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IOST: iUSD Stablecoin Beta Now Launched , Blockchain-as-a-Service platform is now live on Amazon Web Services Marketplace, Strategic Partnership With Singapore Government and Chainlink will develop oracles on IOST

Biweekly update 29th April — 13th May

During the last two weeks IOST illustrated high social activity in media landscape as usual. iUSD Stablecoin Beta, a stablecoin swap solution with TUSD and USDC, is officially launched. The iUSD stablecoin uses a frictionless token swap solution that allows IOST users access to the high liquidity of USDC, TUSD and in the future, other ERC-20 stablecoins. To continue, IOST’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform is now live on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. High speed, secure BaaS platform allows developers to launch blockchain solutions in as quickly as 5 minutes. With this platform, developers can start developing smart contracts immediately, without the need to configure and manage local environments. Furthermore, a strategic partnership with Enterprise Singapore will support the growth of blockchain startups and grow the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore. Enterprise Singapore will provide startup grants worth SGD30,000 to founders launching innovative blockchain solutions. Finally, IOST is now listed on Coinsuper, a prominent global crypto exchange. The supported trading pairs include IOST/USD and IOST/BTC. No doubt, IOST Foundation illustrates impressive progress. Stay tuned with Paradigm and don’t miss the boat of IOST success!


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IOST’s Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform is now live on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

IOST’s high speed, secure BaaS platform allows developers to launch blockchain solutions in as quickly as 5 minutes. Developers can easily deploy a blockchain infrastructure with dev tools to develop Dapps, projects and test out IOST’s high-speed infrastructure with just one click. Offered through AWS Marketplace and available to millions of developers globally, this platform is expected to significantly accelerate Dapp development and network growth for the IOST ecosystem.

With AWS being the global leader in providing cloud services, IOST is excited to launch on AWS Marketplace to make blockchain development more accessible for developers across the world. With this platform, developers can start developing smart contracts immediately, without the need to configure and manage local environments.

Developers interested to use IOST’s one-click blockchain deployment solution on AWS can do so here:

For developer documentation, please visit:

Liebi Pool, a startup specializing in blockchain products, is a new generation of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining pool developed by the Liebi team. It is also the first DeFi project in the IOST mainnet. Liebi Pool uses a “Vote Token” concept. If you hold the Vote Token for Liebi Pool, you can immediately enjoy the special mining benefits such as automatic dividends, automatic compound interest, and free transfers.

The Liebi Pool will first support IOST mining. To celebrate IOST as the first token to be supported on Liebi Pool, the Liebi team has revealed that they will run a large-scale airdrop event to commemorate this occasion. All IOST holders will have the opportunity to participate. Event details will be announced soon, interested participants should keep a close watch on IOST community announcements. User tutorials and other benefits will be announced together with the official launch of Liebi Pool.

To follow Liebi, join the official Telegram group: @liebi_en (

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Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from

Since the launch of mainnet on February 25, IOST has been experiencing rapid growth in DApps, mainnet accounts and network transaction volumes. These figures continue to increase at a strong pace in May, as IOST’s commitment to technology, ecosystem building, community management and partners on-boarding start to bear fruit.

IOST continues to consistently outperform Ethereum in daily network transactions after first exceeding Ethereum in April. This shows the strong progress made by IOST and the high activity of IOST Dapps, with many remarkable milestones achieved in a short span of just over two months.

Data source: Tokenview

IOST announced its listing on Coinsuper, a prominent global crypto exchange. The supported trading pairs include IOST/USD and IOST/BTC.

In order to celebrate IOST listing, Coinsuper is launching three events:

  1. IOST Sunshine
  2. IOST Trading Competition
  3. IOST Position Ranking

These events will run from 10 May 2019 17:00 to 18 May 2019 10:00 (GMT+8).

Events Overview

1. IOST Sunshine

  • Event Period: 17:00 5 May 2019–17:00 17 May 2019 (GMT+8)
  • Event Rewards: 1,000,000 IOST
  • Users can receive 400 IOST as rewards if you purchase 5,000 or more IOST on Coinsuper.
  • The total rewards for the event is 1,000,000 IOST (i.e. 2,500 winners), and will be distributed to the top 2,500 users ranked by purchase amount.
  • Rewards will be paid within 7 working days after the event ends.

2. IOST Trading Competition

  • Event Period: 17:00 10 May 2019–17:00 17 May 2019 (GMT+8)
  • Event Rewards: 1,000,000 IOST
  • During the event, users with trading volume greater than 500,000 IOST (across all trading pairs) will be ranked in order of trading volume.
  • Users with the top 5 trading volumes will share a 300,000 IOST prize pool. This prize pool will be distributed in accordance to the proportion of their respective volumes among the winners.
  • Users who are ranked 6th to 200th in trading volumes will share a 700,000 IOST prize pool:
    > 6th to 10th: divide 70,000 IOST equally (14,000 IOST per winner)
    > 11th to 25th: divide 105,000 IOST equally (7,000 IOST per winner)
    > 26th — 50th: divide 140,000 IOST equally (5,600 IOST per winner)
    > 51st — 100th: divide 175,000 IOST equally (3,500 IOST per winner)
    > 101st — 200th: divide 210,000 IOST equally (2,100 IOST per winner)
  • Rewards will be paid within 7 working days after the event.

3. IOST Position Ranking

  • Snapshot Time: 2019/5/18 10:00 (GMT+8)
  • Event Rewards: 1,000,000 IOST
  • Coinsuper users will be ranked according to their existing IOST positions at snapshot time.
  • The top 100 IOST holders on Coinsuper will receive 10,000 IOST each!
  • Note: The minimum position must be at least 100,000 IOST (or above).
  • Rewards will be paid within 7 working days after the event.
  • IOST Price Ignites After AWS Marketplace Launch

The new IOST platform has gone live on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, allowing developers to launch their own blockchain solution in as little as five minutes. In an official blog post the IOST Foundation said the new Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform will provide a rapid tech solution and toolkit for teams looking to deploy their own dApps.

The total value of the IOST network experienced a considerable $12.5M surge in its value, possibly in reaction to today’s news. Prices for single IOST tokens reached $0.01 at the time of writing.

The Internet of Services Token (IOST) is an enterprise solution, designed to help the blockchain transition from solid proof-of-concept (PoC) to widely-used technology as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

As a dApp platform, it launched with solutions to some of the technical pitfalls that have since slowed down the Ethereum (ETH) project. This includes sharding — a technique that divides nodes into smaller consensus clusters — to improve throughput, allowing the network to scale as adoption increases.

The IOST cryptocurrency can be used to pay network and smart contract fees as well as to participate in governance. Token holders can participate in elections to appoint new nodes, which confirm transactions on the network.

Third-party projects, like IOST, can use Marketplace to harness the wider AWS cloud solution. They can upload their software and services, making them widely accessible to the millions of developers that use the AWS platform.

IOST says that launching its product on AWS Marketplace will encourage other projects to become familiar and comfortable with the blockchain’s technology, allowing them to explore and even incorporate blockchain solutions through an easy-to-understand user interface (UI).

As an example, the IOST platform allows users to experiment and deploy smart contracts “immediately” without necessarily having to understand all the technology behind the backend.

Launching on AWS will also make the project more accessible to businesses, which are IOST’s target audience. As the team say in the blog post, it will likely increase the number of businesses that assimilate IOST: “we expect this [AWS] platform to significantly accelerate dApp development and network growth for the IOST ecosystem.”

Greater visibility and accessibility will bring more developers to use IOST, which may have a snowball effect. As adoption grows, so will demand for the IOST tokens that are needed to use the platform effectively.

155,474,906 ERC-20 tokens were burnt by the Foundation on May, 8, marking it the sixth batch of IOST ERC-20 tokens successfully burnt.

Olympus v1.0 is now running steadily with over 230 Node candidates, reaching 14,567,874 block height and 44,451,775 transactions as of 17:24:42 on May 8, 2019 Beijing time.

IOST announced the launch of iUSD Stablecoin Beta, a stablecoin swap solution with TUSD and USDC. The solution is developed by Rate3, one of IOST’s Servi Nodes, bring ERC-20 liquidity and asset stability into the IOST ecosystem.

The iUSD stablecoin uses a frictionless token swap solution that allows IOST users access to the high liquidity of USDC, TUSD and in the future, other ERC-20 stablecoins. It also enables users to seamlessly and reliably transfer value between the IOST network and other blockchain networks, eliminated the problem of liquidity found in many non-ERC-20 stablecoins.

As the iUSD launch is still in Beta, do take note of the following:

  • Adoption and swap channels for IOST iStablecoin is expected to gradually increase over time.
  • There might be some minor user experience kinks along the way which the iUSD development team stands ready to refine based on user feedback.
  • All swap fees are waived during this beta trial phase to encourage users’ adoption and feedback¹.
  • During this beta launch period, all cross-chain swaps will be processed once every 24 hours daily at UTC 04:00 between Monday to Friday until further notice.

What you need to complete an iUSD stablecoin swap:

  1. IOST mainnet account
  2. iWallet (to receive iUSD)
  3. Metamask (to send TUSD and/or USDC)


Source: @IOStoken

Partnerships and team members

The IOST Foundation announced an official partnership with Dapp distribution platform — DAPPX. DAPPX has officially launched an exclusive section to showcase IOST Dapps to its blockchain users and community.

DAPPX, a Dapp distribution platform integrated with multiple blockchains, aims to make entering the blockchain world easier and fuss-free for users. It provides a complete Dapp experience starting from discovery to exploration to sharing for users, and assists in the full life cycle of development to promotion to operations for Dapp developers.

DAPPX Website:

The Indian blockchain market has attracted increasing attention in recent years,with the growth of blockchain technology having accelerated significantly in India. With rich developer resources, the Indian market has huge potential in promoting the development of blockchain and technology adoption.

Supported by Bluehill Foundation and in collaboration with DoraHacks, IOST plans to hold the first online DApp development hackathon from early May to June 15. DoraHacks has been rapidly expanding its global community since its inception. By utilizing its global developer resources, IOST aims to gain popularity and recognition among global developer community and discover more high quality developer individuals and teams.

The theme of this hackathon is DApp Game Development Based on IOST Mainnet, and BlueHill is providing generous rewards for DApp development participants. What differs this from other hackathons is that this event applies a unique way to give rewards away: the rewards pool is divided into 200 sections, with 10 held by each of 20 reviewers. Reviewers give rewards to the team they support in the form of voting. This method benefits skillful teams with more rewards, hence a huge motivation for them to further improve development quality.

Reviewers for this event are IOST core technical team members and IOST Node Partners, who are all from the core Dapp platforms, and excellent Dapp development teams with rich experience and deep understanding in blockchain and DApp products. In addition, several prominent Indian KOL and developers are also invited to be reviewers. These leading figures in Dapp industry greatly increase the credibility of this hackathon and help IOST better select DApps of high quality.

IOST announced its partnership with FishChain, bringing IOST Fish, a fun and exciting blockchain game to IOST community members. IOST Fish is scheduled to launch on IOST mainnet in early May.

FishChain is a virtual asset trading platform with built-in games, as well as an in-app exchange. It is the first of its kind, which gathers investors and gamers onto one platform through its unique mechanism. As an open platform, it provides more games with “crypto-assets” functionality.

IOSTFish extends traditional pet-raising and collection onto blockchain, with a variety of things players can do, including raising fish, fishing, cross-breeding, trading, breeding, fighting, mining and dividends. With the combination of token economy model and game, it rebuilt the gaming economy model for players by creating ownership of interactive gaming assets.

IOST announced its partnership with HorseSaga, a horse breeding game, which is scheduled to launch on the IOST mainnet in the middle of May.

This partnership between IOST and HorseSaga aims to bring about a more multifaceted Dapp ecosystem for IOST. In return, IOST will provide HorseSaga with user acquisition, DApp exposure and technical support through multiple Dapp discovery platforms (listing on DappReview,, DappTotal, DappBirds, Dapp.CC and more) and within the IOST mainnet ecosystem.

The IOST Foundation has struck a partnership with NEST to develop new applications, use cases and drive greater user adoption in Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

NEST is a decentralized financial service protocol that allows developers to conduct application development and launch decentralized financial products on the NEST protocol. To date, NEST’s Ethereum Dapp already has a user amount of over 10,000, with over 3,000 collateral loan contracts and transaction volumes exceeding USD 6 million.

IOST, a scalable and decentralized blockchain project, is dedicated to creating a practical and useful mainnet, where developers, creators and enterprises can fulfill their potential. With high scalability and excellent performance in running smart contracts, IOST is the perfect platform to power the underlying infrastructure for NEST protocol developers. Besides being highly developer-friendly, IOST continues to build and launch tools that create development efficiency for developers. NEST and IOST will have in-depth collaboration in areas like decentralized financial products application and R&D to create transformational change in finance across the world.

With NEST’s proven success on Ethereum and IOST’s next generation high-speed, decentralized infrastructure, the IOST Foundation is confident that this partnership will create a wealth of opportunity for both parties in the area of decentralized finance.

IOST announced its partnership with Chainlink, the leading blockchain middleware (or “oracle”) that allows smart contracts to access key off-chain resources like data feeds, various web APIs, and traditional bank account payments. As a bridge for data exchange between blockchain and the real world, oracles can be used in many scenarios. It’s safe to say that oracle is a necessity for all Dapps that need off-chain information, such as lending platform, package tracking / IoT, stablecoins, gambling, insurance, to name a few. After the integration of Chainlink into IOST, developers aiming to build cross-chain Dapps can realize this goal on IOST.

IOST has partnered with Pioneer Fund, an exclusive fund focused on DApps under the BlueHill Foundation, to launch IOST Featured DApps Support Program for IOST developers.

The Featured DApps Program application is now open for submission to all DApp teams who have released DApp(s) on IOST mainnet. Successful candidates in our Featured DApps Support Program will receive full support from IOST to further refine the operation of their DApps.

Once adopted by IOST team, the operation plan proposed by the DApp team will receive all-round resources and financial support by IOST. To apply for the Featured DApps Program, the following information needs to be specified in the plan submitted:

  1. Operation objectives
  2. The type and content of campaigns involved (principally online operations)
  3. Time span of campaigns (within two weeks)
  4. Resource support required
  5. Budget estimates

IOST announced the partnership with DappRadar, the biggest DApp data, discovery and distribution platform worldwide. IOST joins DappRadar with an exclusive listing including full integration, data tracking and analysis. This further cements IOST’s positioning in the top 4 DApp Platforms, joining ETH, EOS and TRON.

To celebrate the launch and in partnership with DappRadar, IOST is hosting an 500,000 IOST airdrop event and free account giveaway. All participants can receive free mainnet accounts and IOST rewards by visiting the IOST section of DappRadar. With an IOST account and IOST tokens you can then try out and play the various DApps.

Event time

From 10th May — 17 May 00:00 GMT


  1. Download iWallet:
  2. Visit any IOST DApp listed on DappRadar and click on the Airdrop banner to visit the account creation and airdrop details page. 200 free IOST accounts will be released every hour during the event for the first 3 days, then reduced to 100. To avoid bots and spam, every phone number is eligible for one free registration code only. Every successfully created account will be rewarded with 10 IOST, which is credited directly into the account.
  3. Note: After registration, please copy your key and keep it safe. Paste your key in iWallet and you will be able to check the IOST balance.
  4. Users who play any IOST DApp with the new account will receive 10 IOST reward. 10 users will then randomly chosen to receive 2000 IOST each. These IOST rewards will be paid within 1 to 3 working days.

The IOST Foundation announced a strategic partnership with Enterprise Singapore, alongside regional blockchain incubator Hashed Venture Labs, to support the growth of blockchain startups and grow the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore. In addition, IOST aims to work with Enterprise Singapore to drive enterprise blockchain adoption and help Singapore MNCs and SMEs unlock the transformational value of distributed ledger technologies.

Enterprise Singapore is the government agency championing enterprise development. Enterprise Singapore works with committed companies to build capabilities, innovate and internationalize. It also supports the growth of Singapore as a hub for global trading and innovative tech startups. As the national standards and accreditation body, Enterprise Singapore aims to build trust in Singapore’s products and services through quality and standards.

To support the growth of Singapore as a leading blockchain hub globally, Enterprise Singapore will provide startup grants worth SGD30,000 to founders launching innovative blockchain solutions. In addition to the startup grant, Enterprise Singapore will also support startups meeting certain criteria with overseas expansion grants (SGD20,000) and follow-on investment rounds by SEEDS Capital, its venture capital arm (up to SGD4 million).

IOST, through regional blockchain incubator Hashed Venture Labs, will help to evaluate and recommend promising Singapore blockchain founders to receive startup grants from Enterprise Singapore, supporting the growth of the Singapore blockchain ecosystem and mentoring the blockchain founders under its care.

To learn more:


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Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The charts above show the increase in the number of Twitter followers and Reddit Subscribers.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of IOST Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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