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Biweekly update 1st August — 14th August


Github metrics

Beginning this week, and for the next two months, the team will be sequentially releasing source codes and documents to their GitHub.

There will be several releases. The most important updates will provide DAPP projects the ability to run a full-scale token sale with ICX and develop basic smart contracts. In addition, they will provide smart contract versioning capabilities, a special feature that differentiates ICON service from others. Full update can be found here.

Social encounters

Announced that ICON’s official wallet ICONex (web, Android, iOS) has completed an external vulnerability analysis, action and implementation check from NSHC, one of the top financial security consulting firm in South Korea. Complied all the security standards of NSHC and received their certificate of information security. The full announcement can be found here.

theloop, ICON Foundation’s main technology partner, has agreed to rebrand itself to ICONLOOP. The change will take place immediately, but will be fully reflected on the website and other marketing materials in near future. “The rebranding makes a lot of sense as we are now finally ready to push the ICON project here in Korea,” said JH Kim, CEO of ICONLOOP. “Our team is fully committed to contributing to the ICON project and servicing the ICON Foundation.”

Attended India’s first International Blockchain Congress.

The ICON Foundation council members have unanimously approved its first ICX repurchase program. The new ICX repurchase program authorizes the foundation to repurchase up to $5 million of currently circulating ICX. “ICX repurchase program is a great way to give back to our community as well as reinforce confidence in our own project,” said Min Kim, a ICON Foundation Council Member. “In these times of uncertainty, we want to make it clear that our interests are fully aligned with our community for the long term.”

ICON Foundation announced the opening of the beta version of ICON Developers Portal to foster their DApp developers support community. The ICON Developers Portal, managed by ICON’s partner De:Nexo, is expected to accelerate the growth of DApp ecosystem by serving as a hub for development resources, knowledge sharing, community updates, and more. Full announcement can be found here.

ICON Foundation is sponsoring ‘PyCon Korea 2018’, the largest Python Programming Community Conference which is held on August 18th and 19th in the Grand Ballroom, 1st floor of COEX in Seoul, Korea. First launched in 2014, PyCon is a nonprofit conference hosted by the global Python programming language community and is one the largest events for developers with approximately 2,000 attendees. Full announcement can be found here.

ICON Foundation announced that ICONLOOP (formerly ‘theloop’)’s core blockchain engine, loopchain, is being applied to ‘Digital Plaza for Small Business’ program. Korea Financial Investment Association (KOFIA), in which ICONLOOP is the blockchain technology partner, signed a three-party business agreement on August 13th with Korea Federation of Micro Enterprise (KFME) and Smart Fintech Research Center of Sogang University. Full announcement can be found here.

ICON team participated in DE-FERENCE 2018 on the 11th of August.

ICON Foundation had their first birthday on the 9th of August.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from


Token Swap going on June 25th– September 25th

Wallet : done (ICONex — mobile and desktop)the Android mobile wallet (iOS version coming soon)

Mainnet : done (

Ledger : in development — will be ready in August 2018

Partnerships & New team members

Deblock, the official VC arm/accelerator of ICON, is dedicated to building the ICON ecosystem. Over a period of a month, met with over 50 projects. This means meeting several Korean projects daily, the majority of which already want to build on ICON.

ICON will be sponsoring DE-FERENCE 2018. The first blockchain conference by Decipher, Blockchain academy of Seoul National University (Top university of South Korea).


No updates

Social media activity

Social media activity




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