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Ocean Protocol: One Thousand Stars on GitHub, Unlock Many Fantastic Opportunities for AI

Biweekly update 4th September — 18th September

Greetings to all! We believe you remember Ocean Protocol, an ecosystem for the data economy and associated services, with a tokenized service layer that securely exposes data, storage, compute and algorithms for consumption. Unfortunately, we have found a few news. However, in any case, we feel an urge to share them with you.

Speaking of development, Ocean has already earned 1,000 stars on GitHub through community development. Moreover, Bruce Pon & Trent McConaghy, co-founders of Ocean Protocol, catches up with BlockchainBrad for a detailed crypto interview. Additionally, Trent wrote an article. Through this one, he explained that one of the things that excite him about Ocean is how it could unlock many fantastic opportunities for AI.

To summarize, we can confidently say that the foundation is interested in developing its project. Also, the team is looking for new development paths that provide more of an accelerant to the fire. We are going to continue to follow the news and try to tell you about them as soon as possible.


GitHub metrics:

Development is ongoing. Commits on public GitHub appears regularly, several times a day.

Developer activity (from

Social encounters

Decentralized Data Economy | BlockchainBrad | Unlock Data for AI

BlockchainBrad catches up with Bruce Pon & Trent McConaghy, co-founders of Ocean Protocol, for a detailed FREE crypto interview. Ocean Protocol is a Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol designed to Unlock Data for AI. Ocean Protocol is kickstarting a decentralised Data Economy by breaking down data silos and equalising access to data for all.

Upcoming events:


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Partnerships and team members

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Crazy Ideas. Killer Apps. Wild Results?

One of the things that excites Trent about Ocean is how it could unlock many amazing opportunities for AI. AI DAOs. Nature 2.0. AI for Good. At first glance, these may seem radical. Yet they merit a deeper look: they paint a positive picture of the future, a future that could address many of society’s problems, a future that could help unlock the potential in every human. And, it’s a buildable future; one that we can build towards together. This is a future Trent wants. This is a future we need.

How do we get there? One brick at a time. One crazy idea at a time. One app at a time. Using Ocean as a foundation makes creating these apps that much easier, especially for AI.

Here’s something cool. There are 3.4 Million OCEAN tokens up for grabs for these sort of crazy ideas! Ocean Protocol announced the inaugural Data Economy Challenge, an opportunity for hackers to think big and start building in three different tracks. The Wild Card Track is for all the dreamers and believers out there. It’s the dreamers that change the world and make a difference.

So, unleash your imagination and build. If you want some starting-point inspiration, here’s some ideas:

Evolving bytecode. This is the Push language but it could also work for EVM bytecode…

The ideas don’t have to be that crazy. It’s a “wild card” track but that doesn’t mean just wild. Here’s some more down-to-earth ideas that would be great to see.

  • An Ocean block explorer with integrated dataset visualization e.g. using Metabase
  • A Data Wallet. E.g. take an Ocean dataset and wrap with NFT. Then integrate with an existing NFT wallet (there are many!). Note that on Ocean each asset has a DID.
  • Limited-Edition Fungible Data Assets. E.g. take an NFT-ized dataset, and wrap it with a simple ERC20 contract.
  • Continuously Fungible Data Assets. E.g. take an NFT-ized dataset, and wrap it with a bonding curve (“make it re-fungible”).
  • Data as collateral. E.g. demonstrate datasets could fit in multi-collateral DAI. And other financial instruments on top. DeFi meets Data Economy 🔥
  • Verifiable credentials about Ocean users, where the data of the credentials is managed in Ocean. Leverage digital identity like Sovrin, uPort or Estonia E-Residency. Note that each Ocean user has a DID.
  • Verifiable credentials about Ocean data assets, where the data of credentials is managed in Ocean.

Social media metrics

Social media activity:

Considering that Ocean Protocol is not an old project and its IEO was conducted only on 2nd May 2019, Ocean has a great community.

Social media dynamics:

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Ocean Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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