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NULS: Tests of new version of blockchain explorer, v1.1.7-beta2 launch, NULSTAR development progress, module repository solution and modular blockchain development solution

Biweekly update 31st January — 14th February

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1. Node Wallet (The NULS test-net v1.1.7Beta2 has been launched, which adds a decentralized random number generation protocol. The test-net will switch to the new protocol after the percentage of consensus nodes with upgraded wallets reaches 90% and the height of the test-net increases another 30,000 blocks; The UI design of the new wallet has been finalized and front-end development is expected to start in mid-February.)

2. NULS 2.0 (All NULS 2.0 developing modules are under joint debugging, which can complete the whole block-synchronizing process including network module refactoring. The protocol upgrade module and cross-chain module are under development.)

3. Blockchain Explorer (The new version of blockchain explorer has been developed and is now in the testing phase. Now the internal test has been completed and it has been launched to the test-net to give access to the test-net data.)

4. White Paper 2.0 (The Chinese version of NULS white paper 2.0 has been finalized, and the relevant translation work has been completed. The community and CCC are reviewing it, and expect it to be finalized in mid-February.)

5. NULS Documentation Portal (The feedback of the documentation portal is still being collected and the update of the documentation website has been completed.)

6. Module Repository (The module repository solution and modular blockchain development solution are improved based on the team’s review results, and the final solution will be determined in February.)

  • A look into CCC following their node reward proposals. As they come to the end of the critical vote for CCC node reward changes, they want the community to be able to make the most informed decisions about their vote. Nuls hopes this short synopsis can help provide useful information to aide in that purpose. The current node reward proposal vote is a part of the effort to support and commend their contributions.
  • NULS test network v1.1.7-beta2 was launched at 11:00 on Jan 31th, 2019 (GMT+8). And test network protocol will be upgraded. When the proportion of running the new version of the wallet by the consensus block nodes is 90%, as well as the test-net block height is increased by another 30,000 blocks, the new protocols will be switched. At that time, the underlying of the test network will support the random number function. Maintaining a long-term and effective testing environment is of great significance to the entire NULS network ecosystem. More info here.

Social encounters

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Upcoming events

  1. African Ambassador @tinetien89 is asking the community for the community fund to jointly sponsor and co-organize 2 events. The events are planned to be held at the end of February and end of March 2019, with the total funds required about 1400 NULS.
  2. Nuls Blockchain Developers workshop — Silicon Valley — February 20


What’s next?

Q1 2019 — Initiation, Alpha test of a new architecture with increased flexibility and independence of modules, including cross-chain universal and ledger modules, supported by microservices.

First week of February: some deeper integration tests will be performed with NULS 2.0 modules, including API registration and connection information exchange;
First week of February: Connector design document will be finished so it will be possible to develop it concurrently;
In February 4 components will be released in Alpha state (for developers testing): Service Base Library (SBL), Service Manager Module, Controller Module and Connector Module.

Source: Nuls medium

Partnerships and team members

According to Nuls Bi-Monthly Report:

CCC Progress

  1. Moshe has launched NYTRO desktop-side light wallet v0.9.1 (beta2), which is available in Windows, Linux and MacOS versions.
  2. Naveen and Edward are still involved in the development of the event bus and account modules.
  3. Angel has completed the Javascript SDK, with which developers can develop the DApp UI on NULS with more ease.
  4. Claudio and Josh keep focusing on the improvement of the official website. Claudio proposes a new official website architecture, which provides different presentation frameworks for different roles (investors, developers and business users).
  5. CCC candidate Tudor is developing an APP wallet for NULS and has completed the UI design.
  6. Berzeck leads Ray (CCC member) and Davi (Core team member) to continue the development of NULSTAR project, and the progress is normal.

NULSTAR Progress

  1. Controller module is able to recursively parse all configuration files (Module.ncf);
  2. Websockets management is finished, so each module can process requests and send requests seamlessly;
  3. A rudimentary queue is implemented to process messages;
  4. Validators of each type of messages are implemented;
  5. Preliminary CMake support;
  6. Connection handlers;
  7. Connector Module draft design is progressing, English translation required;
  8. Service Manager will able to process API registration correctly with latest specification version (to be completed in the next 24 hours);
  9. Initial setup of Tester Module that will allow performing integration and non-functional tests with non obstrusive code;
  10. The automatic API builder is enhanced (to be completed in the next 24 hours);
  11. Bug squashing.


  • NULS was invited to participate in the first Telegram Chinese community new year sharing session of the coin security, bringing wonderful sharing and interaction: more info here.
  • NULS WeChat initiated the red envelope flight activity, the message area for everyone to send NULS New Year red envelope: More info via link.
  • NULS CCC member Ray released the development work week report: here
  • The NULS dictionary is shared with you today — the transaction is confirmed, and members of the community can view it in each group.
  • Saint Valentine’s Day with NULS.


Source: Nuls coingecko

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

There is slight growth of a community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of NULS Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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