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IOST: IOST Cash launch to complete surveys, OK Pool as a partner node and Mainnet Token Burn

Biweekly update 10th June — 24th June

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IOST announced the launch of the IOSTCash platform. You can start using the platform at To celebrate its launch, IOST is giving 25 IOST to every active user on the site.

IOSTCash is a free-to-use dApp built on the IOST platform that pays out IOST for completing quick surveys/polls. Users can complete different types of surveys which reward various amounts of IOST, from 20 to 400 IOST per survey (the longer the survey, the bigger the reward). All IOST withdrawals are processed within 24 hours (usually faster) and IOST is in the process of creating a smart contract to facilitate this process.

In addition to the 25 free IOST every user is awarded, IOST referral system will reward both parties 25 IOST each with no cap. Simply click the “Get 25 IOST!” button on the site and enter the referral IOST account name and you will be instantly awarded 25 IOST.

IOST is hosting a DApp Exploration Program in collaboration with Node Partners and DApp platforms to engage community members and help IOST community in Dapp discovery. In this DApp Exploration Program, IOST users have the opportunity to gain huge IOST rewards and the title of Master Player.

Program duration: 18:00:00, June 10 to 17:59:59, June 15 (GMT+8)

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Games ecosystem

IOST Legend is officially launched. IOST Legend is a role-playing blockchain game developed by BlockGame that integrated token incentive system while preserving the classic gameplay. IOST Legend is formerly a classic Chinese game, now available to the IOST community in Chinese, with English version slated for release in the near future.

As the forerunner who led the take-off of Chinese online gaming industry, Legend attracted millions of the China’s earliest players, accompanying them for decades from their youth to middle age. For 18 years from 2001 to 2019, Legend has transformed from a trend to a symbol, and ultimately entrenched itself into a generation’s memory. Now, Legend has derived new energy and vitality from the new technology — blockchain.

The launch of IOST Legend is the first step taken following the announcement of partnership between IOST and BlockGame, a borderless blockchain gaming platform. In the future, IOST will work with more gaming DApp teams to expand blockchain adoption, pushing the development of blockchain through the millions-user base in gaming industry and aiming to realize the seamless integration of blockchain and gaming industry.

IOST Legend website:

Download and install

IOST Legend software and register are needed to explore the game.

  1. Download IOST Legend software

Channel one:传奇.rar

Channel two:

Download IOST Legend in the homepage:

2. Download register

Channel one:

Channel two:

Download register in the home page:

IOSTVegas, an online gaming platform, is officially launched. With two games already open to players and multiple more in progress, IOSTVegas aims to become the most authentic and fastest growing decentralized casino on IOST mainnet, offering community members the best experiences and the fairest results.

Players can access IOSTVegas through PureWallet or its website:

IOST2048 is officially launched on IOST by XDApp Lab and community members can explore it through TokenPocket and its official website now. Grab your friends and enjoy this addictive and fun game together to win big rewards!

IOST2048 Website:

Note: IOST2048 does not support English at the moment and IOST has reached out to encourage its team to accelerate translations into more languages.

IOST Crypto War (CW) is a Simulation Game on the blockchain, where players develop their land and assets, form alliances and fight with each other to win the throne and territories. There is over a dozen systems built in the game, such as building construction, scientific research, training, hero training, alliance, etc. All castle owners in Crypto War are players. Players can chat and make friends with each other. Allies can help to accelerate building construction and defend against enemies together, which demonstrates the strategic nature of this game.

Social encounters

This week on The IOST Podcast, the Sutler Ventures team talks to Tyler Wellener from the BlockVenture Coalition (BVC) to discuss IOST, the state of venture capital in the cryptocurrency industry, and what’s next for blockchain. They also discussd IOST’s Dapp Exploration Program — including the launch of IOSTVegas and PureWallet.

Upcoming events:

IOST New York will meet at The Winslow Gin House & Eatery on June 27. Please RSVP by getting a free ticket so we know whether to reserve a private room.

Date And Time

Thu, June 27, 2019

6:30 PM — 8:30 PM EDT


The Winslow Gin House and Eatery

243 East 14th Street

New York, NY 10003

United States



Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from

IOST continues to illustrate healthy user growth and strong transaction volumes.

IOST Mainnet Olympus v1.0 was officially launched on February 25, 2019, followed by mainnet token swap programs carried out by IOST Foundation together with exchange partners such as Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Bithumb, UpBit, BigOne, BISS and many others.

123,805,116 ERC-20 tokens were burnt by the Foundation, marking it the seventh batch of IOST ERC-20 tokens successfully burnt.

See: Seventh Batch Transaction Records

Olympus v1.0 is now running steadily with over 310 Node candidates, reaching 21,880,420 block height and 73,278,401 transactions as of 16:56:47 on June 20, 2019 Beijing time.



Partnerships and team members

The IOST Foundation and Origo.Network have reached a partnership to improve privacy protection and security for IOST and create more possibilities in blockchain technology.

Origo.Network is a scalable privacy preserving platform for decentralized applications that uses zero-knowledge proof to implement the privacy protection of data in smart contracts. It uses off-chain computation, on-chain verification and sharding technology to increase transaction speed while ensuring the correctness which greatly promotes the use of blockchain application.

Powered by IOST’s powerful technology and scalable network, Origo.Network will greatly improve privacy protection policies for IOST DApps and extend the scope of privacy protection to the input and output of smart contract applications to provide security for the transmission and storage of communication, data and values.

IOST and Origo will together, carry out in-depth cooperation and research into privacy protection technology based on blockchain. Origo will also provide secure transactions and storage services for the entire ecosystem, and solve the trust challenge between the users and storage by the verification and consensus of distributed nodes.

The IOST Foundation has reached a partnership with ChainXGame, who is dedicating to bringing new experiences to gamers through the power of blockchain. CHAINXGAME has commited to launching a pipeline of DApps on the IOST mainnet, offering exciting games to IOST community.

As a full-fledged gaming ecosystem platform, CHAINXGAME includes a game center, mall, forum, exchange and other layers, connecting various participants such as developers, IPs, channels, players.

IOST has always been committed to the construction of the DApp ecosystem and looks forward to more truly entertaining blockchain games live online. ChainXGame’s first DApp to be released on IOST, AI Gomoku, is a game involves both AI technology and Token economy design.

OK Pool, a service under OKEx Group, announced its participation in IOST as a partner node today. It has started a program to increase IOST possession while striving to support IOST ecosystem construction, include new coins that support POS mining, and release POS mining service based on IOST.

OK Pool Website:

Meanwhile, OK Pool will strengthen cooperation with IOST in community building, asset management, ecosystem improvement. It works towards the fully integration in IOST ecosystem, assisting IOST development in PoS domain, providing competition advantages and mutually building blockchain ecosystem. The details and preliminary plan of this partnership are elaborated below.


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Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The charts above show the increase in the number of Twitter followers and Reddit Subscribers.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of IOST Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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