragonchain’s growth and progress, plans for global expansion and the future of blockchain technology. These weeks Dragonchain illustrated the average level of activity in the media landscape. The team published several blog posts. Firstly, on tokenization which is typically associated with cryptocurrency and token sales, but it can also be a powerful tool for enterprises. Read how the use of tokens can help improve productivity and enhance project management software in Dragonchain official blog (note that it was moved to the new and improved Dragonchain website). Guest writer David Madden, founder and owner of Exchanger Hub, shares his insights on how blockchain, IoT and supply chain intersect. See how blockchain is driving industry transformation in these sectors. Last week, Deloitte published the results of their global blockchain study, which surveyed 1,386 executives on how this tech impacts their businesses. The team published their insights on these findings and what they mean for the future of blockchain and enterprises. A must read! In the new video, published on the project’s official YouTube channel, Dragonchain CMO Chris Jones addresses this question “What is blockchain and what are its benefits?” and talks about how blockchain fits in with other major technological advances. As for social encounters, these days the team is heading to Paris for VivaTech, the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation together. At the end of the month, Dragonchain Lead Dev Dean Shelton will speak at Developer Week Seattle about Kubernetes, Docker, and scaling Blockchain as a Service. Registration for Dragonchain Academy’s first developer course and certification is still open. Dragon Den expects to see a full public release in Q3 2019. Development is still in progress mostly in private repositories and the community continues to grow. The time is ripe for Dragonchain! Stay tuned!


GitHub metrics

Last commit on public GitHub was made on April 29th, 2019 in repository.

Also, there are private repositories (~100 private repositories on commercial GitHub).

Dragonchain CEO Joe Roets in Official Telegram group:
Dragonchain, Inc. began in 2017 and has been developing the enterprise and scalable platform on multiple private and proprietary repositories.
We’ve stated from the beginning that we intend to make the open source codebase network compatible with the commercial platform. We expect to do that sometime in 2019, and will involve an update to the open source codebase.

Developer activity (from

Dragonchain Developer Plan Available Now — Your First Steps to Getting Started on Dragonchain:

Dragonchain’s Blockchain as a Service platform is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the release of the Dragonchain Developer Plan. This plan allows users to get started on the Dragonchain Platform and interact with the console. By registering for the Dragonchain Developer Plan, new users will receive the necessary credits to spin up an L1 node and start building their own blockchain projects, applications and solutions. Users that make an account and receive verification within this initial release window will also receive 3 months of free access as a bonus for signing up.

To get started on your Developer Plan, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the Developer plan from among their price plans
  2. Fill out the sign up form and create a Dragonchain console account
  3. Check your inbox for the verification code sent by registration@dragonchain(dot)com
  4. Enter the verification code to complete the registration process

After completing the registration process, you will immediately be taken to the Dragonchain console and begin your 3-month free access period. From there, you will be able to post transactions and start building blockchain applications and smart contracts with full access to the Dragonchain Platform. If you want to know where to begin as a new user, the following tasks are a good place to get started and will help introduce you to the way that Dragonchain operates.

  1. Create a chain
  2. Create a transaction
  3. Build a smart contract

If you need help completing these or any other processes on Dragonchain, the team has some valuable resources to help you move past help obstacles. Once you’re registered, take a look at our Guide to Develop on Blockchain, which can provide you with instructions and examples related to different Dragonchain features. This page will also connect you to useful smart contract templates and our Dragonchain SDKs for Python and NodeJS.

To get a more personalized experience or address a specific issue, you can visit the Dragonchain Developer Forum. If you have any questions or want to receive more resources, feel free to contact the team.

A Snapshot of Transaction Statistics from Dragon Net:

Source: Dragonchain blog.

Social encounters

Jeff Barr, Vice President and Chief Evangelist for Amazon AWS, presented alongside Sieng Van Tran, President of the Dragonchain Academy, at their meetup hosted at the Dragonchain HQ. Together they discussed Dragonchain’s growth and progress, plans for global expansion and the future of blockchain technology.

Progressing along the growth curve for a healthy Blockchain as a Service company.

It’s really encouraging to just hear how [Dragonchain] is doing. And the level of sophistication I see here in your presentation, and your overall messaging so far beyond where you were just a year ago. I think that is when I really had the opportunity to take a look. So you are progressing nicely along that growth curve.

Old Friends Meet Again.

Great to see you again Sieng after so long. Let’s not make it another 11 years like we did last time. Listen, learn, remember that we’re at the beginning of something super super awesome. Remember that in the beginning of anything new there’s always a bunch of old world skeptics. They’re totally sure that the new thing is never going to work because they are way too anchored in the past. If anything that I’ve learned in my career it is that you take the past, you respect it a bunch but you need to be super flexible about the future. Because the futures always going to be more interesting than the past. Listen with an open mind and pick up what you have here and take and run with it.

Dragonchain recent events:

  • May 10th, 2019: Commercial Brokers Association Forum — Thom Polson participated in the forum on May 10th and discussed how commercial real estate can benefit from blockchain.
  • May 16th-18th, 2019: The Dragonchain team is heading to Paris for VivaTech, the world’s rendezvous for startups and leaders to celebrate innovation together.

Upcoming events:

Publications in Dragonchain blog:

Blockchain implementation is quickly becoming more critical for companies, instead of just being a buzzword without proven use cases or value. Dragonchain team dives in to Deloitte’s 2019 Global Blockchain Survey, exploring the current state and barriers of adoption by global enterprises and what to expect in the coming years going forward.

How Dragonchain’s hybrid blockchain platform can accelerate implementation:

Not encompassed in the survey was the current state, understanding and implementation of a hybrid blockchain model. The survey clearly shows the market does not settle on any one type of architecture or approach. Private, permissioned, public blockchains, and consortium blockchains are all being widely used. Which is compounded with the integration of multiple chains or a blockchain network, quite surprisingly at 43% already. At Dragonchain the team solves many of the barriers to entry for blockchain technology, including ease of implementation, compliance with GDPR and in-house skills. Just as importantly, their hybrid approach allows you to have the best of both private and public chains. You’ll also be able to interoperate between the different blockchains you already use, or plan to use in the future. With consortium blockchains widely used, interoperability between them can only benefit all stakeholders involved. While this survey is clearing the way for more acceptance, development and real-world deployment of blockchain and decentralized applications. It also shows that education remains one of the key points to further accelerate and innovate even more in this emerging industry.

Explore Dragonchain platform and technology innovations today, or try their blockchain solutions for free before committing to a plan.

Blockchain is, for better or worse, irrevocably associated with tokenization and cryptocurrency. Though blockchain technology existed long before Satoshi Nakamoto published the Bitcoin whitepaper, it owes much of its initial adoption and visibility to this use case. Many of the blockchain projects to emerge in recent years have been focused on tokenization, be it for fintech, securities, or as the basis of loyalty programs. In many cases, tokenization has served as the foundation or key feature of a business model, but its benefits can also be applied in more of a supportive role. The use of tokenomics as part of your enterprise blockchain can be very broad and expansive, but what many businesses have yet to realize is these functionalities also have more granular applications.

This blog is a guest submission from David Madden, Founder and Owner of Container Exchanger and ExchangerHub. David has several years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain, with expertise in subjects like warehouse automation, IoT and container brokerage services.

Dragonchain Academy

Source: @sieng.
  • Dragonchain Academy’s first developer course and certification released at the end of the February: Learn how to write and deploy smart contracts on the Dragonchain platform. Sign up to Daragonchain Academy mailing list to get first access to this course.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

There is a slight decrease in the number of token holders these weeks.

A Snapshot of Transaction Statistics from Dragon Net:

Source: Dragonchain blog.
  • Dragonchain Wyrm Holes give you the ability to transfer tokens from one blockchain network to another. Learn more here.


The first installment of the Dragonchain 2019 Roadmap:


  • Time Products — Marketplace listing
  • Marketplace — vendor enrollment features
  • DragonDen — launch
  • Patent — licensing standardization
  • Commercial Platform — expanded dashboard features
  • Privacy Products — Launch
  • Dragon Factor — expanded features
  • Commercial Platform — multi-cloud capabilities

Dragonchain Q1 Roadmap Report:

Review of Dragonchain’s Q1 roadmap goals and technological achievements.

Commercial Platform — On-Premises Capabilities

Dragonchain has partnered with MetroEDGE, a microdata center company, to create EDGE computing and storage solutions throughout the country. Reach out to them if you are interested in an on-premises design and they will get you en-route to a customized solution.

Commercial Platform — Labs

Labs is a test environment that allows users to see the Dragonchain Platform and learn how to interact with it. Labs was completed in Q1 and is currently being used for internal testing.

Consulting Services Launch

Dragonchain is now offering consulting services to help clients develop blockchain strategies, design their platform, and learn how they can apply blockchain to their intended use case. Learn more here.

Dragonchain Academy — Additional Courses, Productized LMS & Token Model

This quarter, Dragonchain Academy released a new developer course and productized Lyceum, Dragonchain blockchain-based learning management system, to allow organizations to build their own course materials on Academy. Dragonchain Academy also announced a new token model to incentivize students and subject matter experts alike.

Dragon Den’s New Token Model

At Money 20/20 Asia, Dragonchain announced a new tokenization plan for Dragon Den and its public launch, expected in Q3.

Dragonscale — Publication of Model & Competition Launch

Near the end of Q1, Dragonscale announced its new business model, which includes a startup pitch bracket and project voting system based on DDSS Devotion. The competition is expected to launch early in the fall and introduces a major outlet for the Dragonchain community to use their DDSS. Learn more about the competition here.

Privacy Whitepaper

The privacy whitepaper is currently being reviewed and modified to align with changes in the regulatory environment. It will be released along with Dragonchain privacy products in Q2.

Partnerships and team members



Does Dragonchain use oracles? … $DRGN #eternal

Source: @dragonchaingang.
Source: @dragonchaingang.
Source: @j0j0r0.
Source: @TenaciousDragon.

Active discussions on Reddit:


  • Jonel (admin): “Don’t pay attention to rumors. There’s too many in this industry guys. Pay attention to our fundamentals. Pay attention to what we are doing. What we have public that’s public. What we don’t have public is because of legal NDAs.”

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Dragonchain community continues to grow. Despite the fact of growth in other social media, there is a slight decrease in the number of subscribers of Dragonchain Telegram channels these weeks.

Facebook — Announcements, publications with 25–50 likes, 5–10 shares.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 50–100 for one post.

Other media: since August 17th, 2017. Discussion on latest news, price, etc. Last post — on April 30th, 2019.

Dragonchain also has Kakao talk for koreans.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Dragonchain Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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