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NULS: Wallet and Explorer Updates, NULS Improvement Proposals launch

Biweekly update 4th December-18th December


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  • A newer version of wallet has been released optimizing the ram usage and various parts of the network.
  • NULS bi-monthly report for you. They keep pushing forward with the strength of the blockchain technology and community development.

1. NULS 2.0 (A bunch of business modules have entered the code review stage, while others such as the cross-chain module are in the coding stage.)

2. Node Wallet (The NULS main-net wallets v1.1.3 & v1.1.4 was released)

3. Web Wallet (Bugs fixed.)

4. Blockchain Explorer (Community voting tool, faster response, the v1.1.0 has been launched)

5. Official Website (The v1.1.2 has been launched, adding the Chinese-English switching function, Community page, Developer page, Technical Community section, bi-monthly report section in Information page, the v1.3.0 has been launched, changing the display structure of the Wallet page and classifying the wallet into three types: Desktop, APP, and Web Wallets.)

6. NIP (The NULS core team has proposed the NIP (NULS Improvement Proposal) Standard, which is a process standard for proposals of NULS protocols, modules, client APIs, community governance, environment, information, etc.)

7. NULS Document Library (has passed the review and will enter the development stage.)

Social encounters

  • NULS is less than a week away from the Grand Opening Reception of the NULS Foundation in the US. Many of the NULS team will be present at the event, including our CEO Liesa Huang and COO Isaac Kim. Read here.
  • NULS Ambassador elections are held. You can cast your votes using the web wallet. Guidelines and instructions for voting are on the Community forum.
  • Nuls COO (Isaac Kim) presented at the Blockchain Opportunity Summit in New York recap available to read on Medium.
  • Nuls Party on 11 December.
  • Nuls Foundation USA grand opening. Tap here for more details.
  • NULS Community Ambassador Campaign Progress: The USA Ambassador is far ahead, with Portugal and Spain Ambassadors chasing closely. Read here.


  • $NULS has been added to Huobi Global exchange with BTC and ETH pairings.


  • 2018.05

Main-net test

Complete the main-net development, testing phase commences

Improve the technical design documentation

  • 2018.07

Main-net launch

Complete development of basic modules

Continuous improvements of the built-in modules

Launch blockchain explorer

Establish and expand an open-source development community

  • 2018.09

Release smart contract module

Release universal ledger module

Ecosystem improvements

Initiate, increase & promote applications accessed within NULS ecosystem

  • 2018.11

Main-net with Smart Contract Function Launch

Multi-Assets Launch

Changes Function Launch

What’s next:

Partnerships and team members

  • NULS joins the Global Graphene Blockchain Application Centre GrapheneB
    The main objective being to promote graphene blockchain technology.

Graphene is an open-source blockchain technology, mainly written in C++. Graphene source is available in numerous variations, as it has been forked and adapted a lot of times. Right now Graphene is able to push over 3000 transactions per second, versus Ethereum, currently at around 25 transactions per second. That means around 190000 transactions per minute.

  • NULS officially joins the Hong Kong Blockchain Association. For more details.

The Hong Kong Blockchain Society is dedicated to raising awareness of the Blockchain Technology beyond the technologists to the public, industry, regulators and policy makers. is a simple platform for cryptocurrency exchanges that works without registration and limits.

  • NULS Foundation & Pink Sky Group Form Strategic partnership.

Pink Sky Group is a blockchain advisory and consulting firm. Blockchain technology can be faster, cheaper, and provide better security than the incumbent technologies of centralized networks, providing a competitive advantage to companies implementing blockchain solutions.

  • Any Bit supports $NULS. Any Bit is a secure and powerful mobile wallet. The private key is never uploaded to the server, ensuring the security of the user’s assets. AnyBit supports multiple mainstream currencies here.


Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics

There is a community over time. The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of NULS Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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