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OmiseGO: eWallet and Plasma updates, Coinbase officially looking to add OMG, OMG on Blockfolio signal

Biweekly update 4th December-18th December


GitHub metrics

Technical Update

eWallet Update December 11, 2018: the “Oh captain, my captain” edition:


These are the main items the team has knocked out over the last two weeks:

  • Use global policies in the websocket channels #573
  • Added the eWallet and API version details in the status responses #569
  • Split out the OpenAPI file into multiple files to make it more manageable #561
  • Fixed the update of settings with encrypted value #577
  • Added support for nil values when filtering #548
  • Fixed /account.get_members returning internal server error with filtering #552

In review

These tasks have been completed, pending review by eWallet team admins:

  • Make end-users seeable by any account #582
  • Rework and secure the reset password flow to prevent discovery #553
  • Task to migrate configuration from ENV to the Configuration system #578
  • Fix bugs and do improvement on Android Point of Sale application #27 #29 #39 #40
  • Fix camera issue on Android SDK #81
  • Add advanced filtering on Android SDK #78
  • Update dependencies on Android SDK #79

In progress

These are the tasks they are focusing on right now:

  • Activity Log System (formerly called Audit System) #560
  • Management of the eWallet Configuration through the Admin Panel #575
  • Wireframes for Ethereum integration
  • CSV export for all list endpoints #366

To do

Key issues to tackle in the coming weeks:

  • Allow multiple wallets balances to be retrieved from the local ledger #547
  • Apply license to every file #421
  • Optional support for AppSignal #558

You can also follow the progress on the eWallet Waffle board and in GitHub Milestones page.

eWallet Suite More Resources:


After all the refactoring, they’ve implemented the More Viable Plasma in-flight exit for ETH in their root chain contracts. This is a big step forward for, as it clears a major hurdle toward integration. With this out of the way, integration of the child chain and watcher with the updated contract can now move forward.

They’ve also finalized their updated child chain and watcher APIs so that they are both internally consistent and consistent with the eWallet. The team now has a consistent OmiseGO-styled API format across all services. This will make integration faster, easier, and generally more pleasant to work with.

The rebuild of the internal testnet is on track to be finished this week. The team now has the entire tool chain in place to easily deploy new iterations of the network, along with all the needed production support services such as metrics, telemetry, alerts, and logging. This testnet will be made available to early partners immediately. They will initially deploy Minimal Viable Plasma; this will be a relatively small window while they prove out all of tooling. Once all the feature development finishes for More Viable Plasma, they’ll quickly upgrade the testnet (still internal) to MoreVP — this is the version that, once they’re satisfied with it, goes on to become the public testnet.

Plasma Front Running problem by Konstantin Kladko.

Non-inclusion zkSNARK for Plasma Cash and Cashflow history compaction by Alex Vlasov.

For more on Plasma, see these community-produced resources:

Social encounters

ETHIS Singapore, 7th–9th December 2018.


See also OMG Community Tracker and OMG Knowledge Base.


oken holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from

Coinbase officially looking to add OMG.

OmiseGO is now on Blockfolio Signal Beta: ‘Watch’ OMG to get the latest news and updates from the team.

Source: @omise_go.

For more information on the Decentralized Exchange (DEX):


State of the OMG Ecosystem. In this blog post, the team attempts to summarize the different elements of OmiseGO and the OMG ecosystem, captures key developments over the past months and provides some information on where they’re going . It might seem like a repeat of the Official Guide, but this is more succinct and offers updates. Additionally, they included an updated roadmap with key milestones. And they’ve been working with community members as well on the OMG project tracker to track progress on a smaller timescale.

Major Milestone Progression. Source: OmiseGo blog.

Partnerships and team members

No updates.


  • According to the official twitter of OmiseGo, it has took down team page from its website. This was done due to staff safety and security concerns. It will be back up when the time is right and with new faces:

Twitter — OmiseGO‏ — @omise_go: “Hi folks! You might have noticed that our team page was taken down from the website. This was done due to staff safety & security concerns. It will of course be back up when the time is right & with new faces :) All comms channels remain open. Hope to connect with you there!”

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

OmiseGo Telegram Announcements channel — since June 19, 2018. Members: 123 (4th December 2018).

Twitter — average number of retweets is 35–75 for one post.

Facebook — 60–90 likes per publication, 5–10 shares.

Reddit — Daily discussions have 100–250 comments. — since July 15th, 2017. Discussions on latest updates, price. Last publication — December 15, 2018. channels: Announcements; Jobs; OmiseGO — Trading channel for speculation and trading; Random; Rules; Staking; Trading; Wallets; Japanese日本語.

New official China community channel on WeChat (ID: omisego_china). 30th November — 370 followers.

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of OmiseGo Reddit subscribers and Twitter likes. The information is taken from

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