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Interview with John Light of Aragon Project

We continue to publish a series of interviews with team members of projects which seem the most promising today. This week we talk with John Light — the community manager at Aragon project.

What is your role in the company?

I work on the Community team, helping to moderate online discussions, educate new community members about the project, and organize meetups.

How did you become the part of the project?

I actually wrote a blog post about it.

I knew Luis before Aragon and later reconnected via Maria, who I knew from a previous startup I worked at.

About the team and supporters, what are your strengths?

We have an incredibly talented team across the board. In particular I would say we have one of the best smart contract development and dapp design teams in the industry. Aragon is also often praised for our transparency and community development initiatives.

Our community is world-class. Very intelligent and friendly, always asking great questions and making insightful suggestions about how to push the project forward.

How would you describe the main pillars of the project?

- Freedom.

This is probably best summed up by the Aragon Manifesto, which has received overwhelming support in a recent poll of ANT holders.

What are the following milestones for the project?

Some thought about this here.

Which original or creative methods do you use in promoting Aragon project?

We don’t do much to promote to end users right now since we are pre-mainnet. But we are actively promote to a developer audience to build up our open source developer community. I wouldn’t say our methods are particularly unique or creative but for example we sponsor and actively engage with developers at hackathons around the world, and we give back to the ethereum community through our grants program which has earned us a lot of good will among developers in the community.

Describe Aragons’ perfect and the worst user.

The perfect user is a persona we are still working to identify, but based on interest so far it seems to be someone who is founding or actively participating in a blockchain-native organization. For example an open source project, a virtual world, a marketplace, or a transnational company selling digital products.
Our worst user would be someone who wants to use Aragon to power an immoral enterprise. We don’t condone immoral activity and actively discourage people from using Aragon for such purposes.

Describe Aragons’ relations with White Hat Group.

Aragon has contracted with WHG to audit our smart contracts. You can read the result of their audit here.

What is your favourite cryptomeme?

My personal favorite is probably the Matrix meme. It comforts the HODLer by imagining a world not where speculators buy crypto to dump for fiat later, but a world where no one needs to dump for fiat because everything runs on crypto. It’s such a simple meme but with such a powerful message.

What is your favourite song?

It varies from time to time and also depends on my mood. So I’m going to cheat and give you two ;)

A few months ago, I was afraid I might not hear from Architects again because their guitarist and songwriter Tom Searle was killed by cancer. They put out this song, a reprise of their song Doomsday, around the one year anniversary of his death and I had it on repeat for a while, mourning Tom’s loss and possibly the loss of an amazing band. Thankfully, they have started putting out new material again so all is not lost! But this song still brings back strong feelings from that period.

On the fun side, I really enjoyed Enter Shikari’s last album and it’s hard to pick a favorite from it. So I’ll pick the last track I listened to off it: “Live Outside”

You can also follow John on Twitter and Linkedin for more insights!

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