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IOST: Video interview with CTO, partners with Ginco and Mantra

Biweekly update 11th September — 25th September


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Posted a video with IOST CTO Terrence Wang answering Tech questions. The full video can be found here.

Next week IOST will be announcing the release date of the upgraded Everest Testnet.

Social encounters

Announced new IOST Official Announcements Telegram channel! This channel will help serve as an announcement board for IOST entire community, so that there is an official place on Telegram to view all major IOST developments. The link to the announcement channel can be found here.

IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong spoke at Blockchain Seoul 2018 alongside OasisLabs, Tezos and Ontology Network! The announcement can be found here.

IOST Head of Business Development Lim Leeho will be a top speaker at the Paris Stock Exchange as a part of the Blockchain Day Conference on October 10, 2018! He will be giving a lecture on Smart Contracts and relevant use cases. The announcement can be found here.

IOST European Community Manager was speaking at the Decentralized Solutions Academy in Warsaw on the 17th of September. He went over consensus mechanisms and scalability, including IOST’s own Proof of Believability! Announcement can be found here.

IOST CEO Jimmy Zhong was recently interviewed by Coin Central and spoke about the scalability trilemma, Proof of Believability, and the major roadblocks to widespread crypto adoption. The full article can be found here.

IOST Head of Digital Ben Waters was just published on Hackernoon discussing the fundamentals of blockchain technology and why it matters for society and IOST future. The full article can be found here.

IOST mentioned in the article by Mineable as one of the “3 Under the Radar Blockchain Projects You Need to Know About”. The full article can be found here.

IOST SEA Growth Lead Lawrence Lim met with Enterprise Singapore (ESG), the government agency driving enterprise growth in Singapore, and discussed ways to work together to drive commercial blockchain adoption.

IOST Chief Technology Officer — Terry Wang answered tech questions from the community in the start of regular Q&A sessions. The full session can be found here.


Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (information from


Testnet launched on the 29th of June 2018

What’s up next?

Mainnet by the end of December 2018

Partnerships and team members

IOST announced partnership with Mantra. Together they aim to build a tamper-proof charity ecosystem able to restore the public’s faith in charitable orgs. More information can be found here.

Announced partnership with Ginco app, one of Japan’s most popular cryptocurrency wallets! Announcement can be found here.

IOST has entered into a partnership with the offline tech school Code Chrysalis which provides an intensive coding bootcamp for engineers. IOST will be working with Code Chrysalis to launch blockchain coding courses in the near future! Announcement can be found here.

Two new members to the IOST Japan team: Makoto Ota, lead of Business Development in the Japanese market, and Kanna Sato, developer Community Manager. Both have extensive experience in Japan’s tech startup & are invaluable additions.

Announced that Bluehill, the venture capital and incubator affiliate of the IOS Foundationm has invested in Contents Protocol, a domestic Reverse Cryptographic Disclosure project. Contents Protocol is a reverse-ICO project under way by WATCHA, a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service provider. WATCHA already has more than 4 million members through its main service, WATCHA PLAY. The content protocol puts video on the blockchain, with viewers receiving a share of the contributions. The project aims to solve the problem where content distribution revenue is completely monopolized by current platforms.


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Social Media Activity
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