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Nuls: NULS Ledger integration process is closer to completion, letter from Lin Yang, NULS main-net wallet v1.2.0.

Biweekly update 14th February — 28th February

This is not financial advice.

According to the February progress update, Nuls did a tremendous amount of work. NULS POC Consensus Mechanism named Top Ten in 2018 by Global Blockchain Pioneering Technology List. New explorer is in process of development, it is planned to optimize the current structure and information classification of and NULS WeChat Official Account, and the structural optimization of WeChat Official Account has been completed. Meetups and workshops are arranged — NULS is living the full life. There are slight fluctuations in the number of token holders and transactions. CCC progress is also significant. Nuls as right as rain.


GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from
  1. NULS 1.0 — The test-net v1.1.7-beta2 has been launched, which adds random number support. The test-net v1.2.0-beta1 has been launched on the test-net, improving the random number function.
  2. NULS 2.0 — The current focus of NULS 2.0 is still on the debugging of the basic chain function, which requires more time to test and improve. Meanwhile, the cross-chain module begins to enter the development phase.
  3. Blockchain Explorer — The development of the new explorer is in process, which is expected to enter the test phase next week, and to be released at the end of the month.
  4. White Paper 2.0 — The English version of the White Paper 2.0 is being proofread. It is expected to be completed and finalized this week.
  5. Structure Optimization — It is planned to optimize the current structure and information classification of and NULS WeChat Official Account, and the structure optimization of WeChat Official Account has been completed.
  6. Ecological Application — Think deeply about the NULS ecological application, and determine the product direction of the following ecological development with the idea of NULS eco-economic development.
  1. The interface for calculating the consensus amount of the whole network is updated. The statistical method is to calculate the sum of all the consensus lock amounts. The previous statistics do not include the margin that is locked when the node is created.
  2. The maximum consumption of the view method in the smart contract is changed to 100 million, and can be configured by max.view.gas=10xxxxxxxxx00 in the module.ini file;
  3. The transaction remark information size limit is modified;
  4. The bottom layer supports random numbers.

You can upgrade online through the old version of the main-net wallet by visiting the settings tab and clicking Auto update, or you can download on GitHub HERE or on our website HERE.

  • The Role of Blockchain Random Numbers

In the blockchain, random number generation technology is a very critical element. In essence, the core challenge of distributed ledgers is to randomly select the problem of the blocker. This randomness can be confirmed by the whole network, and cannot be manipulated or predicted. Otherwise, any malicious node can control the longest chain by manipulating the random number, thus achieving a double spend attack. At the same time, random numbers are also the key technologies that many DAPPs need to use in the blockchain. Only safe and effective random numbers can ensure the normal operation of the application and the security of the assets on the chain.

  • Design Ideas of NULS Random Number Function

At present, this function has been launched on NULS test network. This function corresponds to the wallet version number 1.2.0-beta1. The NULS random number function is based on the characteristics of the POC consensus. At present, there are more than 80 nodes in the main network. A 256-bit random seed is required when they generate a block, and the seed is strictly promised by the last block generation of the node. If one node continues to generate a block, the second block does not submit a random seed. This ensures that the random seed for each production cannot be calculated because there is no way to calculate the random seed of someone else.

When Dapps are used, we can combine multiple random seeds to generate a random seed that needs to be used. This ensures that random numbers cannot be determined in advance, ensuring fairness and security.

  • Characteristics of the NULS Random Number Function:
  1. The diversity of use: The underlying layer only provides a random seed for each block. It does not limit how to generate the final random number. The DApp will not be limited by this function and can tailor the random algorithm to suit its own business.
  2. Best scenario recommendation: The future result or “oracle” case scenario represented by the guessing class specifies the random seeds near the next “n” blocks, and combines them to generate the final result. The underlying random seed of NULS in this scenario can be used, which allows all the consensus nodes to participate in the selection, and in doing so fully guarantees the security and fairness of the algorithm. At this stage, it is far superior to other blockchain platforms.

Social encounters

  • Blockchain Pioneer List | NULS POC Consensus Mechanism Named Top Ten in the 2018 Global Blockchain Pioneering Technology List. The full name of POC is Proof of Credit, which is the consensus mechanism used by NULS innovation. POC has achieved a good balance between decentralization, security and scalability, and can effectively support related technologies and applications in the NULS ecosystem.
  • Read the letter from Lin Yang. “In general, I don’t think I have a very good personal ability or skill. I just learned some ways and means of doing things in my earliest work experiences and developed a good programming habit. Plus, I have my own principles which are ever more persistent, and sometimes even more paranoid. Everyone seals my technical god title, which is really a love for me. I hope that through the above sharing, everyone has a deeper understanding of me and the NULS core team.”

Upcoming events:

No updates.


What’s next?

Q1 2019 — Initiation, Alpha test of a new architecture with increased flexibility and independence of modules, including cross-chain universal and ledger modules, supported by microservices.

Source: Nuls medium.

Partnerships and team members

CCC Progress — All CCC members have released their work reports for January 2019, which can be viewed on Subsequently, CCC members will submit their reports in the form of weekly reports.

  1. Josh is working on the CCC’s Guideline, which is expected to be completed by the end of February.
  2. Angel cooperates with the North American Regional Director in exploring and developing DAPP games.
  3. Naveen cooperates with NULS Ambassador in the design and development of ATM module.
  4. CCC member Josh, Moshe, Naveen, Claudio, Edward released the January report
  5. Moshe has developed NULS Space, a decentralized blogging platform based on the NULS blockchain. >About NULS Space


  1. The voting of the test-net proposal was completed, with 1,117,575 approvals.
  2. The voting of the proposal for higher node reward output by Cladio CCC members, Naveen, Josh, Angel, Berzeck and Moshe was completed.
  3. Community member @guanyu’s proposal requesting for community fund for his WeChat mini program (nulst): After a period of discussion and internal voting by the council (disapproval rating higher than 50%), the final result is not to support the application for the fee, please be informed. The main reason is that the majority prefer not to establish a new forum.
  4. African Ambassador Sibastien is requesting for NULS community fund to jointly sponsor and co-organize 3 events. Detailed speech draft for the first event is presented at the Forum.
  5. Community members Xiao Xin released a proposal asking for community fund to operate and promote the NULS fan site (hellonuls), for which council member Reaper officially initiated a vote.
  6. Council member Liesa initiated a vote for the proposal applying for community fund to support the operation of the “NULS daily Q&A column” in 8btc.
  7. Community member Xavi proposed to develop a mobile app for NULS payments.
  8. Community member ZaneNodeAmazing proposed to offer an incentive to get more developers to build DApps on NULS. Welcome to make suggestions.
  9. Community member Michael proposed a budget for NULS news mailing list, and a budget for video digitization of NULS fortnightly news.


Source: Nuls coingecko

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

There is slight growth of a community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of NULS Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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