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IOST: OnBlock Primed for Global Launch, 12.6M IOST tokens ($129 880) will be paid out to Nodes, Partnership with Berm Protocol and Force Protocol

Biweekly update 15th April — 29th April

During the last two weeks IOST illustrated high social activity in media landscape as usual. IOST Foundation leaps forward with giant strides. Team Oasis launched its first product, OnBlock, suitable for both non-technical and advanced users. Using OnBlock, users simply require a phone number to use and experience Dapps in the IOST ecosystem. BetHash, a gaming platform using blockchain hash values as the foundation for all games on the platform, is running $10 768 giveaway event for IOST community users. To continue, in collaboration with IOST, Berm Protocol, a decentralized data governance protocol using cryptocurrency to power the growth, will be airdropping free BERM tokens to IOST token holders in a multi-year airdrop program designed specially for loyal IOST holders. Finally, the cross-chain technology of Force Protocol, an open blockchain financial service platform, which can provide services for developers of different public chain ecosystems to build decentralized financial applications, will bring more traffic and value from other blockchains into the IOST ecosystem. No doubt, IOST is ahead of the curve. Stay tuned!


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from

The first product developed by Team Oasis — OnBlock. Using OnBlock, users simply require a phone number to use and experience Dapps in the IOST ecosystem. Non-technical users who are unfamiliar with crypto wallets creation or more technical blockchain usage can now freely access and use the IOST blockchain easily without the need to acquire complex technical knowledge.

OnBlock’s design takes into account the unique characteristics of the blockchain ecosystem and is specifically targeted at solving users’ current pain points, which not only smoothen the actual resource consumption for users, but also ensure fair and transparent transactions on the blockchain.

Most importantly, with OnBlock, users only need to register their account with their mobile number. With this account, you can enjoy addictive blockchain games on the platform.

Together with the official release of OnBlock, Endless Game will be the first Dapp to join the OnBlock platform! Endless Game was the first flagship Dapp to launch on the IOST blockchain. In less than 48 hours following its launch, Endless Game transaction volumes swiftly exceeded 1 billion IOST, cementing its position as one of the top 2 gaming Dapps globally.

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Games ecosystem

BetHash is a gaming platform using blockchain hash values as the foundation for all games on the platform, in order to guarantee its openness, fairness and verifiability. BlackJack was added to BetHash recently.

Now, you can gain Experience Points and even awards by participating in BetHash games or inviting friends to join you. BetHash team is running a 1 million IOST giveaway event for IOST community users.

Essential Information:

BetHash team specializes in blockchain development with a focus on building distributed game platforms which can connect across multiple blockchains, including EOS, IOST, ETH, TRX, BTC, etc.

Social encounters

Both networks are on a mission to claim the title of most-used public blockchain in the land — and blockchain gaming is crucial to each of their campaigns. Now, as TRON prepares to launch the testnet for its second-layer scalability solution, the Sun Network, in late May, IOST has eclipsed Ethereum to clinch the third spot among blockchain networks as measured by daily transactions.

In less than two months since launching its mainnet, IOST now has close to a quarter million wallets registered on its network and processed nearly 30 million transactions. Earlier this month, a spike in activity saw the IOST network process more transactions than Ethereum within a single day. While IOST was quick to celebrate its triumph, the metric was based on a 24-hour snapshot that could be easily dismissed as an anomaly.

On April 11, the “anomaly” repeated itself. And then again. And again. According to data from the Tokenview blockchain explorer, IOST has processed more daily transactions than Ethereum for five consecutive days — with the gap widening over the weekend. In terms of average over the last week, the Ethereum network is pumping out 616,000 transactions every day. IOST? 707,000.

According to Dapp Review, TRON dapps accounted for $1.6 billion in transaction volume in the first quarter of 2019 — just shy of the $1.7 billion pulled in by EOS — which can be largely attributed to gaming.

TRON’s daily transaction average, by comparison, hovers around 2 million — a figure the TRON team expects to see go sky high upon the launch of the Sun Network, a layer2 solution that aims to boost its network’s capacity through sidechains.

Last week, TRON finally released its roadmap for the Sun Network, which sets the testnet launch date for May 30, with a full release scheduled for mid September. While the Sun Network DappChain is expected to boost capacity for all TRON dapps, a spokesman for TRON confirmed to Decrypt that the team is targeting “expansive gaming.”

100 IOST Nodes from US, UK, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore & other countries joined the Global IOST Nodes Ecosystem Conference, to share success stories and discuss how IOST can collectively succeed as a community in 2019.

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Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from )

Since the launch of mainnet on February 25, IOST has been experiencing rapid growth in the number of DApps, mainnet accounts and transactions.

According to statistics on Tokenview, since April 11th to date, IOST mainnet has started processing more transactions than Ethereum, with the gap widening everyday.


Although it has only been seven weeks since the launch of its mainnet, IOST ecosystem growth rate is substantially higher than its Big 4 peers in their respective corresponding periods post-mainnet. Multiple DApps continue to be launched online every week on IOST, with new users and accounts growing rapidly.

From April 19, 2019 IOST.BEST Node prolongs for an indefinite period the system of triple rewards of members of the IOST network who vote and hold their votes on the IOST.BEST Node.

IOST.BEST Node TRIPLES the reward of all who voted for and hold their votes with the IOST.BEST Node.

IOST users who voted for IOST.BEST Node in the period from April 19, 2019, and also network users who gave their votes for IOST.BEST Node before April 19, 2019 can participate.

Example calculation of reward:

The total number of votes cast by users for all nodes = 2,5 billion IOST

Number of votes cast by IOST network user for IOST. BEST node = 100 thousand IOST

105 m / 2,5 billion = 0.04 IOST per year a node gets for 1 vote received

(0.04 / 365 days) * 1 (days) = 0.0001095 IOST per day for 1 vote received

0.0001095 * 100 thousand (number of votes cast by the network user) = 10.95 IOST (the daily reward of the voter)

10.95 * 3 (IOST.BEST Node triples your reward) = 32,87 IOST per day you get by voting for IOST.BEST Node

The above calculation is made as of April 18, 2019, please note that the numbers can vary depending on the amount of the total votes.

The reward is paid on the next calendar day for the previous one after the node receives IOST system rewards for votes. The approximate date of sending the reward is before 11.00 PM Moscow time (UTC — 3 hours).

*IOST.BEST Node reserves the right to cancel the x3 daily reward of users of the IOST network who votes and holds their votes with IOST.BEST node, with prior 7 calendar day notification in the Telegram chat before the end of this special offer.

Partner and Servi Node report submissions for the IOST Q1 Contribution Reward System has now concluded and initial rankings have been assessed. In total, 72 nodes successfully submitted valid reports across 5 categories and from over 15 countries.

IOST’s Contribution Reward System for Q1 was from March 10th to March 31th due to mainnet launch, meaning payouts were for a 22 day period, with the next period of Q2 being for a full period of 91 days.

15 nodes successfully achieved Tier 1 status, earning the highest rewards equaling roughly $7000 USD (IOST/USD ref. april 10th) for a 22 day period. Pro-rated this equates to around $10,000USD per month and almost $30,000USD per quarter for each Tier 1 node.

In total, over 12.6M IOST tokens will be paid out to Nodes across all tiers and categories. Additionally, these rewards are only half of the quarterly reward payout, with nodes also receiving their “share of votes” rewards which are a total pay out of an equal amount of over 12.6M IOST tokens.

Report submission for nodes was open for 7 days, after which report assessment took place. Each node’s report was assessed independently by at least 7 individuals from the IOST and ICAC teams. A indicative framework and scoring system per category was used which was then averaged for each report. Nodes were then ranked by average scores in each category. Once the initial tiers has been established, an open and collaborative discussion took place to compare reports that where similar, close in scores or on the board-line of tiers. In a few exceptional cases where assessment was tied and could not be resolved, these nodes were awarded equal ranking. Through this week long process, the following node rankings were established and displayed below (sorted in no particular order).

In the next phase and in the spirit of fairness, IOST will open up a consultative period where any node that disagrees with their assigned tier can query their result. Nodes must provide specific reasoning for a requested tier change and also highlight which node in an above tier and same category should be rotated. This request will then be assessed and a final decision will be made. After this period, all contribution rewards and share of votes rewards for the Q1 period will be paid out in full and automatically credited to each nodes account. For disputes please contact your regional POC (CN, JP, KR or INTL) for the node ecosystem.

  • Disputes open until Monday 22nd April
  • Final rankings, Contribution System and “Share of Votes” payouts will be made on Wednesday 24th April


Source: @IOStoken

Partnerships and team members

HashQuark joins IOST as one of its Partner Nodes, getting deeply involved in the process of IOST community governance on behalf of its token holders.

HashQuark’s being one of IOST’s Partner Nodes heralds its continued efforts in building up a more enabling IOST ecosystem, where a lot more validators will be joining in as an integral part and work collaboratively for its further development. Likewise, a better developed IOST community will in turn lead to an even stronger presence of HashQuark in the world of blockchain, both inside and outside China.

Prior to this, HashQuark joined multiple public blockchains as one of their (genesis) validators, including Cosmos, IRISnet, V SYSTEMS, CyberMiles, Cybex, and VeChain. And with IOST now going live on HashQuark, new staking services and campaigns will surely excite numerous users and community.

HashQuark is a new generation staking pool focused on public chains built upon the likes of PoS and DPoS, and its operation is led by executives with years of expertise in blockchain technology. Staking is made easier in HashQuark; users simply need to deposit tokens into their accounts and HashQuark will then provide staking services to them in a safe, transparent and efficient way.

Berm Protocol uses crypto-economics to achieve data governance better than any centralized solutions. Berm makes data more usable, available, and trustworthy, powered by math and our community.

Berm Protocol’s first application is Berminal, a leading crypto news app that creates and curates authentic content for its global user base. Berminal is ranked in the Top 3 on the Overseas Google Play Store News List, with over one million total users and over 50,000 daily active users.

Berm Protocol’s second application, Bermi, is a fast-growing content platform which hit one million users within one month of its product launch. Since its launch, Bermi has continued on its strong user growth trajectory. In just the month of March 2019, Bermi has recorded over 400,000 new downloads on the Google Play Store.

Berminal and Bermi are powered by Berm’s utility token, BERM, which is issued on IOST’s blockchain. The value that BERM provides to global communities is a simple and attractive one — by creating and consuming content on the app, users are able to earn tokens for their contributions. Users can receive their rewards in IOST and BERM tokens, which in turn can be traded, encashed or used for merchant purchases, creating a healthy, thriving economic cycle. Through this virtuous, expanding economic cycle, IOST is poised bring about real world crypto adoption and drive practical utility as a true community currency.

Berm Protocol’s application currently has over 3 million users across multiple continents, and has entered into a hockey-stick user growth trajectory. Together, IOST and Berm Protocol have launched Project Pegasus, a global user adoption program that is poised to on-board over 20 million new users into the IOST ecosystem by end 2019.

In collaboration with IOST, Berm Protocol will be airdropping free BERM tokens to IOST token holders in a multi-year airdrop program designed specially for loyal IOST holders. To qualify for BERM airdrops, all you need to do is to hold the minimum qualifying IOST with partner wallets and exchanges supporting the airdrops. The Foundation and our partners will take snapshots at multiple intervals to record and distribute the airdrops to token holders. There will be various incentives in this airdrop program to reward loyal IOST holders.

Force Protocol is an open blockchain financial service platform, which can provide services for developers of different public chain ecosystems to build decentralized financial applications. At present, Force Protocol is developing on several public chains such as ETH, EOS and Bitcoin RSK network. Developers in these ecosystems will be provided with financial services development tools.

In line with the deep technology expertise provided by IOST, along with the scalability and security of the IOST network, financial services is expected to play an important role in the ecosystem of IOST. The cross-chain technology of Force Protocol will bring more traffic and value from other blockchains into the IOST ecosystem.


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Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The charts above show the increase in the number of Twitter followers and Reddit Subscribers.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of IOST Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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