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Dragonchain: U.S. Interchain Patent Announcement, GDPR compliant Identity solution, enrollment for Dragonchain Academy is open

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- Dragonchain Awarded U.S. Interchain™ Patent — Pioneering the new internet of value with blockchain technology.
Dragonchain announced a new patent that validates its leadership in solving security, utility, scalability, and flexibility issues that have stymied others in the blockchain industry (

Interchain™ redefines the use of blockchain technology to enable users to conduct processing across blockchains. It simplifies business processes with added security and utility.

“Back in 2015, we were the first multi-chain hybrid to tap the Bitcoin public blockchain from our private blockchains within Disney. Interchain represents the efforts of our leadership in blockchain innovation and the evolution of solutions provided to the technology space,” said Joe Roets, Founder and CEO of Dragonchain. “Interchain empowers businesses to utilize the combined network effects of various blockchain solutions. Imagine transactions rooted with the combined security of Bitcoin and Ethereum and access to the innovation of those communities.”

- 5 Things You Should Know About Dragon Factor: Dragon Factor is a blockchain-based identity and access solution that allows users to take control of their identity. Delivered as a service, built on top of the Dragonchain platform, Dragon Factor enables authentication, using public key encryption.

  • OAuth Vs. Dragon Factor

OAuth is a protocol used by websites and developers to authorize data access from a third party system. This model relies on a central authority (OAuth providers, e.g.: Google, Facebook) which must be fully trusted to not give out data (inaccurate or otherwise), without your consent.

Dragon Factor allows users to own their data by providing an additional layer of abstraction between your personal information and the system requesting it.

The team calls this abstraction a Factor, and it’s stored on an immutable blockchain in a way that is still verifiable, yet obfuscates your data. Dragonchain does not own your information. You do. No one can have access to your data until you explicitly give it to them.

  • Dragon Factor API

With the recent deployment of the Dragon Factor API, Dragon Factor is empowering individuals and businesses to take control of their data. As advancements in blockchain technology rapidly develop, so too do its applications and potential uses. The ability to decentralize, have control over, and selectively share parts of our data makes blockchain well poised to be the future of digital identity management.

There continues to be a growing need for a digital identity solution, and the events over the past several years have made it more important than ever. In 2013, nearly 3 billion Yahoo user accounts were exposed, making it the largest data hack in history. This year, it was discovered that Cambridge Analytica harvested over 50 million Facebook accounts without their consent. On November 30, 2018, Marriott hotels revealed that they too had experienced a data breach, and up to 500 million guest’s information may have been affected, making it the second largest data hack in history.

Here are five things you should know about Dragon Factor:

1. Built on a trusted blockchain;

2. Ability to control your data;

3. Unique identity approach enables GDPR-compliance;

4. Trusted third party vendors reduce the risk of liabilities;

5. Better than federated and self-sovereign identity.

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The top suggestions for first week’s categories are in: #LTC, $DASH, #ADA, $WTC.

Source: @dragonchaingang.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from


Current Goals

November 2018:

  • Captured Time Lending Contracts (CTLC)
  • Academy
  • Dragon Factor Authentication API
  • Dragon Factor Authentication OAuth 2 Integration

December 2018:

  • Wyrm Holes

Future Goals

  • Incubator
  • Azure Commercial Environment
  • Heroku Commercial Environment
  • Google Cloud Commercial Environment

28th November 2018: Dragonchain makes Proof of Time possible. In preparation for its November release, they are excited to announce that DDSS Leasing has officially been named: Captured Time Lending Contracts (CTLC).

30th November 2018: Open enrollment for Dragonchain Academy starts.

Partnerships and team members

Dragonchain Academy announces that they will be working with DNES and the municipal government of Da Nang, Vietnam, as the first of many collaborations. They will help entrepreneurs and students immerse themselves in blockchain, beginning with their initial course rollout available now.

Source: @DragonchainAca.


From Telegram group:

Jonel (admin): “Don’t pay attention to rumors. There’s too many in this industry guys. Pay attention to our fundamentals. Pay attention to what we are doing. What we have public that’s public. What we don’t have public is because of legal NDAs.”

Should we invest in DragonChain (DRGN)? — Spanish analysis.

Social media metrics

Social media activity

Facebook — announcements, 25–50 likes, 5–10 shares.

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 50–100 for one post. — since August 17, 2017. Last post — on December 02, 2018: latest news, price, etc.

Social media dynamics

New media:

There is a slight growth in Dragonchain community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Dragonchain Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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