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Enjin: Ecosystem Upgrade, Blockchain SDK in Unity, An In-Depth Course for Game Builders, The Participation in Binance Charity Foundation

Biweekly update 20th June — 4th July

Have you ever heard about Enjin? We think somebody has, anyway, we make it our business to give you the gen on Enjin. To put it briefly, Enjin is a gaming community platform which we are interested in. We still hope to be able to share our full opinion on it with you. We have some great updates on this one, as yet. First, we have to alert the public to the ecosystem upgrade which will happen on July 8. During this time, Enjin Wallet functionality will be limited and Enjin Cloud will be offline for developers using the Mainnet tools. Second, the Blockchain SDK by Enjin brings the genuine control of blockchain to Unity, enabling you to investigate unused gameplay mechanics, make gaming multiverses, gain a competitive edge, increase income, and find a modern gaming frontier — all without composing a single line of blockchain code. As a result, it presents a few energizing new conceivable outcomes for fundraising, advertising, monetization, security, and maintenance. Third, there is a piece of good news for beginners in blockchain development — it will become possible to develop own blockchain games based on Unity and Enjin via an in-depth course, designed by @IvanOnTech, that can guide beginners through the process of designing a game, programming gameplay, and integrating Enjin’s blockchain infrastructure. So we enclose our gratitude for the important contribution to the development of community and ecosystem builders. The last point is Enjin’s participation in Binance Charity Foundation. We think it is, of course, a fine gesture for Enjin team to provide feminine hygiene products to women in need. To conclude, these two weeks have been excellent and productive. So, we are going to share new updates on Enjin with you. Enjin is kicking again, way to go!


Founded in 2009 and based in Singapore, Enjin is an information technology company with multiple products. Enjin Network, Enjin Wallet, EnjinX, Efinity and Enjin Coin (ENJ).


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  • On July 8 from 3:00pm to 9:00pm UTC, the Enjin ecosystem will undergo a major upgrade.

During this time, Enjin Wallet functionality will be limited and Enjin Cloud will be offline for developers using the Mainnet tools.

The Blockchain SDK by Enjin brings the true power of blockchain to Unity, empowering you to explore new gameplay mechanics, create gaming multiverses, gain a competitive edge, increase revenue, and discover a new gaming frontier — all without writing a single line of blockchain code.


The Blockchain SDK enables you to create virtual items that are authorized, validated, and certified by the blockchain. This means the items are stored on the blockchain, rather than within centralized game servers. The blockchain acts as an incorruptible record of ownership and an immutable certificate of authenticity for all of the items it protects. This introduces some exciting new possibilities for fundraising, promotion, monetization, security, and retention.

Create Blockchain Assets

Use an intuitive graphical user interface to easily create and manage next-generation blockchain assets backed by real-world value in the form of Enjin Coin (ENJ). Create assets with the following properties:

  1. Identical or Unique: Create fungible (identical) or non-fungible (unique) assets.
  2. Total Supply: The total the number of assets you want to exist.
  3. Initial Reserve: The number of items to initially be created.
  4. Melt Value: The amount of ENJ to use per asset.
  5. Metadata: Asset properties, including images.
  6. Supply Type: Fixed, settable, infinite, or collapsing. (see below)
  7. Transferable: Determines if items are able to be traded or are bound to their owners (i.e., non-tradable).
  8. Transfer Fees: Per item, per transfer, ratio cut, ratio extra. (see below)

Monetize & Regulate Trading

Eliminate or regulate gray market trading, which can cause a loss of up to 40% of total revenue. You can then monetize all trading by implementing blockchain-enforced trading fees. Trading fees are charged in ENJ, set up during the asset minting process, and can be designated per item or per transfer:

  1. Per Item: A fee per item being transferred.
  2. Per Transfer A flat fee per transaction.
  3. Ratio Cut: A percentage of items is taken from the total being transferred from the sender and given to the creator.
  4. Ratio Extra: A percentage of items is taken from the sender in addition to the items being traded and given to the creator.

Prototype & Test

Create assets on Ethereum (Kovan) Testnet and test your gameplay balance before launching to Mainnet.

Design Blockchain Economies:

Regulate and manage your in-game economy using four different asset supply types:

  1. Fixed: You can have up to TOTAL SUPPLY items in circulation at one time.
  2. Settable: Allows you to edit the total supply at any time.
  3. Infinite: You can mint as many items as you want, exceeding TOTAL SUPPLY.
  4. Collapsing: Once melted, these items cannot be re-minted.

Unity Runtime API:

Use a well-documented Unity Runtime API to manage any operation with your .blockchain assets. Create, mint, send, and trade blockchain assets in your scripts. If you run into trouble, check out our examples demonstrating exactly how to code common operations on the Enjin Platform.

New tutorials:

  • Learn how to create blockchain games from scratch! — $49 per month

@IvanOnTech has released an in-depth course that can guide beginners through the process of designing a game, programming gameplay, and integrating Enjin’s blockchain infrastructure.


All the services where you can meet Enjin.

  • You can now use your @enjin #multiverse Epochrome Sword or Oindrasdain within Forgotten Artifacts!

The popular upcoming Multiverse Blockchain game AlterVerse is hosting a Loot Crate Sale where participants have the chance to obtain thousands of ERC-1155 Items backed with 195,000 ENJ.

Payments can be made through PayPal, ENJ, ETH or BTC and every participant will receive an amount of Aces with every Crate purchase. (Ace is the in-game Currency). All items are placed randomly in the crates and after the sale ends the Top 10 contributors will receive additional gifts.

There are two types of crates available. The Captain’s Crate at the price of 25$ which contains 2 Random Items as well as 250 Aces and the Admiral’s Crate which costs 50$ and contains 4 Random Items and 500 Aces.

After you successfully purchase a Crate you will be notified through email for the items you won and the items will be sent to your Enjin Wallet after the Crate Sale period ends in 2 weeks.

The items contained in the crates vary in rarity and usability and you can find Weapons, Armors, and Skins. If you feel lucky enough maybe you will end up with one of the 3 Enjelic Items backed by 10,000 ENJ each.

Furthermore, there are 1123 new items from Epic to Enjelic, 4500 new rare early adopter items, 1,250,000 Aces and 3,000 Shuriken Shards. The team is going to use all of the ENJ gathered from the sale to mint more ERC-1155 assets for the game.

  • The World’s First Playable Multiverse Item: Usable in 3 Different Games

Social encounters

There is news that Enjin joined Binance Charity Foundation and we think it is, of course, a fine gesture for Enjin team to provide feminine hygiene products to women in need.

Upcoming events:

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Official roadmap has not been extended beyond 2018 as the team and the whole project is still buzzing from the Samsung S10 delirium. If we judge them by their 2018 achievements, Enjin holder should expect another highly active year as the Enjin team extends their work on a complex but interesting use case of blockchain technology.


  • Issues with Enjin

A talk with Andy Anderson the blockchain development strategists from Enjin about their vision, the Ready Player One style multiverse they are helping to build, scaling on Ethereum for game developers, and how bigger companies like Square Enix might just be looking at blockchain to solve their problems in the near future!

“I especially liked the part how @SpaceMisfits and @ForgottenArtif with @enjin are changing the way Early access is conducted. Now you don’t have to spend hours playing and testing and end up with empty hands.” — @VukTheWolfy

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