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IOST: Top Japanese Law Firm as Partner Node, Bithumb Global support and IOST as the fourth among all projects on the world’s first PoS staking platform

Biweekly update 8th July — 22d July

This report is not financial advice.

IOST Foundation continues to increase its presence as one of the leading crypto projects, and its primary emphasis is being placed on innovation and growth. Over the past two weeks, IOST made good progress in partnerships. Japan has officially recognized Bitcoin as a legal payment method. IOST announced that Zelo, a leading Japanese law firm, has officially joined the IOST ecosystem as a Partner Node and will empower IOST’s development in the Japanese market by providing legal advice, technology and business support. IOST is now the first project in the entire blockchain industry to receive direct support from a prestigious law firm. Moreover, Bithumb Global, the trading platform under Bithumb, one of the five largest Bitcoin trading platforms worldwide, officially supports IOST and will open IOST/USDT market. The IOST Foundation was recently added to CoinInn, the world’s first PoS staking platform. IOST ranks the fourth among all PoS projects in staking on this platform with AA level liquidity, moderate mining complexity, right income level, and AA level potential. Subscribe to Paradigm Fund to keep up with the latest goings-on.


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from

IOST has been listed on Upbit, a cryptocurrency platform co-launched by Dunamu and Bittrex, in the IOST/KRW market for a year. To celebrate this anniversary, Upbit has organised a whooping 5 million $IOST trading competition to thank users!

Korean token holders have continually supported the IOST ecosystem and conviction — this can be seen from the “Kimchi” premium where IOST trades at higher prices in the Korean market when compared to the international markets.

Since being listed on Upbit in July 2018, IOST has gained rapid development and localization in South Korea. Upbit is also one of the mainstream crypto exchanges supporting IOST mainnet token swap from the beginning.

As the Korean market continues to mature, to cement the mainstream status in the Korean crypto market, IOST is partnering with Upbit to hold a trading competition, giving out 5,000,000 IOST in total.

Event Details

  • First Round of Event: 11 July 2019, 14:00 to 12 Jul 2019, 23:59:59
  • Second Round of Event: 13 July 2019, 00:00 to 14 Jul 2019, 23:59:59
  • Target market: Upbit IOST / KRW Market
  • Top 5 users with highest trading volumes will split 2.5 million IOST for each round.
  • Users can participate in both rounds.
  • Transaction volume is calculated by adding your IOST buy volumes to IOST sell volumes.
  • Expected Winners Announcement Date: 15 July 2019
  • Expected Payment Date: 29 July 2019
  • CoinInn Launches IOST Staking Program | IOST Staking Continues To Grow At Rapid Pace

The IOST Foundation was recently added to CoinInn, the world’s first PoS staking platform. IOST ranks the fourth among all PoS projects in staking on this platform with AA level liquidity, moderate mining complexity, right income level, and AA level potential. IOST is listed on CoinInn as a recommended PoS staking project.

CoinInn Website:

CoinInn will release its One-Click Quick Purchase and Auto-Generated Interest service for its community. Users can automatically start staking service in CoinInn with as little as one IOST. Meanwhile, token withdrawals and sales can be done instantly.

With more PoS institutions’ support, IOST is rapidly growing its market share in the staking market. IOST will continue to build out a complete PoS public chain ecosystem hand-in-hand with more staking partners, developers and community members.

As a platform partly invested by IOST, OnBlock was officially launched in April, where users can experience IOST DApps with just a phone number. The reception from global users was extremely positive, and OnBlock has successfully amassed a huge Dapp user base in a short time.

Just recently, OnBlock released its exchange platform and listed multiple IOST trading pairs. Onblock is dedicated to creating a secure and reliable digital asset trading platform centring user experience. It aims to provide safe, stable and efficient digital asset trading and DApp exploration services.

To cater to the growing needs of the users in managing their digital assets, OnBlock officially released OnBlock Pool and launched its IOST staking management service.

OnBlock Website:

Powered by OnBlock platform, OnBlock Pool provides the combined services of mining and trading. Users can experience mining service anytime without the need for asset lock-up with flexible deposits and withdrawals.

With IOST mining service integrated to the platform, OnBlock Pool plans to support more tokens in the future. OnBlock will continue to increase its security and stability while lowering technical barriers for users when mining. Through this, OnBlock hopes to optimize the user experience and convenient asset management for its users.

To celebrate the launch of OnBlock Pool and its IOST staking service, OnBlock is holding an invitation rewards event. The more friends you invite, the higher the rewards you will get!

Event Time: 12 pm, 19th July 2019 to 12 pm, 26th July 2019, 12 pm (UTC+8)

This event is open to all OnBlock users. For more information, please Join OnBlock Telegram group:

Social encounters

Check out the IOST Contribution Sharing Conference summary. The conference was attended by Partners globally to share contributions and discuss next steps for growing the IOST ecosystem.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from )

IOST continues to illustrate healthy user growth and strong transaction volumes.

Partner and Servi Node report submissions for the IOST Q2 Contribution Reward System has now concluded, and initial rankings have been assessed. In total, 80 nodes successfully submitted valid reports across five categories and from nearly 20 countries.

IOST’s Contribution Reward System for Q2 is for 91 days from April 1st to June 30th. Compared to Q1, rewards in Q2 will greatly increase.

17 nodes successfully achieved Tier 1 status, earning the highest rewards of roughly 1,539,887 IOST each. In total, over 52M IOST tokens will be paid out to Nodes across all tiers and categories. Additionally, these rewards constitute only half of the quarterly reward payout, with nodes also receiving their “share of votes” quarterly rewards during the distribution.

Total IOST token Contribution Reward System payout per tier and per node

Report submission was open from July 1st to July 7th, after which report assessment took place. Each node’s report was assessed independently by at least ten individuals from the IOST and ICAC teams.

An indicative framework and scoring system per category was used, which was then averaged for each report. Nodes were then ranked by average scores in each category. Once the initial tiers have been established, an open and collaborative discussion took place to compare reports that were similar, close in scores or on the board-line of tiers. In a few exceptional cases where the assessment was tied and could not be resolved, these nodes were awarded equal ranking. Through this week-long process, the following node rankings were established and displayed below (sorted in no particular order).

Disputes and Payouts

In the next phase and in the spirit of fairness, a consultative period will be opened up where any node that disagrees with their assigned tier can query their result. Nodes must provide specific reasoning for a requested tier change and also highlight which node in an above tier and same category should be rotated. This request will then be assessed, and a final decision will be made. After this period, all contribution rewards and share of votes rewards for the Q1 period will be paid out in full and automatically credited to each nodes account. For disputes please contact your regional POC (CN, JP, KR or INTL) for the node ecosystem.

As a leading player in the Korean crypto market, Bithumb is one of the five largest Bitcoin trading platforms worldwide.

Bithumb Global, the trading platform under Bithumb, officially supports IOST and will open IOST/USDT market.



What’s next?

Q3 plan

  • Promote community autonomous governance
  • Enhance communication between nodes.
  • Increase IOST global influence.
  • Improve IOST community consensus.
  • Continue to produce blockchain solutions and empower traditional industries to utilize IOST.
  • Release BEPAL Korea and promote IOST in Korea.
  • Extend the functionality of the Telegram bot.
  • Assist IOST DApp ecosystem construction.
  • Launch three new DApps on IOST.
  • Onboard ledger hardware wallet with IOST and IOST-Paxos trading pairs on major exchanges.
  • Help IOST with DApp investment and onboarding and marketing.
  • Build a tool for new users to get a wallet quickly and easily through their website.
  • Release IOST PoS asset management service.
  • Provide IOST DApps with more support and establish IOST DApp incubation funds to accelerate DApp launch.

Partnerships and team members

IOST announced a partnership with, a leading decentralized exchange focusing on public chain ecosystem. is by Bibox exchange, a global crypto exchange, and will support IOST in August. has already become an IOST partner node and is aiming to be fully integrated with IOST and assisting IOST’s growth and development.

IOST places great importance to the construction of mainnet ecosystem with its comprehensive Partners Program. This collaboration with will allow users to experience a different trading experience and provide a more convenient and holistic service for IOST ecosystem partners.

In the future, IOST will work with more partners to build the world’s first scalable AND decentralized blockchain project for the benefit of the global blockchain community. has offices in Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, with core team members from Google, Uber, University of Science and Technology China, National University of Singapore and Cambridge University. team has rich experience in the blockchain technology, consensus algorithms, smart contract models, decentralized digital asset management, transaction structure design, and so on.

Japan has relatively crypto-friendly regulatory policies compared to its Eastern Asian peers. With legislation, Japan has officially recognized Bitcoin as a legal payment method. As a country with advanced blockchain development, Japan was among the first to establish a regulatory mechanism for blockchain and bitcoin, which has now become a prominent reference benchmark for many nations.

IOST: Building A Solid Foundation In The Japanese Market

IOST had, in the early stages of development, recognized the importance of the Japanese market for its global ecosystem. As such, an office in Tokyo had been established and recruited outstanding local members to focus on growing IOST presence and penetrating the Japanese blockchain market.

In addition, IOST has attracted numerous local Japanese blockchain media, development teams, investment institutions and other groups to integrate with IOST ecosystem through its Partners Program.

Partnerships and upcoming collaborations have been achieved between IOST and a series of leading local companies, including:

  • Code Chrysalis (a technical training school),
  • Gumi (Japan’s well-known game manufacturer),
  • GLM (AKA “Japan Tesla”),
  • Fujitsu (Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company),
  • Crypto Times (Japanese well-known media),
  • EverSystem (Japan’s well-known game company),
  • digglue (Japan’s well-known blockchain online education company) and many more.

Zelo: Supporting IOST’s Compliance in Japanese Market

Partnering with various local companies is only the first step to open the Japanese market. With a long history of blockchain and bitcoin legalization and regulation, Japan has the most complete regulatory mechanism globally. A professional legal team is considered indispensable when a blockchain project enters and develops in Japan.

IOST announced that Zelo, a leading Japanese law firm, has officially joined the IOST ecosystem as a Partner Node and will empower IOST’s development in the Japanese market by providing legal advice, technology and business support.

IOST is now the first project in the entire blockchain industry to receive direct support from a prestigious law firm.

Powered by its rich blockchain resources, network and professional legal practices, Zelo will play an instrumental role in helping IOST accelerate its compliance process in the Japanese market and facilitate negotiation and cooperation with the Japanese Blockchain Association (JBA) as well as major Japanese exchanges.

IOST x Zelo x JBA: A Partnership To Lead The Japanese Blockchain Industry

Founded by Nozomu Tsuno, a former lawyer of one of the top Japanese law firm-Mori Hamada & Mastumoto, Zelo is a leading Japanese law firm that provides innovative legal services to businesses.

Masataka Ogasawara, Zelo’s chief lawyer, is currently the legal advisor to the Japanese Blockchain Association (JBA). JBA plays an irreplaceable role in the Japanese blockchain industry, giving authorization to multiple major Japanese exchanges such as BitFlyer and Coincheck, and maintaining close cooperation with well-known Japanese technology companies such as Microsoft and Deloitte.

As the legal counsel of Japan Blockchain Association, Masataka Ogasawara provides top-tier professional legal services to the Association.

As a partner of Zelo, IOST will also contribute to the compliance in Japan, while leveraging on IOST’s influence in Japanese blockchain industry to drive the development of other projects and promote the development of the blockchain industry in Japan along with JBA and Zelo.

IOST announced a partnership with BigFour, a staking platform and crypto wallet. BigFour will fully support IOST mainnet in August, creating an exclusive channel for IOST community users and launching IOST-based Proof-of-Stake (PoS) asset management.

BigFour Provides End To End Support For IOST Users

BigFour Wallet will create an IOST exclusive channel and provide users with comprehensive services including exchange, wallet and DApps.

Meanwhile, BigFour will support IOST transactions, account creation, asset management, voting, DApp exploration and other functions. It will also provide its community with IOST updates and ecosystem progress, guiding users to quickly learn about IOST and participate in IOST ecosystem development.

BigFour will also spread articles and other contents regarding IOST and DApps to its community to promote ecosystem growth.

BigFour To Support IOST PoS Asset Management

BigFour schedules to release IOST-based PoS asset management in August and become a member of IOST Staking ecosystem. It is determined to deepening the partnership with IOST and bring about mutual benefits and community growth. In return, IOST’s various crypto adoption scenarios and powerful community is able to empower BigFour.

BigFour has already become an IOST partner node and aims to be fully integrated with IOST ecosystem. It will reportedly give all rewards to its users.

Learn more about staking on BigFour:

About BigFour

With Ethereum and EOS already onboarded, BigFour covers thousands of DApps, support multiple public chains and provides users with quality and secure crypto asset management service through its offline private key system.

The team of BigFour Wallet has been focusing on R&D in blockchain technology, with rich R&D experience blockchain network underlying technology, consensus mechanism design, and private key security protection.

BigFour Website:

BigFour Wechat: BigFour666

BigFour Telegram:

Charity work has been regarded as a major adoption scenario by IOST since the mainnet launch in February. Recently, Second Impact Inc., a Korean development team which runs IOST-Q.E.D Partner Node, has partnered with APOPO, a world-renowned charitable NGO to develop Herorats, a DApp closely relating to real word charitable work.

Every year, tens of thousands of people die or get injured because of landmines left behind from past wars. As of today, there are still over 110M hidden landmines affecting people across 50 countries, refraining them from freely cultivating their lands. Finding a landmine with a metal detector is dangerous and slow.

Herorats are much lighter than humans and can avoid setting off the landmine and quickly and safely detect landmines and explosives using their enhanced olfactory system. African pouched rats are known to be able to smell the explosives 1.5 times better than trained dogs.

All donation from Herorats will go to Apopo Foundation which helps countries suffering from landmines to raise money and train poached rats.

Players can donate some amount of money directly to Apopo after winning a round of the game. Now Herorats only supports IOST and users can play it on OnBlock and its own website.

Hero rats website:

Donate to charity while exploring Herorats. Players can check the amount you donate in the ranking menu at this link:

Apart from IOST, players can use Paypal and Credit card to buy bananas in Herorats and play the DApp. After winning a round of the game, a certain amount of donation will automatically to go Apopo Charity.

As the first DApp supporting Paypal and credit card payment, Herorats successfully linked the traditional gaming market and crypto market. Players can explore the game by traditional online payment and win IOST, which can help IOST expand to non-crypto users and grow its communities.

HelloPool, the token pool by HelloEOS (a top EOS block producer), will release IOST-based PoS asset management service and become a member of the IOST Staking ecosystem. HelloPool is now an IOST partner node, and will strive to contribute to IOST ecosystem development.

HelloPool is a token pool platform developed on the base of HelloPool. With rich and professional PoS asset management service experience, HelloPool focuses on selecting quality public chain projects and providing the best staking service.

IOST’s rich digital asset adoption scenarios and powerful community are believed to empower the multi-token asset management services of HelloPool. Following that, HelloPool plans to release its PoS asset management service for IOST holders and join the IOST’s staking ecosystem, deepen this partnership and bring about mutual benefits and community growth.

The Foundation is partnering with Nestree, a next-generation reward-based communication platform via the integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

As the starting point of collaboration, the IOST Team will provide technical and security support for the integration of IOST blockchain in Nestree mobile application in the areas of resource management including iRAM and iGAS, P2P transaction of IOST tokens, and smart contract distribution to community group channels.

Through the collaboration, existing IOST users and new users will be able to store and manage their IOST-based assets in a decentralized and secure manner without need for complex technical knowledge.

The Foundation is excited to provide more platforms and grow penetration in new communities by letting users earn and participate in IOST token ownership and ecosystem growth with zero barriers to entry.

About Nestree

Nestree is a ground-breaking community platform with a dynamic rewarding system and business incubation. The Nestree Messenger is an advanced, reward-based blockchain integrated messenger. Catered toward the community growth and beyond as a messenger, the Nestree messenger adopts the trustless and borderless nature of cryptocurrency to enrich the ecosystem with the reward. Nestree provides one of the most optimal gateways for non-crypto users to encounter and earn cryptocurrency without the knowledge of trading, KYC requirement, private key management, etc.

IOST announced a partnership with Coin Club, a blockchain community platform. Coin Club will support IOST ecosystem and assist its development in the international market. Coin Club has already joined the IOST Partners Program with a current total vote of 2.3 million.

Coin Club is an open community for global cryptocurrency investors, aggregating global blockchain million users, accurate market data, top media resources, blockchain professional topics research and community services. Coin Club committed to helping investors and blockchain project parties communicate and cooperate more effectively and attract more ecological partners and projects.

As IOST’s partner node, Coin Club aims to promote IOST’s influence in European, North American, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern markets, by providing interview, promotion, ecosystem expansion services. It will also provide DApps with new promotion channels and share its huge user base with good performers.

The both parties are determined to serve community members in multiple ways and accelerate the global developing strategy hand in hand.

The IOST Foundation has completed integration with Boomstarter and will be used as a fundraising currency on one of the largest crowdfunding platforms in Eastern Europe.

Boomstarter has a huge user base of 800,000 registered users and is visited by over 300,000 unique visitors every month.

Together with Boomstarter, the IOST Foundation is excited to make $IOST a global fundraising currency to support entrepreneurs and builders in an international expansion plan spanning Southeast Asia, India, Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

$IOST As A Global Fundraising Currency

In this partnership, Boomstarter will provide cryptocurrency channels for international backers to support indie creators, makers and developers by accepting crowd funds in $IOST. Currently, Boomstarter accepts payment in $BTC, $ETH and $IOST.

Boomstarter is also in the process of integrating the $iUSD, the stablecoin in the IOST ecosystem, which will provide greater stability of value for its rapidly growing portfolio of determined entrepreneurs.

Boomstarter Joins IOST As A Partner Node

The Foundation is happy to announce that Boomstarter will join IOST ecosystem as a Partner Node.

The Foundation will collaborate closely with Boomstarter, IOST BEST and other Russian nodes to continue growing IOST penetration in Russia, a country with over 144 million population size.

HashFin announced its participation in IOST with an investment of 10 million IOST. HashFin will continue to purchase more IOST because of its confidence in IOST:

Learn more:

HashFin will work hand in hand with IOST in community building, asset management and media channels to assist its development in PoS domain. As a complementary partner to IOST, HashFin will utilize the capacity of its resources to provide long-term value for IOST. It also aims to be deeply engaged in IOST on-chain governance with its mature on-chain governance experience and promote IOST community building with its resources in media, exchanges and third party services.

HashFin is a professional lofting eco-service organization focusing on POS, DPOS and other staking-related consensus mechanisms. HashFin relies on the powerful ecological resources of the Node Capital to offer safe, transparent and efficient asset storage and management services for exchanges, investment institutions and digital asset investors.

HashFin schedules to release PoS staking service for IOST in a month.

IOST aims to collaborate with more PoS pools in the future, creating a prosperous staking economy in a joint manner.

Stir, operated by Ethersecurity Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd., is a professional team with the rich experience in operating nodes in the PoS networks.

Stir has received venture investments in May 2019 to launch staking services for investors in prominent global blockchains. Stir currently occupies about 30% shares in Japan in operating super nodes on the NEM network, as well as they have run nodes in TEZOS, COSMOS and other several projects.

The Foundation is partnering with Stir to join as a Servi Node and participate in the rapid growth and development of the IOST ecosystem.

Stir’s upcoming service to support customers and run a Servi Node will be the first Staking-as-a-Service (StaaS) program targeting Japanese customers. With this partnership with Stir, the expansion of the IOST ecosystem is expected by making it easier for investors to access and join IOST staking.

Stir is headquartered in Singapore, led by CEO Shohei Kamon. For more information on Stir IOST Program, please refer to


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Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The charts above show the decline in the number of Twitter and Telegram followers.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of IOST Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This report is not financial advice.

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