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Humanode — in-house project announcement

Ladies and gentlemen,

Dear friends and colleagues,

Today we have something particularly interesting to share with you. After years of constant research and analysis we are finally ready to present our inhouse project that has been assembled in secrecy all this time. We would like to introduce you to the Humanode!

Humanode is a decentralized network based on private biometrically encrypted nodes (or replicas). Using solutions that provide fully homomorphically encrypted feature vectors for biometric processing and a Merkle-CRDT mechanism, people will be able to deploy replicas to create a public permissionless financial network based on consensus between equal human nodes with a rule-based monetary policy targeting real value growth and proportional emission.

The Humanode network is a protocol that can prove one’s unique identity through novel authentication schemes and grant permission to launch a node and verify transactions running through a public permissionless network based on human existence.

The core stack of technologies enabling human-node includes:

● Private biometrics with fully homomorphic encrypted feature vectors, which ensure that the embedded template cannot be mathematically reversed to its original state. They satisfy the requirements of data safety, as they exist in plaintext only for a few seconds at the inception and are deleted immediately afterward. Having multiple biometric types coupled with liveness detection makes it less likely for an adversary to simulate biometric data, as it becomes almost impossible to recreate or steal.

● An IPFS public cluster, which becomes a permissionless public protocol for trusted asset and data transfer maintained by human nodes. It has a cost-based fee model and flexible guaranteed persistence of data.

● A private smart contract on Secret Network for private biometric decentralized key management. The user’s root private key is issued in the private smart contract so that nobody can get access to it.

● The Merkle-CRDT mechanism between equal human nodes in a public IPFS cluster to achieve consensus on the current state of the ledger. It provides strong eventual consistency. Using Merkle Clocks, we ensure causality of events and global convergence of data among replicas.

● IPFS as the environment for working with Merkle-DAG.

● IPFS’s bitswap, DHT, and pubsub features as networking transport, discovery, and data transfer layers.

● Vortex as the DAO governing system.

● Fath as the monetary policy and algorithm targeting real value growth and proportional emission.

We would like to thank everyone who has followed and supported our research and development endeavours throughout all these years. Without you it would have been impossible to amass all the knowledge that lead to the creation of Humanode. With passion in our hearts and tranquillity in our minds we commence to build and invite everyone to join our efforts!


Paradigm team

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