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Grin: Security Process Update, ETH & Grin donation addresses, Ledger development, Exchange-free policy, Moderation sub-team, Improve checking for p2p connection limits

Biweekly update 5th August — 19th August


Grin GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from Grin


  1. There are 112 open issues in /grin, and 35 open issues in /grin-wallet.
  2. Merged PRs: 6 in /grin | 2 in /grin-wallet | 4 unique contributors
  3. @yeastplume’s weekly update.

Update Friday, Aug 9th, 2019

Major point this week was completion and integration of the The wallet lifecycle PR above, which also included a minor change to ensure the APIs are returning VersionedSlates as opposed to Slate objects themselves (needed for an upstream PR)

  1. Currently working on the next phases of implementing the wallet lifecycle RFC (which should be ready to merge anyday now). The next changes should be coming in smaller stages than the previous, and the next PR will focus on getting the security elements outlined in the PR in place, namely the init_secure_api function (all of the new functions will likely go into a V3 API with the older insecure functions remaining in V2 for the time being).
  2. There are a few other long-outstanding issues I’d like to target for the 2.1.0 release, so currently getting together a proposal of what should go into 2.1.0 to share with the wallet team shortly.

Update Friday, Aug 19th, 2019

Short again this week, but this time due to the fact it was all spent on a single significant PR:

  1. Addition of the init_secure_api functionality into a V3 API… as outlined in the wallet lifecycle rfc, this adds the ECDH exchange, api method call encryption (and loads of tests) to support the upcoming lifecycle functions. I won’t go into detail on it here as it’s covered in the comments on the PR and RFC documentation, but I definitely urge everyone involved with the grin wallet to review and comment.

That will get merged once I figure out why tests are randomly failing on the windows portion of the CI build (fun).

And with this in place, all of the supporting work for the lifecycle functions is done, so hopefully their implementation should be relatively straightforward. Will find out soon enough, as the next task will be to work on the create_wallet and open_wallet functions.

Onwards and upwards, enjoy the weekend and what remains of kids-in-your-face-all-day season.


  1. Last week’s governance meeting covered ETH & Grin donation addresses, Ledger development, Binance application, Security update, and Moderation sub-team.

a) Grin/ETH donation setup

lehnberg: Some of us discussed earlier and wanted to propose the following approach:

  1. We have Yeastplume generate the private key/seed for an ETH and Grin wallet.
  2. Yeastplume then uses Samir’s Secret Sharing to split the private key into pieces that he shares with core members, as backup against catastrophic failure.
  3. All the Grin we receive, we keep. All the ETH we receive, are converted into BTC and sent to the dev fund.

b) There won’t be any exchange application:

c) The security process improvement

  1. A grin moderation sub-team has been soft launched. If you want to participate, send me (@lehnberg) a DM on keybase.
  2. The next bi-weekly governance meeting is scheduled for Tue Aug 13 @ 15:00 UTC in grin/Lobby on Gitter. You can add topics to the agenda.



  1. Security Process Update [core]
  2. Multiple named wallets [wallet-dev]

Final Comment Period

  1. Full Wallet Lifecycle [wallet-dev]






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Social encounters

News from 60: Proof of life:

  1. Project founder Ignotus Peverell made a brief appearance in the forum to show the community they are still around. Igno made a reference to a French surrealist painting.
  2. Finally. Grin was included in the “Shitcoin Futures Index”, which seems to be based on the criteria of size of the dollar denominated total supply market cap. Seems legit.
  3. Grin Talk, a new YouTube video channel dedicated to Grin.
  4. Grin’s C29 graph rate rose >50% in the past week. @tromp shared some thoughts about possible reasons that could be behind this.

Upcoming events:

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Partnerships and team members

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About Grin

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Social media dynamics

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