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ENDOR: Algowave to utilize trading predictions, generated by the Endor Protocol platform

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A lot of the information is private at present, the technology is at least in part private.

Algowave is a third party digital asset trading application which allows traders to manage their digital asset portfolio across multiple exchanges in one seamless interface. They are now offering their customers the opportunity to utilize trading predictions, generated by the Endor Protocol platform, which has generated 2,500 predictions to date. This is a huge milestone for Endor to deliver an AI engine, powered by the EDR token, on which businesses can build applications and services.

Algowave recently completed a limited beta, which was conducted from December 2018 to date, during which Algowave customers were able to acquire crypto predictions at a cost of 1,200 EDR per prediction.

The results below reflect the first 100 consecutive days of trading:

How Did the Beta work:

During the term of the Beta, Algowave provided its customers with a list of up to 10 crypto tokens it determined, utilizing the Endor platform, are most correlated with other tokens characterised with price increase. Such tokens that had the highest correlation traits to such desired attiributes were to be purchased at the opening price and sold at the closing price, on a daily basis.

In parallel, Algowave examined two alternative investment strategies during this time period to compare with the correlations generated by Endor’s AI platform:

1. Identify the top 10 crypto coins with highest price increase from the previous day. The identified tokens were purchased at the opening price and sold at the closing price, on a daily basis.

2. Identify the top 200 most active (highest trading volume) crypto tokens from the previous day. The identified tokens were purchased at the opening price and sold at the closing price, on a daily basis.

*Only tokens traded on Binance exchange were included in the above and daily trading commissions of 0.01% are included. These results may not necessarily be representative of results on other platforms or commission structures.


1. The reported ROI of Algowave, utilizing the Endor platform to produce its trading predictions, was 4X higher than alternatives

2. When using Endor platform’s predictive analysis features, Algowave’s daily ROI was higher than 5% in more than 13% of the days, which reflects improved performance of more than 2X compared to alternatives.

3. MDD (Maximum Drawdown) was similar to the leading alternative strategy, however the performance of Algowave, using Endor’s platform, recovered 4X faster.

Algowave is now offering predictive trading strategies to the general public. In parallel, Endor has been approached by additional third parties seeking to provide their customers with improved AI-powered capabilities.

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  • Closed beta tests ongoing with over 100 participants (Done)
  • H1 2019: Self-Serve Predictions On CUSTOMER’S PRIVATE Data

EDR token holders can order look-alike predictions based on their private data. (SMB customers)

Key activities:

• Companies can upload their private data (with the assistance of the Endor Team)

• Run protocol self-serve predictions on the private customer data

• Enhanced Catalysts program of the Endor Protocol (supporting multiple catalysts)

  • H2 2019: Self-Serve Predictions On External Data Providers

External data providers will be able to register their data set and use it for prediction generation

Key activities:

• Support protocol data provider to upload external datasets for predictions

• EDR holders will be able to run self serve predictions on rich dataset catalog (done)

• Create a smart contract billing infrastructure , to support endor protocol vision

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