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FUNFAIR: Real-time Affiliate Payments Across Casino Network

Monthly update 5th July — 19th July

During the last two weeks, FunFair community illustrated the average level of social activity. FunFair Technologies, the market-leading blockchain casino platform provider, is now live with its innovative, real-time affiliate technology across its white-label network. The innovative technology, which changes the rules for affiliate and referral partnerships, guaranteeing real-time payments based on wagering, not player losses, and is available now to both affiliate partners and individual referrers. Significantly, affiliates no longer need to wait until the month or quarter-end to receive payments, with smart contract technology ensuring revenues are paid on-chain in real-time in FUN, direct to a nominated Ethereum wallet. More to follow!


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FunFair added on-chain referrals to the mix which is set to revolutionise affiliate partnerships with real-time payments.

The technology guarantees real-time payments and full transparency throughout with all transactions recorded on the blockchain, and with no hidden fees and an easy sign-up process, anyone can start earning now.

CasinoFair has launched the program with a limited time Universal Offer which will deliver their referred players real-time commission, direct to a nominated Ethereum wallet at the close of every game session.

Referrers no longer need to wait until the month or quarter-end to receive a potentially disputed payment, with smart contract-led, Guaranteed Fair technology ensuring revenues are paid as players play, in FUN. This should be the benchmark for affiliate payments and are confident referrers and professional affiliate partners will enjoy this innovation.

Uniquely, referrer’s commissions aren’t paid on luck or a player’s win versus loss. Instead, referrers are guaranteed income whatever the betting outcomes are, with a commission based on wagering, ensuring affiliates never lose out.

This program will add an extra social dimension to FunFair’s partner casinos’ offerings, allowing its community to monetise their engagement and support of the project immediately.

CasinoFair will also be running a promotion to celebrate the referral program launch. The top three referrers by player wagers will be rewarded with a prize pool of 500,000 FUN.


FunFair launched the second in the series with Egyptian-themed Treasures From The Crypto: Scratchcard.


This latest scratchcard follows one of the very first game worlds from the Treasures From The Crypto slot, featuring the same game characters, symbols and high-end Egyptian-aesthetics that will resonate with FunFair’s players in scratchcard form.

The straightforward and much-loved instant win elements of the classic remain in this latest release. Players must seek out three matching symbols — of which there are nine in total — on the 3×3 grid to win major crypto prizes.

Keep a lookout for the high-paying symbols along the way, including the 100X payout for Tutankhamun or 25X win on the god Horus, or keep your stake rolling over with the more common, lower win symbols of the Eye of Horus or Golden Scarab tiles.

With a maximum stake of 2,000 FUN, those with the luck of the gods on their side will be in for a 200,000 FUN mega win should they match the top paying symbol.

The latest game, Treasures From The Crypto: Scratchcard, is available to play now at CasinoFair and CryptoCasino.

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Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from


H1 2019 was very successful for FunFair. Its first partner casino, @CryptoCasinoFun, loads of new games and numerous improvements to its platform were was launched.

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Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The charts above illustrate a slight decline in the number of Twitter followers and Reddit subscribers.

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The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of FunFair Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

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