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Endor: Predictions Protocol Launch

Biweekly update 2nd April — 16th April

This is not financial advice.

During the last two weeks Endor team made progress with development: the official debut of its intuitive market analytics engine was announced. The service uses blockchain, artificial intelligence, and MIT’s Social Physics technology to develop an algorithm that predicts consumer activity in real time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research. In addition to business strategy, the protocol will also be able to offer insights into areas such as ERC-20 token performance, executives say, including likely price and volume behavior.


Github metrics

A lot of the information is private at present, the technology is at least in part private.

After years of developing its predictive analytics platform powered by MIT’s Social Physics technology, Endor is proud to launch the Endor Protocol which enables businesses and individuals to analyze large data sets and generate automated, accurate business predictions using AI.

Founded by MIT researchers Prof. Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, and Dr. Yaniv Altshuler, the Endor Protocol enables users to access AI-powered business predictions and data science capabilities, formerly available only to large companies who hold the resources needed to invest in building large data science teams to process big data and build predictive models. The instantaneous predictions help find patterns in customer behavior, which can be leveraged for a myriad of use cases in a variety of industries ranging from retail to fintech.

CEO and Co-founder Dr. Yaniv Altshuler said: “We are extremely excited to officially launch the first version of the Endor Protocol. Our vision from the company’s inception was to enable anyone, regardless of size and budget, to benefit from advanced AI and predictive analytics at an affordable price.” He adds that, “Bringing our vision to life is a huge milestone and I’m proud of our team reaching this goal even earlier than expected. We now invite data owners to apply for potential data partnerships and join us in the AI revolution.”

Endor’s proprietary Social Physics technology also has the unique capability to compute on encrypted data streams, allowing businesses to create predictions without compromising user privacy.

“Recent data security and safety breaches have become huge barriers for companies to use their own data efficiently,” said Dr. Stuart Haber, cryptographer, and Blockchain co-inventor, and a part of Endor’s scientific advisory board. “The surprising power of Endor’s proprietary Social Physics based prediction engine is the high quality of its predictions, even when the underlying data elements are encrypted. Now you can generate accurate business predictions while keeping your data safe.”

The data available during the first phase of the Protocol’s launch will include raw ERC-20 and Ethereum blockchain data, to be unlocked exclusively through the EDR utility token. In the future, select data partners will be added to the ecosystem, following a complete review by Endor to ensure the highest quality of data.

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano CEO and Endor advisor, added: “Endor’s platform makes AI-powered business predictions scalable and accessible to the masses,” said Hoskinson. “This is an important step towards democratizing access to AI and Data Science, as such advanced technologies were previously available only to large companies with deep pockets.”

See: Endor protocol

Social encounters

No update


Token holders and number of transactions (information from


  • H1 2019: Self-Serve Predictions On CUSTOMER’S PRIVATE Data

EDR token holders can order look-alike predictions based on their private data. (SMB customers)

Key activities:

• Companies can upload their private data (with the assistance of the Endor Team)

• Run protocol self-serve predictions on the private customer data

• Enhanced Catalysts program of the Endor Protocol (supporting multiple catalysts)

  • H2 2019: Self-Serve Predictions On External Data Providers

External data providers will be able to register their data set and use it for prediction generation

Key activities:

• Support protocol data provider to upload external datasets for predictions

• EDR holders will be able to run self serve predictions on rich dataset catalog (done)

• Create a smart contract billing infrastructure , to support endor protocol vision

Partnerships and team members

No updates.


No updates.

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The charts above illustrate decline in the number of Telegram followers. In general, Endor experiences low to average level of social activity.

The graph above doesn’t illustrate any changes in the number of Endor Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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