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Fusion: FSN joined Binance info’s transparency initiative, AMA with Dejun Qian and Bret Schlussman announced, key partnerships to be revealed by Adoption team in coming weeks

Biweekly update 2nd February — 18th February

This is not financial advice.

February is a jam-packed month on all fronts for Fusion. Marketing will be ramping up efforts to educate individuals and businesses about how to use and test PSN 2.0 (including an upcoming bug bounty), and Adoption team will be announcing key partnerships. The Tech team will be pushing to deliver Network Stabilization and New Feature PSN 2.0 releases. Over the past weeks they focused on ensuring all quantum swap related API are functioning correctly. They were testing on the new wallet beta. The efsn code has been updated to 1.16 stable in Fusion lab environment. The biggest challenge for the technical team has centered around the consensus mechanism for Proof of Stake and ensuring no new forks in the chain. The only item preventing the release of PSN 2.0 at this stage is the consensus engine refinements described above. These weeks FSN officially joined Binance info’s transparency initiative and got verified with a V label. There is also a stable increase in the number of token-holders. Fusion community continues to grow slowly. And the last, but not the least — there will be a technology-focused AMA with Fusion’s Founder Dejun Qian and CTO Bret Schlussman this week.


GitHub metrics

Last commits on public GitHub were made on February 17th, 2019: in web3-fusion-extend repository (A web3 layer with functions for FUSION’s protocol).

Developer activity (from

- Focus on ensuring all quantum swap related API are functioning correctly. Testing on the new wallet beta, the team were experimenting with making, taking and recalling swaps from the interface.

- The efsn code has been updated to 1.16 stable in Fusion lab environment. The week-long tests have been really positive. This will enable the team to eventually upgrade to 1.22 stable before main net release.

- The biggest challenge for the technical team has centred around the consensus mechanism for Proof of Stake and ensuring no new forks in the chain. The consensus code is isolated to the DaTong/Consensus directory in the Git repository, feel free to check it out and follow our tinkering. They are currently testing several methods for calculating difficulty and avoiding merle roots. Testing is ongoing.

The Lunar New Year holiday has slowed progress past week but the team is revving up these weeks and expect to have the remaining few issues resolved shortly. The only item preventing the release of PSN 2.0 at this stage is the consensus engine refinements described above.

  1. PSN 1.0 — Beta Release Recap
  2. PSN 2.0 — Network Stabilization Release
  3. PSN 2.0 — New Feature Release
  4. Strategic Partnerships
  5. Exchange Listing
  6. Fusion Knowledge Centre
  7. Looking Ahead
  • Technology PSN 1.0 Beta Release Recap

On December 28th, 2018, the team launched the first live Fusion network (PSN 1.0).

Throughout January and the first half of February, the community helped them validate innovative features like Time-Lock, New Asset Creation, Universal Short Account Numbers (USAN) and Autobuy Ticket and identify network performance challenges.

Fusion implemented one of the first fully-fledged versions of Proof of Stake consensus on PSN 1.0 which enables secure, decentralized consensus without the need for computationally expensive Proof of Work mining. The collaboration between the team and community has been essential in identifying and resolving bugs.

Everything you need to know about PSN 1.0 can be found in the Fusion Knowledge Centre. The team encourages all community members to participate in staking so you can:

  1. Earn real FSN ERC-20 tokens,
  2. Test out the innovative features in the Fusion Wallet,
  3. Track nodes in the Node Monitor,
  4. Check out the velocity of transaction in the Block Explorer, and
  5. Start developing products on the Fusion chain using the rich API environment.
  • PSN 2.0

For PSN 2.0, the Fusion technical team has been focused on resolving the network performance issues and building out new a set of features.

The PSN 2.0 delivery will be split into two releases:

  1. Network Stabilization Release
  2. New Feature Release

PSN 2. 0 — Network Stabilization Release

The Network Stabilization release improves the overall performance of the network and consensus engine. Additional details are explained in the tech updates section of Fusion’s new Knowledge Centre. PSN 2.0 will be an upgrade across the following variables:

  • Improved network communications
  • Lower CPU requirements for staking
  • More efficient Node synching
  • Reduction in invalid Merkle Roots and ‘Bad Blocks’
  • More consistent block times
  • Optimized error logging
  • Refined consensus engine code

PSN 2.0 — Feature Release

Fusion is incredibly excited about its upcoming feature release that introduces two major innovations to the community, and also includes hardware wallet support.

  • Asset Gateway: Enables the lock-in/lock-out of digital assets to the PSN
  • Quantum Swap Interface: Facilitates the cross-chain exchange of digital assets with zero additional fees
  • Ledger and Trezor support: Ensures users can access My Fusion Walletusing best practice security precautions
  • Strategic Partnerships

The team continues to progress well with numerous prospective partners that are looking to improve their business models by leveraging the extensive features available on the Fusion protocol. Fusion anticipates unveiling a collaboration with a large New York based automotive company this month. Keep your eyes peeled!

As reported by Deloitte in their recent survey, there is a major trend in enterprise business to explore distributed ledger technology.

Fusion has positioned itself well to capture market share in this space, presenting a unique and flexible proposition that boasts innovative functions like time-lock, quantum swap and instantly generatable digital assets.

  • Exchange Listing

Fusion continues to work on exchange listings to increase liquidity. Fusion announced that the FSN token listed on an a new Korean based exchange called DFlow, backed by one of Korea’s largest token funds, Blockwater Capital. FSN is now trading on the exchange platform.

  • Knowledge Centre

Fusion introduced its Knowledge Centre which serves as the central hub for all Fusion documentation going forward. The Knowledge Centre is intuitively categorised and the search function is helpful in assisting users to find desired information.

PSN Wallet

PSN Block Explorer

PSN Node Monitor

PSN Auto-buy Ticket

PSN API Gateway

  • How to Get Involved, Test, Earn and Learn on the Fusion PSN, Plus Additional Information:

Overview of the PSN

How-To Guide on staking and earning rewards on the PSN

Fusion Official Telegram Channel


Social encounters

A Note from DJ Qian from February Newsletter:

“Dear Fusionites,

I want to wish you all a happy Chinese New Year!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for their hard work in the first month of 2019. And, more importantly, I would like to share my deep appreciation for our community and the great support you’ve given us. You have tested, provided feedback and suggested valuable ways that Fusion can improve its financial protocol. We sincerely thank you.

Since we released PSN 1.0, we have been working hard to improve our consensus engine, stabilize network connections, finalize quantum swap and asset gateway functionality and advance business co-operations.

I believe all of you will be very excited by our PSN 2.0 release and also to learn about the progress of strategic adoption. Be ready for it!”

Dejun Qian

Upcoming events:

Source: Fusion subreddit.

Fusion Past Events:


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from
Source: @Binance_Info.
  • P-FSN Genesis Block Balances: Check out your P-FSN balance in the attached Excel spreadsheet. Search (Command+F) for your public address, the corresponding number represents the quantity of P-FSN tokens that will be available to you in your Fusion PSN wallet.


From Fusion Whitepaper:

From Official Telegram group:

Rudy (@RkadSG, admin):

“No roadmap available yet, we are progressing with stagenet approximately December 10th, 2018, then will launch mainnet according to the testing progress”.

Partnerships and team members

No updates.



Source: @djqianfusion.

Official Telegram group:

  • @YonaTak (admin): “Main net will go live after PSN, we are in the process of testing and improving the PSN network. I can’t attach a date to main net. We have a plan internally on when we think main net launch will happen but at this stage we are not ready to make any announcements or commitments”.

Social media metrics

Social media activity

Twitter — Average number of retweets is 30–60 for one post.

FUSION Community‏ Twitter — since October 19th, 2018.

New social media channel — FUSION Developers Announcements Telegram (since 31st December 2018): 171 followers (January 15th, 2019 ), 174 ( February 12th, 2019).

Facebook (till May 2018) — announcements, 10–15 likes, 1–2 shares.

Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics — since January 20th, 2018. Last post — on February 1st, 2019: latest news, price, etc.

Fusion forum. Popular topics:

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Fusion Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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