Humanode: The biometric servers have been updated & rebooted, Biomapper has been updated, BotBasher Gen4 released, A new tool for E2E network testing is in development, Exploration of CVM protocols attestation is underway, Read about the governing structure of Vortex DAO, Introduction to blockchain governance, Infamous DAO failures in crypto history, Humanode-inspired novel “2067 the Equilibrium”, and more!

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Biweekly update vol.74, 1st May — 15th May


Hello, human nodes! Welcome to our biweekly report, where we cover the latest news, development updates, and recent events from the Humanode project. Let’s dive in!

Last week, the team conducted comprehensive updates to Humanode’s primary biometric provider, Facetec.

The biometric servers were updated and rebooted. Please go through bio-authentication enrollment and reauthenticate to ensure your node continues to run seamlessly without missing an epoch. No key rotation is necessary, but re-enrollment is required.

The biometric servers for Humanode Biostaker have also been updated. To claim your rewards, please Biomap. This update does not affect your stakes, but Biomapping is necessary to claim rewards.

On top of that, BotBasher has been updated to Gen4, and the server has been reset. Gen3 roles are now deprecated. Server administrators need to create new roles based on Gen4 BotBasher. Users on the Humanode Discord server can re-verify to obtain new roles. This one-time verification will be valid across all Gen4 Discord servers. Remember, biometrics can only be tied to one Discord account. Mistakes in account linking will require a six-month wait for the next reset.

Significant progress continues on Humanode’s blockchain infrastructure. The team is merging v0.9.42 of Substrate and has included support for BLS12–381 and BN128 into the 118 runtime spec version. These updates will be available on it6 and testnet5 this week. For detailed insights, visit Humanode GitHub.

A new proprietary testing tool has been developed, addressing the limitations of ZombieNet, especially in scaling to large node numbers. This tool enables testing across multiple nodes, with plans to scale up to 5k validators in the near future.

Furthermore, the team is experimenting with Confidential Virtual Machine (CVM) attestation, starting with a chat server example. This CVM will allow authorized clients to exchange messages if verified, representing a significant step in Humanode’s R&D efforts.

A new paper on the governing structure of Vortex DAO is now available. Learn more about how human nodes will govern the network.

Governance in blockchain protocols remains a complex challenge yet to be fully mastered. What does it entail? Learn about the state of decentralized decision-making in the three-part series on Crypto Governance. The first part is out, click the link to read.

Explore Humanode’s latest article on infamous DAO failures in crypto history, covering issues like voter apathy and plutocracy.

The introduction of the Humanode-inspired dystopian novel series, “2067 — The Equilibrium,” provides a creative narrative that highlights the importance of preventing undesirable futures through innovation and collective action. The story continues in the slums of D9 and the “high-life” of D3, now exploring D6, a “Community Zone.” Follow Yumi, a 17-year-old girl and aspiring designer, in her journey. Read Chapter 3 or start from the beginning.

That’s all for today. See you in two weeks!

Main News

🔺The biometric servers have been updated and rebooted

Last week, the biometric servers were updated and rebooted. Please go through bio-authentication enrollment and reauthenticate to ensure that your node continues to run seamlessly without missing an epoch.

Keep in mind that you do not need to rotate the keys but you must re-enroll. One other thing to note is that this update of the biometric servers will not affect BotBasher verification, and all previous encrypted biometric data is deleted forever during this process.

🔺Biomapper servers update and reset

The biometric servers for Humanode Biostaker have been updated and rebooted. Please Biomap to make sure you can claim your rewards. Keep in mind, that this update doesn’t affect your stakes in any way, however, you must Biomap to be able to claim your rewards.

🔺BotBasher has been updated to Gen4

BotBasher has been updated to Gen4 and the server has been reset. Gen3 roles are deprecated and can no longer be obtained.

For everything to work smoothly, the server administrator of your Discord will need to create a new role based on the Gen4 BotBasher.

Some servers may not update immediately. For those on the Humanode Discord server, you can go ahead and become a verified Human again. As a note, this one verification process will be good for all Gen4 Discord Servers, and you will just need to tie your freshly verified account to the new role on all Gen4 servers.

To do next:

➡️ Server admins — prepare new roles (or tweak and update current roles). Check this article:

➡️ Users/Everyone else — claim your new roles! (i.e. Go to linked roles, and select your role (in the case of Humanode, Verified Human)). It is important to remember that you can only tie your biometrics to ONE Discord account. If you tie it to the wrong account, well, you will have to wait 6 months for the next reset.

🔺Humanode Biomapper & SDK

Recently, Humanode Biomapper has officially been released to all those who develop on the Humanode chain. The release comes with the official documentation and an SDK which includes smart contracts that can be used to quickly add Biomapper functionality to your services and DApps.

🔺A comprehensive look at the Humanode ecosystem

It includes a range of partners across various sectors such as DeFi, wallets, exchanges, gaming, bridges, L1/L2 ecosystems, and much more.


🔺 Facetec & Biomapper Updates

Last week, the team conducted comprehensive updates across various components of their primary biometric provider, Facetec. This encompassed enhancements to the server, web, test utilities, robonode, web app, mainnet, Botbasher, and Biomapper. Notably, the Biomapper now enables unstaking tokens and rewards claims without biomapping.

🔺 Blockchain Progress

The team continues to push forward with Humanode’s blockchain infrastructure. They are successfully merging v0.9.42 of Substrate, signaling significant progress. Support of BLS12–381 and BN128 has been merged and included into 118 runtime spec version. Will be available on it6 and testnet5 this week. For detailed insights, explore Humanode GitHub.

🔺 E2E Network Testing

The team has made significant strides in developing a proprietary testing tool. Addressing limitations encountered with ZombieNet, especially in scaling to large node numbers, the new tool enables testing across multiple nodes. They are poised to test the genesis with over 1k validators, with plans to scale up to 5k validators in the near future.

🔺 Exploration of Confidential Virtual Machine (CVM) Protocols Attestation

The team is venturing into the realm of Confidential Virtual Machine (CVM) attestation with an experimental example, a chat server. This specialized CVM will conduct attestation to clients, allowing authorized clients to exchange messages if the CVM is verified. This experimental code represents a significant step in Humanode’s research and development efforts.

🔺 Research on Remote Attestation From Web Browsers

In addition to CVM attestation endeavors, the team is exploring support for remote attestation from web browsers. The objective is to create a client library facilitating connections to CVM via the web, enhancing flexibility and accessibility for developers. Recent progress includes the addition of a Cross WebTransport driver named xwt a.k.a. xwebtransport, a WebTransport interface for browsers and native that supports closing connections.


🔺Vortex 1.0

A new paper sheds light on the governing structure of Vortex DAO. If you are interested in learning more about how human nodes are going to govern the network then check it out!

With Vortex coming out until the end of this year know everything there is to know to be ready for the launch.


🔺 When DAOs fail

Delve into Humanode’s latest article where the team explores infamous DAO failures in crypto history.

From the notorious DAO hack to systemic issues like voter apathy and plutocracy, uncover what happens when decentralized governance faces real-world challenges.

🔺Comparative Analysis of Layer-1 Blockchain Economies

Dive into Humanode’s co-founder Victor’s latest feature on Hackernoon, “Comparative Analysis of Layer-1 Blockchain Economies,” which explores the critical role of validators and the diverse economic incentives across major blockchain networks.

Learn how networks like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Humanode structure their validator rewards and manage inflation, impacting their sustainability and economic viability. This insightful analysis is a must-read for anyone interested in the strategic underpinnings of blockchain economies.

🔺Biometrics: A Beacon of Trust in the Digital Media Crisis

Online media is currently grappling with a crisis characterized by diminishing trust, the widespread dissemination of misinformation, and the alarming proliferation of fake news and experiences. Humanode’s new article delves into the challenges plaguing the digital media landscape and proposes the adoption of biometric technology as a potential solution.

🔺2067 — The Equilibrium

So far, the readers have been introduced to the slums of D9, to the “high-life” of D3. It is now time to visit D6, a “Community Zone”. D6 is the farming zone for the “Community” members of Shin-Tokyo, keeping them alive and sustainable. Some may say that it is almost a utopia, others may feel that it is a constrained place with people who are too paranoid. But to many, like Yumi, a 17 year old girl and aspiring designer, it is simply the only life she knows… and a home that she dreams of leaving behind one day.

To jump to Chapter 3, The Book of Yumi, click here ➡️

To start from the beginning, or the chapter you were at, click the index here ➡️

Roadmap 2024

Recently, Humanode unveiled its roadmap for the year 2024, outlining a comprehensive plan of action. The roadmap not only details the current initiatives but also leaves room for the incorporation of novel ideas, features, and applications throughout the year.

Humanode Bot Basher

🔺Understanding BotBasher’s Biometric Privacy and Security Approach

Curious about how BotBasher protects your biometric data? Dive into Humanode’s blog post to explore the advanced security measures they implemented.

🔺 BotBasher now protecting 530+ Discord server communities

Integrate BotBasher to your server:


🔺MEXC lists Humanode

HMND listed on MEXC on April 19th, 2024. MEXC became the 9th exchange to list HMND (6 CEX, 2 DEX), and is pairing the native HMND with USDT.

Check out the article here ➡️

HMND is listed on KuCoin and Bitmart, BingX, SimpleSwap, and Lunar Crush.

In the meantime, here are a few reminders to all:

  • HMND cannot be traded on any DEX at the moment.
  • The only places you can buy HMND at this moment are KuCoin and BitMart, SimpleSwap, BingX, and Lunar Crush.
  • ALWAYS check the official announcements.

The links to the trading pages:





🔺Lunar Crush:


Humanode Mainnet

Humanode is the first crypto-biometric blockchain network where one human = one node = one vote that brings Sybil resistance and innovative governance models to the crypto industry using biometric technology.

Be sure to claim tokens as you need some to deploy the node:

🔺 Humanode explorer by Subscan

🔺 Humanode Explorer by Subscan — How does it work

🔺 Validator Ranking


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