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Humanode app v0.0.1 release and invitation to closed Alpha tests

Dear Friends and Humanodes,

Today we would like to share with you that we have commenced our first tests of FHEd biometric processing authentication schemes.

Humanode app is a cross-platform native application that implements most of the features for the upcoming MVP launch. Simply put, this is version 0.0.1, with a limited set of features. The app is built from scratch and combines low-level optimized components (such as Dlib with face recognition and embedding models), as well as high-level engines such as QtQuick (Qt-framework) and built-in Chromium browser for the modern UI/UX experience.

The server side is real: it stores biometric data, performs matching, generates private keys and addresses. The address and QR code in the mocked dashboard are real, you could send tokens already (haha you can’t). The server will be replaced with a decentralized node network soon, when FHE and secret contracts will be debugged enough.

When the debugging is done we will be able to conduct a proper Merkle-CRDT-based transactions.

With passion in our hearts we want to start inviting you to our closed Alpha!

Humanode team

You can submit for participation through this form.

For more information check out Humanode’s:







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