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Dragonchain: New roadmap, List of every roadmap goal Dragonchain hit in 2018, Improved Authentication System Release, Listing on Bittrex and Upbit

Monthly update 18th December — 15th January


GitHub metrics

Also there are private repositories.

Developer activity (from

In a constant effort to become more efficient, scalable, and secure, Dragonchain is switching over to a new system for communication and authentication with a Dragonchain. Previously, in order to communicate with a Dragonchain, you would need to hit RESTful endpoints with a static API key in the authentication header, to a centralized API gateway, which would authenticate and route requests accordingly.

The community created this meme…

Source: Dragonchain blog.

One of the most frequently asked questions in 2018 was, “When mainnet?” So, let’s just throw this in here one more time; there is no mainnet. As CMO Jonel Cordero explained, “Our chain consensus is a blockchain of blockchains, so we don’t need a mainnet. Think Windows for Blockchain.”

  • Blockchain Seattle 2018 brought a community together
Source: Dragonchain blog.

For two full days, Blockchain Seattle brought together blockchain advocates, entrepreneurs, investors, community members, and leading companies to share their knowledge and expertise. This was the first major event where the community got the first look into Dragonchain seven new products, and the chance to know Dragonchain better.

  • The team celebrated Halloween and Zara dressed up as JoJo
Source: Dragonchain blog.
  • Dragonchain moved into a new, 16,000 sq. ft. office
Source: Dragonchain blog.
  • Anyone can start learning about blockchain; whenever and wherever

On the same day the team launched the Dragonchain Academy, they also announced their partnership with DNES from Da Nang, Vietnam. The Dragonchain Academy is well positioned to expand globally, and is available to anyone looking to build their dreams and start new careers in the blockchain space.

  • Interchain™ became the new internet
Source: Dragonchain blog.

On November 20th, Dragonchain was awarded a patent for Interchain™, making Dragonchain the de-facto leader in connecting blockchain technology. Going forward in 2019, the team will keep their promise and continue to Interchain™ Everything.

Social encounters

-The top suggestions for the second week’s categories are in: IOTA, XRP, Tezos.

Source: @dragonchaingang.

-The top suggestions the third week’s categories are in: Siacoin, SONM, NIX.

Source: @dragonchaingang.
  • The top suggestions for the final week’s categories are in: #USDT, #0x, #TRON.
Source: @dragonchaingang.
  1. Growing Market for Blockchain Jobs
  2. Emergence of Blockchain Projects
  3. Adapting to a Changing Regulatory Environment

Upcoming events:


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from


The first installment of the Dragonchain 2019 Roadmap:


  • DragonScale — Publication of model
  • DragonScale — Competition launch
  • Academy — Additional courses
  • Academy — Productized LMS
  • Takara — Adoption metrics reporting
  • Privacy Products — whitepaper
  • Consulting services launch
  • Commercial platform — on premise capabilities
  • Commercial platform — sandbox (LAB)


  • Time Products — Marketplace listing
  • Marketplace — vendor enrollment features
  • DragonDen — launch
  • Patent — licensing standardization
  • Commercial Platform — expanded dashboard features
  • Privacy Products — Launch
  • Dragon Factor — expanded features
  • Commercial Platform — multi-cloud capabilities

The Year of Dragon(Technology): A review of 2018’s Dragonchain Roadmap goals and technology achievements.

January 2018
-Smart Contract Protocols and API — Common API for all supported languages

February 2018
-Dragonchain Foundation Developer Academy Pilot Program

March 2018
-Launch of the Commercial Serverless platform on AWS

April 2018
Smart Contracts Library
-Currency & Block Aggregation Protocol

May 2018
-Infrastructure Refactor

-Dragon Factor Identity Framework

-Initial Interchain Development

-Transaction Processing Refactor
-Reference Proof of Work Implementation
-Standardized Currency Library Smart Contract

June 2018
-ETH Interchain Library Smart Contract

-Auto Claim Gate Verification System
-Core UI Backend

-DDSS Leaderboard
-DDSS Recovery

July 2018
-ETC Interchain Library Smart Contract

-L2 Nodes (Community Provisioned)

-Decentralized L1 Capabilities (ETH)

August 2018
-NEO Interchain Library Smart Contract
-L3 Nodes (Community Provisioned)
-Decentralized L1 Capabilities (ETC)

September 2018
-BTC Interchain Library Smart Contract
-L4 Nodes (Community Provisioned)
-Decentralized L1 Capabilities (NEO)

-Takara Launch (Enterprise End) *Bonus Goal
-Dragon Net Launch *Bonus Goal

-Dragon Den Closed Beta Launch *Bonus Goal

October 2018
-ETH Proof of Existence (L5)
-ETC Proof of Existence (L5)
-NEO Proof of Existence (L5)
-BTC Proof of Existence (L5)

November 2018
Master Time Ledger *Bonus Goal
-Captured Time Lending Contracts (CTLC)


-Lyceum *Bonus Goal

-Eternal Proof Reporting *Bonus Goal

- Dragon Factor Authentication API

December 2018
- Wyrm Holes

Source: @jaimecampos787.

Partnerships and team members

Twitter — Reboot Communications @Reboot_Comm (on January 8th 2019): A New Era of Blockchain Technology: Dragonchain didn’t build the company to build the technology. They built it to serve human needs. #PSV20th welcomes Dragonchain as a Conference Sponsor.

Dragonchain is still actively hiring at Dragonchain.



Source: @dragonchaingang.
  • Tez- out — @popularstashXRP on December 20th, 2018: “Seems like dragonchain is putting in the work and other are following. If they sustain the lead this could be the gem boys $drgn”.
  • Amazon Chief Evangelist Tweet About Dragonchain Academy

Jeff Barr — @jeffbar on December 18th, 2018: “Learning about Dragonchain Academy from Sieng Van Tran @DragonchainAca . I told him about #AWS in 2007 and now I get to learn from him.”

Source: @jeffbarr

From Telegram group:

  • Jonel (admin): “Don’t pay attention to rumors. There’s too many in this industry guys. Pay attention to our fundamentals. Pay attention to what we are doing. What we have public that’s public. What we don’t have public is because of legal NDAs.”




Social media metrics

Social media activity

Facebook — announcements, 25–50 likes, 5–10 shares.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 50–100 for one post.

New media: — since August 17, 2017. Last post — on January 07th, 2019: latest news, price, etc.

Dragonchain also has Kakao talk for koreans.

Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

There is a slight growth in Dragonchain community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Dragonchain Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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