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Enigma: ETHBoston — the very first Enigma-sponsored hackathon and the Genesis Game and networked testnet support

Biweekly update 10th September — 24th September


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Development Work

The entire development team, split both between Israel and the United States, continues to make steady progress towards its upcoming testnet and mainnet releases. On one hand, Enigma continues to uncover edge cases where the network does not behave as designed. These cases appear more infrequently, and they are also harder to pin down, as they are less consistent and are usually the result of relative timing between certain events in the network. P2P#Issue218 is one such example that was subsequently addressed in P2P#PR228, as well as another issue that was identified with the state not properly being processed by the enclaves after propagation that is work in progress (Core#PR213).

In the core repository, the one that holds the code that runs inside the enclave and provides the Secret Contract runtime for Enigma, Enigma is focusing on dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Here are some recent highlights:

  • Enhanced some of the public interfaces that secret contracts expose in the Rust code Core#PR209
  • Fixed a bug in the encoding of dynamic types (Vec & Vec<Vec>) that can be passed as input parameters to the secret contract Core#PR210
  • Optimize (by reduction) the number of calls between the Key Management node and the Enigma Contract (Contract#PR139 and Core#PR212)
  • Adding nested serialization of the Epoch Struct inside the enclave (Core#PR217)

Last but not least, Enigma is adding features on either repository to more swiftly provide the network configuration and infrastructure to run those tests, in this case by the inclusion of environment variables (compared to command line arguments): Core#PR215 and P2P#PR225.

Social encounters

Enigma’s team has returned from ETHBoston — the very first Enigma-sponsored hackathon. Plus the team had some incredible learnings and met some awesome teams.

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Hosted by Enigma’s Head of Growth Tor Bair, Enigma’s nineteenth episode features Max Brody. Max is the co-founder and CEO of Cent, a social network built on Ethereum that aims to get creators paid directly for sharing their work and wisdom.

On this episode, Max talks with Tor about why he started Cent, how his team has chosen what parts of the product to decentralize, why he believes art and artists will proliferate on the Cent platform, and whether he sees Facebook as a competitor — or as a danger to society.


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What’s next?

  • launch on a public ethereum test network
  • ‘Genesis game’


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Partnerships and team members

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Social media metrics

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Social media dynamics

The charts above show the decline in the number of Twitter and Telegram followers.

Telegram — Telegram HQ for the Enigma Project.

Secret Nodes Community Telegram — a community-led group of individuals who care about privacy, data ownership, and are dedicated to supporting secret node runners.

Twitter — The official announcements channel. The average number of retweets is 40 for one post. Publications with 30–100 likes.

Reddit — Threads with 6–20 comments, 10–30 upvotes.

See also:

Enigma’s secret nodes sub-forum


The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Enigma Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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