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Matrix AI Network: Matrix Wallet App is Online

Biweekly update 5th September — 19th September

Over two weeks Matrix AI Network achieved certain results in development. On Sep 11, 2019, Matrix has officially launched Matrix Wallet App, where users can enjoy both E-wallet functions and AI applications in an integrated way. “Simple Matrix”, a series of tutorial videos outlining a variety of Matrix AI Network functions, introduced Matrix Wallet App and tutorial video on a mobile cryptocurrency wallet with basic transaction functionality. More to follow!


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On Sep 11, 2019, Matrix has officially launched Matrix Wallet App, where users can enjoy both E-wallet functions and AI applications in an integrated way.


Matrix Wallet App provides users with both basic E-wallet functions and AI applications.

Basic functions

Create or import a wallet

For those who yet have a Matrix wallet, you should first click “create a new wallet” to set up your password and then receive the mnemonic. After that, users can use mnemonic or private key to enter their own wallets.


Click the MAN symbol on the homepage, you will see two icons named “send” and “receive” respectively. If you want to send tokens to others, click “send”, then input the recipient’s wallet address and the transaction amount. You can also click “receive” to check the wallet that you receive tokens from.

Manage wallet

Click the icon in the top right-hand corner of the homepage. You can find multiple wallet accounts you’ve imported. You can easily switch to anyone you need. At the same time, this page also offers the functions of creating a new wallet or importing an existing wallet.

AI applications

Matrix Wallet App provides users with two useful AI applications below:

Pat watermelon

Users can detect whether watermelons are ripe or not simply by collecting the sound of tapping the watermelon. Our AI application will produce a result of over 90% accuracy after fast recognition and analysis.

Cancer diagnosis

Just like the medical diagnosis procedure we’ve introduced for Matrix Web Wallet, users can easily get the diagnosis result by uploading their CT scans. Check the detailed introduction here.


When you use the AI applications of “Pat watermelon” or “Cancer diagnosis”, there are several points worth noticing.

1. A certain amount of MAN token will be consumed for using AI-powered functions.

2. You must upload the correct audio/scans in line with the rules.

3. Once you input your password at “Pat watermelon”, it will cost you some MAN tokens, because the whole procedure of sound detection has been completed.

4. Inputting your password at “Cancer diagnosis” is merely for moving on to the next step and will cost you nothing. You can stop the diagnosis by clicking “cancel” in time.

Safety Tips

1. It’s recommended to write down the mnemonic in the right order on a sheet of paper and keep it in a safe place rather than just save the screenshot of the mnemonic on your phone.

2. Users can get their private key in the “Backup wallet” from “Setting”. Please keep it safe.

3. Without a password, your MAN transaction cannot be completed. If you forget the password, you can use the private key and mnemonic to reset it.

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What’s next?

  • FPGA mining will be available by the end of 2019.
  • Up to 10 DAPPS by the end of 2019

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Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics

The chart above illustrates a slight decline in the number of Twitter followers. In general, Matrix AI Network experiences the average level of social activity.

  • Twitter (Matrix AI Network) — official announcement channel (100–400 likes per publication).
  • Facebook — official announcement channel — duplicates news from Twitter (10–20 likes per publication).
  • Reddit — news about projects and blockchain, links to interviews, podcasts, upcoming events.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Matrix AI Network Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

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