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Nuls: Revealed 4 partners participating in the Alpha test environment, astonishing Interview with NULS CEO

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Microservice Architecture and Multiple Languages

The NULS 2.0 Alpha v1 release supports microservices which enables NULS to provide businesses unparalleled flexibility by separating modules so that can be deployed independently. When a module is updated or replaced, it won’t have any effect on other modules, which will greatly speed up the iteration and reduce operating costs. The micro-service architecture achieves complete decoupling between modules that can communicate with others through interface invocation. At this point, NULS will totally eliminate the restrictions of development language and allow multi-languages development.

Multi-Chain & Cross Chain

NULS has invested heavily in research and development on multi-chain and cross-chain to make it a reality. The multi-chain and cross-chain extension protocols and interfaces are functionally accessible in this Alpha version. The completion of the general blockchain business module will lay a solid foundation for the realization of multi-chain and cross-chain goals in the future. For enterprises to build their own blockchain they can select from general modules to achieve their business requirements. This allows the business to focus on the development of the new modules for specific purposes, which can greatly save the time and cost for the enterprise to develop on the blockchain system. Furthermore, it is conducive to the construction of NULS multi-chain and cross-chain ecosystem.

Performance Improvement of Smart Contracts

To further improve the performance of the NULS smart contract, the Alpha release smart contracts will run on an NVM concurrent array (running on a high-performance contract processing engine based on a distributed architecture design).

DAPP Wallet Integration

In this Alpha version, NULS provides more support for DAPPs to make basic preparations for the for future. Specifically, the wallet offers an application module to include the DAPP.

New Account Ledger Model

In order to better support the business needs of enterprises and ensure the efficient processing of data on the chain, NULS 2.0 adopts a brand-new account balance ledger model.

Wallet Program Separate from Node Program

In addition to the technical improvement for microservices, NULS 2.0 has separated the wallet program from the node program for the multi-chain and cross-chain ecosystem. This provides a more intuitive user experience and lowers the blockchain experience threshold for users.

Development Normalization

NULS is a global open source and community-driven project. In order to ensure the efficient development for different developers and the high quality of NULS code repository, the development team has further standardized the development of interfaces, scripts, protocols, and tools.

Alpha Validation Criteria

  1. Capable of using all functions of Linux wallet, such as account creation, import, transfer and node creation, etc.
  2. Capable of building a blockchain based on NULS2.0 core modules
  3. Capable of building a blockchain with business modules

Additional Test Tool

NULS 2.0 takes the complexity of blockchain testing into consideration at the beginning of the design. In order to make it easier to test, the core team has developed a test tool for key businesses that can test the code. The functions cover account management, transaction processing, block processing, consensus and other core blockchain businesses.

HENA seeks to embody a true mobile ecosystem that encompasses the advertising market and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a platform of unique technology. In order to prove this, HENA will implement mobile mining, exchange, OTC market, smart wallet, cold wallet, payment, and ATM device to realize true mobile advertisement without distortion by forming an advertisement ecosystem.

Token Network will build a proof of credit blockchain network for the eCommerce and retail industry. Their mission is to enable merchants and businesses to build their own eCommerce and online retail stores on the Token Network.

The PeerX Mobile Living platform serves the growing “sharing-economy” by leveraging the large number of underutilized recreational vehicles (RVs) in the United States. It is a cross between Turo’s automobile sharing and Airbnb’s housing business.

Node Forge is full-service cloud-hosted masternode platform with a suite of powerful tools; earnings reports, portfolio dashboard, node alerts and smartphone transaction alerts and will conduct both speed and stress tests for the Alpha 2.0 environment.

Social encounters

  • The community have spoken and Nuls are the winners of DeveloperWars (Round 1), earning them the first spot in another series ‘Let’s focus on:’.

Upcoming events:

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What’s next?

Q1 2019 — Initiation, Alpha test of a new architecture with increased flexibility and independence of modules, including cross-chain universal and ledger modules, supported by microservices.

Source: Nuls medium.

Partnerships and team members

  • NULS 2.0 Alpha Partners — NULS is proud to have multiple partners participating in the Alpha test environment, among them are HENA, Token Network, PeerX and Node Forge.


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Source: Nuls coingecko
Source: Nuls coingecko

Social media metrics

Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics
Social media activity

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