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IOST: the GUILD Project, Q4 Contribution Rankings and Rewards, 2020 Roadmap, IOST on Constant P2P Lending Platform

Biweekly update 12th January — 26th January


GitHub metrics:

Developer activity (from

Social encounters

On Monday, the 13th, IOST Korea Branch held an offline meetup. The event was held in Monaco Space, Gangnam, Korea. A total of 150 people registered in less than a week. It drew a lot of community members, journalists, KOLs, industry leaders, investors, and many others. The team shared the achievements and future plans of IOST.

The itinerary of this meetup was as follows:

  • Opening introduction
  • Why I chose IOST Platform as a developer
  • QED: Speech by a Tier-1 servi node
  • Past achievements of IOST and 2020 plan
  • Terry: IOST CTO address
  • Blake: IOST Korea country manager presentation
  • Live Q&A: QED & Blake
  • IOST Hoodie lucky draw
  • Networking

IOST, ETH, EOS, and TRON are the platforms on which continuous user inflow and DAPP ecosystem are expanded. IOST is clearly a latecomer if compared to the other 3 platforms. However, IOST has a huge advantage compared to ETH, EOS and TRON. QED, which is 1st tier servi node, explained in detail the benefits of the IOST platform.

The three most important elements of the platform that QED considered for development were:

  • Fast Block Finality time
  • Stable and low resource fees
  • Ease of development

If you compare IOST to EOS on block time, you can think of it as 0.5s, and you might think that IOST doesn’t have benefit to use. But if you count the time considering Block Finality, which is recorded as a completely immutable block, the IOST is the fastest 29.5s among four public chains. In other words, IOST is the platform that provides the fastest Block Finality Time.

The fees incurred by a blockchain are divided into 3 main things:

  • the operations costs of processing, such as plus, subtract, multiply,
  • the network costs incurred when a transaction is hit on a node,
  • the storage costs of storing a value.

the fee model of IOST:

IOST combines contract operation cost and network cost and called iGAS, and contract storage cost is called iRAM. As long as you stake, iRam will charge itself and you will not pay any fee. Therefore, the user doesn’t have to care about Resources.

If the transaction stores a value in the blockchain, you will need to pay storage costs. If you delete the saved value on the blockchain, you can refund the storage cost that you paid. Also, if the transaction does not store a value, it is available for free.

Also, developer could pay user’s storage cost instead of user. Comparing IOST and EOS, IOST is 7 times cheaper. Therefore, QED concluded that IOST has the most attractive resources model for developers. QED thought that IOST is really well developed platform with lots of consideration for many potential cases.

Comparing the development languages of the four platforms shows that ETH and TRON use Solidity, EOS uses C++, and IOST uses JavaScript. JavaScript language used by IOST is much more familiar to developers than other languages.

Since the development language is a familiar language, there is an advantage of IOST when writing smart contracts. But there is one more advantage of the IOST platform. IOST can upgrade smart contract, allowing contract owners to enable or disable upgrades.

At the end of the presentation, QED demonstrated a game his team developed, showing how fast the actual IOST is.

IOST CTO Terry was invited to CGTN, the global channel of CCTV in the last quarter, to discuss with Huang Zhen, director of the Financial Research Institute of China University of Finance. Terry was also invited to the 17th China ’s Enterprise Development & Blockchain Forum, held at China’s Great Hall Of The People. IOST is the only public blockchain project invited to both parties. These track records exposed IOST to various high level decision makers in China. Based on this, IOST has created the cornerstone for meetings with various governments and companies.

Expansion of B2B and B2G projects through AIOU Technology, a subsidiary of IOST

The IOST team will expand the use of consortium chains based on the public blockchain IOST. In addition, discussions are underway with 10 MNCs in China for collaboration in 2020. They’ll also work with local governments, starting with the Shanghai Police Blockchain Standardization in China. Through this, 2020 IOST intends to achieve two things.

  • create sustainable revenue for themselves and reinvest it in IOST to expand the ecosystem
  • Through the cooperation of B2B and B2G, they will make a practical use case and achieve mass adoption

Find out more about the meetup here:

IOST Seoul Meetup QED PPT

Upcoming events

On January 27, 2020, IOST Foundation hold an event at CV Labs. Co-founder a CTO Terrence Wang from the foundation itself will introduce the association. Moreover, CEO Takashi Oka and CTO Ryosuke Kosako from the GUITD project will discuss the future of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), Yannick Goldgräbe, Co-founder and CTO of ditCraft, will attend the debate as well. Inspired by the world of DAO, these Start-ups built their companies based on this technology. IOST Foundation will support PHI team, one of IOST Developer Core Community Member in Japan, to promote the GUILD project on IOST and establish a PHI subsidiary in order to enter the Swiss and European markets. GUILD provides comprehensive team activities from project team formation to decision-making and fund settlement, providing an intuitive interface and seamless fund transfer to fully support project success.

This event is for those interested in new technologies or blockchain purposes. The speakers will give a deep insights about governance and incentive mechanisms.

More information is available here:

Co-Hosts Blockchain Event with IOST in Crypto Valley, Switzerland

The main features of GUILD:

  • Distribution of Decision-making
  • Open Communication
  • High labor liquidity
  • Fair Evaluation
  • High Productivity
  • High Engagement
  • Doing what you good at

Metanyx will be a guest of honour in Edinburgh representing IOST at the 2nd Blockchain International Scientific Conference (#ISC2020) in Edinburgh on 11 March 2020!

Learn more about the British Blockchain Association


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from )

Over 30 IOST dApps & iWallet have been integrated into Netbox.Browser!

In contrast to existing dApp catalogs Netbox.Store doesn’t use centralized servers to store dApps info, which results in 100% availability as all data is stored in the blockchain.

The main features of Netbox.Browser:

Sleek, intuitive design for the best user experience;

  • Ranking system for dApps;
  • No additional installations are required;
  • Around 50 dApps on ETH and IOST (with IOST.BEST NODE support) blockchains have been added to Netbox.Store already!

IOST distributes contribution rewards to node operators and token holders. On-chain trading volume increases by 36% similar to a traditional stock market dividend.

On January 23rd IOST disclosed through Xangle that it has started distributing Contribution Rewards to node operators and token holders for their activities from Q4 last year.

Although similar to stock dividends, instead of receiving dividends in proportion to the number of shares held, IOST rewards more tokens for contributions to node operations. The community holds regular token holder votes to decide who contributed the most to the IOST mainnet, and the reward is distributed from the IOST Ecosystem Reward Pool that is maintained by the foundation.

According to Xangle, IOST’s total token supply is 21.5 billion, 1% of which will be used for reward distributions for 2019 (approximately 2.1 billion tokens).

Final Results for IOST Q4 Contribution Rankings and Rewards

In total, close to 53M IOST tokens will be paid out to Nodes across all tiers and categories. Additionally, these rewards are only half of the quarterly rewards payout, with nodes also receiving their “share of votes” rewards which are a total payout of an equal amount of nearly 53M IOST tokens. 22 nodes successfully achieved Tier 1 status, earning the highest rewards of roughly 1.2 million IOST each.

Final Nodes and Rewards Per Tier

All contribution rewards and ‘share of votes’ rewards for the Q4 period will be paid out in full and automatically credited to each node’s account and their voters’ accounts (50% share) by the end of February.

Final Node Tier Rankings

Following on from the release of initial Node’s Q4 contribution results and rankings and conclusion of the dispute period, all results, rankings and rewards are now finalized for Q4 and listed here.


IOST 2020 roadmap has been finally revealed! In 2020 IOST will surely continue to contribute to an open, efficient and rapidly developing blockchain network! A creative and progressive IOST team never fail to inspire the most advanced community! Check out what’s been recently unveiled!


  • IOST Node Program v2.0
  • Cross-Chain Technology Mass Adoption And Application Showcase
  • IOST Staking Mechanism v3.0
  • Start Compliance Progress in Japan, Korea, The US, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.
  • Start Organizing Offline Meetups In 23 Cities Worldwide
  • Launch Three Top-Quality DApps
  • Improve Ecosystem Services And User Experiences


  • Accelerate The Expansion of IOST Partners Program to 30 key countries, Forming An Ecosystem With Global Connectivity And Healthy Competition
  • Fulfill Compliance Standards in Japan, Korea, The US, Singapore, Vietnam, etc.
  • Develop Partnership With At Least five Leading Enterprises
  • Built and Sustain a Better Community Ecosystem
  • Plan Initiate Campus In 80 Universities Globally
  • Popularize Blockchain Tool Applications
  • Improve Ecosystem Services And User Experiences


Partnerships and team members

IOST is now officially listed as collateral on Constant P2P Lending Platform and IOST holders can begin leveraging their assets for competitive P2P loans of 66% loan-to-value ratio and 9% ARP in interest rate.

In December 2019, IOST announced its partnership with Constant Co-the fastest-growing peer to peer lending platform in Southeast Asia. Constant is working as a bridge to connect lenders with borrowers using cryptocurrency as collateral. You can simply signup using your email, choose among 70 of our tokens as collateral, deposit it to receive a loan in minutes if your terms and rate match the market rate.

IOST invited Ms Claire Dang, Constant’s Business Development Director to a telegram AMA, to provide more insights on Constant Co. and how you can benefit from this platform.

Here’s how Constant keeps your collateral:

1. With erc20 coins, Constant keeps your assets on Smart contracts.

2. For non-erc20 coins, Constant is working with BitGo and OnChain Custodian to ensure the safety of your coins.

As they are non-custodial, there is no way you will lose your collateral as an accident.

The main advantages of Constant:

  • Some of the best interest rates on the market (8%) for both investors & borrowers
  • great 24/7 customer service.
  • Support for over 70 altcoins and counting.
  • No withdrawal fee.
  • Wide-range of features: auto top-up, collateral excess withdrawals in the case of coin price increase, the option to pay off your debt before maturity, and more.
  • A pro version that lets you know exactly where your order is, how long it will take to wait for matches, interest rates, and suitable term limits.
  • A wide and consistent variety of promotional offers directly to interest rate.

Here are the criteria that they consider when it comes to a new token listing:

  • A technologically sound platform: Constant has a team that checks project codes on GitHub.
  • Active community: the community is one that believes in the project from the beginning, there are true holders, not just people looking to pump and dump.
  • Reputable partners: listed on reputable exchanges (binance, kucoin, huobi, okex …)
  • High volume: the 24-hour volume over the last 6 months is over USD 1 million.

IOST has met all the above listed criteria.

The minimum limit to borrow/ loan IOST on Constant would be 50 USD and they have matched a loan with up to 1 mil USD. As long as you have enough collateral you are free to use the service. The loan to value right now is 66%.

If borrowers set their borrowing rate at the market rate (8% / year or more), you can be matched within 24 hours. If lower than 8%, you might wait a few days or even more.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to start borrowing against IOST on Constant and the valuable information on how to double the amount of IOST with Constant.


On January 20th, 2020, IOST community hub which serves as a community referral program to date was officially closed. The hub which was launched during the early days of IOST Blockchain in 2018 was closed yesterday by the Foundation.

According to the information posted on the official website before closure, the Foundation closed the program because of “a gradual decrease in hub user volume and an increasing cost in maintaining it”.

Read more here

Social media metrics

Social media activity:

Social media dynamics:

The charts above show the decline in the number of Twitter followers.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of IOST Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This report is not financial advice.

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