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FUNFAIR: New Wallet to Launch in Q2 and “Fate of Thrones” game return

Biweekly update 12th April — 26th April

During the last two weeks FunFair community illustrated average level of social activity in the media landscape. Preview of the FunFair walled was published. In Q2 the option to secure store of a private key will become available enabling the holders to sign transactions. Moreover, FunFair has launched its first ever scratchcard title, Fate Of Thrones: Scratchcard, a follow-up to its popular medieval-themed slot launched last year. Distinctive features are High spec graphics and a tactile scratching mechanism. To celebrate the launch, CasinoFair is giving players the control over their destiny with its ‘Fire & ICE‘ offer.


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What is a wallet anyway?

A cryptocurrency wallet is secure store of your private key. A private key enables the holder to sign transactions, allowing for the transfer of funds and execution of smart contracts. Ether and other ERC-20 tokens like FUN, are not held in wallets but as records on the blockchain which your private key allows you to transact with.

Some wallets are intended for long term safekeeping of cryptocurrency (cold), others for easy access to funds and everyday use (hot). Ours will be for the latter, although secure, it is dApp-specific for FunFair-powered casinos and will be intended for use as such and not for long term crypto storage.

Why is FunFair building one?

FunFair wants its players to have a sign-up and gameplay experience that they’d experience at any traditional igaming casino, but with the underlying benefits of our blockchain tech. To make this as seamless as possible, FunFAir decided to build its own wallet.

The three main reasons why:


Online casino players are used to a certain standard of journey from landing on-site, to registering to play and then to the actual gameplay. Blockchain certainly brings new challenges to this onboarding process, with many players, no matter their crypto or blockchain experience, not fully understanding the nature of wallets, private keys, recovery phrases, signing transactions and the like.

To make this process as simple as possible, FunFair wallet will be fully integrated into the journey, not requiring players to go off-site at any point, and will use well understood sign in and registration processes, primarily, email address and password combinations.

Ease of use

The new wallet will be built with an interface that keeps the ease of use front and centre. As with onboarding, it’s imperative the wallet is able to be used by those who have no experience signing Ethereum transactions as much as those who have a more advanced understanding of the tech involved.

There’s no reason why blockchain-based platforms have to be more complicated and so FunFair can attract a new audience of those wanting guaranteed blockchain fairness but with the simplicity they’d find in other online environments.

Any browser, any device

Gaming is no longer desktop-led and we’re leading the way in bringing blockchain casino to the mobile domain. The wallet will be available on any browser and any device without the need for extra layers such as browser extensions and app installations.

With the same account, players will be able to jump between our soon-to-be mobile optimised platform from small screen devices to their desktop and back again with the ease they demand.

How are you storing and securing private keys?

Private keys will be stored in an encrypted form on FunFair’s servers. The keys are encrypted with information only known to the user, FunFair will not have access to the unencrypted private key at any time.

Access to the encrypted private key is secured using a standard email address and password based sign in. Two factor authentication can be enabled to provide increased security.

What if I don’t want to use it?

Everyone will need a wallet account to play on a FunFair casino, but for those comfortable with Metamask, we will be integrating it as an external wallet extension.

When is it coming?

The wallet will be live in Q2. Players signed up to CasinoFair and RakeTheRake’s new casino will get access as soon as it’s ready to go.

New Games

High spec graphics and a tactile scratching mechanism makes Fate Of Thrones: Scratchcard feel like the real deal as players attempt to match three symbols to win fantastic prizes.

Players can decide whether to build tension slowly, scratching away at the 3×3 grid one at a time with a realistic reveal, or they can choose ‘Reveal All’ to find out their fate in an instant.

Vivid characters from the original Fate Of Thrones slot game bring the story back to life as players attempt to reclaim the rightful throne.

Those lucky enough to reveal the evil king will be paid out 100 times their stake, and there are plenty more options to win with another eight symbols to match, including the flaming dragon and wizard.

FunFair’s first scratch game goes beyond what other blockchain versions offer, giving players choice and flexibility with ‘Auto Play’ and ‘Quick play’ options as well as the smart contract-powered fairness that our Fate Channels guarantee.

To celebrate the launch, CasinoFair is giving players the control over their destiny with its ‘Fire & ICE‘ offer. Players can choose to either receive double their winnings or get money back on losses when playing Fate Of Thrones: Scratchcard. Opt-in here.

Social encounters

There’s room for multiple blockchains in the gaming space. Some players want speed, some want simplicity, some want a bit of everything. FunFair sees Ethereum as ticking all these boxes simultaneously, while also underpinning the ultimate in fairness and security.

Ethereum allows FunFAir to process games built into smart contracts, offer scalable gameplay and deliver secure randomness to give players the best casino experience possible, and going forward we see it as the only solution.

The Ethereum ecosystem is a vast and well-supported one, with users able to easily access ETH and ERC20 tokens such as FUN on a variety of exchanges and DEX’s at rates that only a competitive market with many actors allows for.

The likes of Uniswap are crucial to supporting token economies by exchanging currencies — on chain — via smart contracts, giving players the speed and choice that they desire.

Ethereum’s major differential over similar blockchains. Ethereum boasts the largest number of developers and the most research into new blockchain projects, technologies and use cases.

But cutting the link to the Ethereum economy and its massive development and research pool is quite a risk. Whether it’s justified in the long term remains to be seen, but for now, sticking with the smartest guys in the room seems the logical conclusion.

Perhaps one of the most specific advantages to the gambling use case is that of the centralisation risk. Ethereum is fully decentralised with thousands of validators and nodes, and fairness is guaranteed by these decentralised network layers.

At FunFair Technologies layer-2 scaling tech is introduced — Fate Channels — as a viable solution to Ethereum’s scalability. They are the first, and as yet, only live State Channels on Ethereum Mainnet.

Fate Channels allow us to execute smart contracts off chain. This brings massive scalability, currently maxed out at 10,000 off chain transactions for every channel on chain and players are transacting 200–400 times on average off chain during a game session.

To date, FunFair’s players have played games containing over a million off chain transactions. This is not just a massive saving in gas, but it also delivers the instantaneous performance that users demand in any form of igaming.

Yes, some chains, like EOS, have faster on chain blocks compared to Ethereum’s 14 second ones, but even one second blocks aren’t instant, as state channel transactions are.

Doing everything on chain, as many blockchains seem to aspire to, is squandering blockchain resources. It’s pointless to store every card dealt and every dice rolled on chain forever more. The state bloat would be insane and the blockchain would quickly grow to terabytes, and soon after, petabytes, making it uneconomic for validators to cope. Doing the ephemeral stuff off-chain using state channels, and settling balances on chain is surely a more efficient usage. Gaming needs to happen off chain wherever possible and Ethereum allows for this.

We’re well aware that change is coming. The likes of DFinity, Cardano and Ethereum 2.0 are blockchains which will have random numbers integrated, but for now we’re confident in our method of processing RNGs off chain using our own Fate Channels, keeping our destiny in our hands. Whilst it’s intriguing to see what other blockchains do, for now, Ethereum offers the scope and ambition that fits our mission of building a world of fair, decentralised gaming.

FunFair is live, the tech works, the games are fun, fast and importantly, fair, and Ethereum is the only blockchain that guarantees the trustless non-custodial experience and security that players demand and deserve.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from


What’s next?

Roadmap Update: Q2 2019

*Dates can change due to changing priorities and requirements, so for the latest, see the roadmap here. We will update this with more accurate dates when appropriate.

Improve onboarding, Phase 2

  • Our new wallet will be launched shortly, making the funding and account management process at partner casinos far easier across all devices. We’ll share more details on this soon.
  • We’re in the final stages of integrating our new KYC process which will also tie in to the wallet. This will make the process much more straightforward for new players, driving conversion in the process.
  • Various other iterations to the user flow are being introduced, including more user-friendly design and better aesthetics across all devices.

Create a mobile-friendly offering

  • We’re acutely aware of the need to deliver a strong mobile offering which will appeal to the mass market beyond desktop and this will be delivered in Q2. Games will be optimised for smaller screens along with the platform, KYC process and wallet.
  • The wallet will play a key part in this, allowing players to jump between devices with the same account, no matter their browser and with no need for plugins or extensions.

Marketing, Phase 2

  • Integrating further automated and data-led marketing tools and building out our CRM capabilities.
  • Using learned player behaviour and feedback to improve on bonusing and promotional requirements.
  • Affiliate program MVP
  • More details to be released in due course but will allow for partners to engage, track and deliver players to FunFair casinos.

Launch new games, including new varieties

  • Various games across a number of genres to be launched in quarter, including Hi Lo Max, our first instant win scratchcard and a higher stake slot release.

Go live with first white label partner

  • RakeTheRake’s white label is in the latter stages of its development and will be ready to launch in the coming weeks. Featuring a very engaging brand name, strong design and a very different feel to CasinoFair, we’re confident it will be a big hit on launch.

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Social media dynamics

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