🤖 Humanode BotBasher Gen4 has arrived — Claim Your Role!

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1 min readMay 10, 2024

Dear Paradigm community,

In our unyielding pursuit of fortifying our digital bastion against the tides of Sybil attacks, we are proud to announce the integration of the newest version of Humanode BotBasher — Gen4 into our Discord server: https://discord.gg/RQNs87kqx3

As a consequence of this upgrade, all Gen3 roles have been deprecated. However, fear not, for an opportunity presents itself for each of you to claim your upgraded Gen4 roles.

🤝Instructions for Role Claiming:
– Navigate to the designated ‘Linked roles’ section.
– Select your role: in the case of Paradigm, Verified Paradigm Shifter (Gen 4).

🔒 Vital Reminder:
It is imperative to tether your biometrics to ONE Discord account exclusively. A misstep in this regard may result in a six-month wait until the next reset.

Read more about BotBasher’s integration here: