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FUNFAIR: KYC V2 successful launch, CYBER HUNTER 2080 and ELECTROBET are available at CasinoFair

Monthly update 26th April — 24th May

During the last month FunFair community illustrated average level of social activity in the media landscape. As KYC process on registration has been a key priority FunFair has successfully integrated Trulioo, one of the leading global identity verification providers, into FunPass, drastically simplifying the KYC onboarding process. The new KYC process along with FunFair’s upcoming wallet launch will be significant steps forward in opening its platform up to a vast audience of new players around the world. Plus Cyber Hunter 2080, FunFair’s latest striking slot delivers bigger wins and better gameplay in a future world of dystopian urban sprawl while Electrobet sees player bets spark across a circuit board to locate big wins. No doubt, the project gains momentum.


Github metrics

> FunFair has successfully integrated Trulioo, one of the leading global identity verification providers, into FunPass, drastically simplifying the KYC onboarding process.

> FunFair has made various iterations to the user journey to ensure KYC is clearer than ever.

This means:

> There is no longer a requirement for users to download external apps and no need to go outside the FunPass site to verify face scans and documentation.

> Players only need to verify their email address and input the necessary personal information required to start playing at any FunFair casino.

> Players will be able to start playing at their chosen casino much faster than before with the new process bypassing the frustrations and complexity that’s often associated with onboarding in the crypto space.

> In fact, the new integration of Trulioo and simplification across the board will reduce FunPass sign up times to under five minutes, compared to the c. 20–25 minutes of our first version.

Anything else?

> Yoti registration will still be used in those jurisdictions where they have greater coverage than Trulioo. Offering multiple KYC providers, as FunPass was designed to do, will give both ourselves and partners the choice to offer the best and most relevant casino experiences to their players.

> KYC v2 has launched in Canada and there will now be a progressive rollout to other accepted territories.

New Games

Players become rogue mercenaries looking to hack the city, subverting authority in this 20-line slot that offers the biggest potential wins yet of any FunFair slot.

They can be sure that the deck is not stacked against them with FunFair’s guaranteed fair technology ensuring a true result which could see them win up to 2,500 times their stake: the biggest win on the blockchain.

Police Badges are WILD on the reels, while locating the three energy canisters will award 10 free spins.

Spot three drones in Free Spins to play the Hunter bonus round. Deploy drones to locate data caches around the city, with true chance picks and significant wins.

The dystopian slot showcases FunFair’s usual high-end 3D aesthetics, making Cyber Hunter 2080 look and feel like the vibrant, gritty worlds that the culture inspires, and along with its numerous extra features, including auto spin and quick play, FunFair continues to raise the bar for blockchain slots.

Cyber Hunter 2080 is available to play now for real FUN at CasinoFair and in FunFair’s Showcase.

The instant win-style game is the first of its kind across the gaming industry.

Players choose their bet size, power the circuit and watch the current fly down the winding tracks, navigating fuses and capacitors to aim for supercharged prizes in the ultimate indicator boxes.

Multiple pulses can win multiple prizes of up to 20 times stake, but be sure to resist the resistors that will see your chances fizzle out quickly.

Electrobet is aimed at blockchain and crypto-gamblers specifically, delivering the instant payouts they demand, but with the added boost of 3D graphics, a captivating game format and additional features such as auto-play and quick play.

Geoff Scaplehorn, Games Producer, said: “Instant win type games have proved incredibly popular with our players but that doesn’t mean we’re going to churn out the same old titles. So, we’ve gone down a different track with Electrobet, a totally unique game.

Electrobet is an industry first and offers an alternative and complement to the likes of dice games and scratchcards, giving players the choice they desire and the gameplay they deserve.

“We’re excited to hear feedback on Electrobet, but we’re confident players will be positively shocked when they try it out for the first time.” Electrobet is available to play now at CasinoFair and the FunFair Showcase.

Social encounters

FunFair User Activity is on the rise as the project rolls out a more efficient KYC process.

FunFair is developing blockchain solutions for gaming, and you can use their $FUN token to play games and get payouts. But there’s more. You can easily buy and manage @FunFairTech’s token in Lumi Wallet.

Upcoming events:

Games Producer (Geoff) and Creative Director (Laurence) will be hosting a Games-focused Q&A on our Discord server, #liveteamchat, this coming Tuesday 28th, 4pm BST.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from

Sign up at and receive $55 worth of FUN instantly, no deposit required. To find out more, click the link.


  1. This promotion is open to new CasinoFair players only
  2. Upon registration receive 500 FUN and 0.005 ETH
  3. Wager 250,000 FUN on within 48 hours from sign up and unlock a further 4,500 FUN
  4. Wagering on Table games does not count towards the 250,000 total
  5. The 4,500 FUN is sent out within 48 hours from 250,000 FUN being wagered
  6. One welcome package per person
  7. One welcome package per household, anyone wanting to register multiple accounts can reach out to customer support but will only be credited one Welcome Package to one account in the household
  8. One welcome package is allocated to each FunPass
  9. Available to players in permitted jurisdictions only
  10. CasinoFair reserves the right to withhold the airdrop if they deem the user has acted outside the spirit of the promotion
  11. One wallet address is rewarded per YOTI ID or Trulioo ID, multiple sign-ups from the same YOTI ID will not be credited


What’s next?

> RakeTheRake casino — On track for Q2

> MVP Affiliates — On track for Q2

> New Website UI/UX — On track for Q2

> Funfair Wallet — Now planned for early Q3, subsequent to new website launch

Partnerships and team members

No updates


No updates

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The charts above illustrate a slight decline in the number of Twitter followers and Reddit subscribers.

FunFair Technologies:

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Official CasinoFair website:

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Current CasinoFair promotions:

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of FunFair Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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