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Ontology: Paxos will launch a new version of its stablecoin on the Ontology, Sesameseed partnership, New US Ecosystem Partner to Represent Ontology at Consensus 2019 collaboration with Leading Environmental Protection NGO in China

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  • Buntoy is supporting Ontology. Buntoy is a fast and secure blockchain game wallet.
  • In light of reports of the New York State Attorney General suing Tether for fraud, Ontology recommends taking a look at Paxos, which is fully collateralized by USD and the first digital asset issued by a financial institution. Learn more via link. Paxos will launch a new version of its $PAX stablecoin on the Ontology blockchain next month, supplementing the current ethereum token.
  1. As for plans for 2020, MovieBloc team wants to make MovieBloc one of the major film platforms to watch movies and socialize with other film creators. For MBL, they want to expand the usage case for MBL tokens outside of MovieBloc, such as using it at a film festivals or watching a movie offline.
  2. An explanation how the tokens will be used and moved through the platform is: MBL will be for 1. watching premium film content, 2. paying for services like foreign subtitles or marketing materials, 3. rewarding others for their good work, or 4. participating in crowdfunding and supporting creators to produce good movies.
  3. The advantages does Moviebloc have over traditional movie publishing platforms are: MBL gives more revenue sharing to content providers. The CPs can also have transparent revenue share info, which will give credibility to our business. They also openly share the audience data for creators. Audiences can watch films and participate to get rewards.
  4. The content that will be available on the platform is considered: The team is working hard to launch the beta version by the end of July. Since MovieBloc is not a subscription-based model, content providers can easily join our platform as the revenue share will be straight forward and transparent with blockchain.
  5. In what form does ont and MBL work together? Is it pure investment or ont will be used for payment? Ontology is not just an investor. Ontology provides a series of support including funding, marketing, legal consultancy, and technology. They are discussing every co-work opportunity with Ontology and adapting ONT as a payment method.
  • New US Ecosystem Partner to Represent Ontology at Consensus 2019. Erick Pinos has joined Ontology as an Ecosystem Development Partner for the USA. For the USA, Erick will: develop the technical community, oversee online and offline activities, conduct research on the local market, develop a long-term strategy for the region, and be the business contact point.
  • You can now tip $ONT and $ONG on Telegram using GoSeedit. Sesameseed recently announced it is creating a crosschain community and has started to operate a node on the Ontology blockchain. This created an opportunity to expand the utility of the popular cryptocurrency trading bot, Seedit. In association with Rovak, Sesameseed is pleased to announce that Ontology tokens (ONT and ONG) can now be tipped on Telegram using Seedit.
  • Sesameseed has partnered with Ontology blockchain. Sesameseed is now operating a node on their network and welcomes its community. Full announcement is here.

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Token holders and the number of transactions dynamics (from
Source: coingecko
Source: coingecko
  • Ontology added on Anycoin Direct. You can buy ONT here and ONG here.


What’s next?

  • Support for Mpc and more cryptographic algorithms
  • Distributed trust collaborative platform release
  • Distributed financial services release
  • Support for more trust collaboration dApps

Partnerships and team members

  • NeoWorld announced its collaboration with Ontology to launch a virtual island. NeoWorld project is the first blockchain-powered virtual world. It has over 50,000 residents now from over 50 countries, with average daily active users in the range of thousands, according to the management. The project has a proprietary engine that allows users to design and build cities, together with other virtual residents.
  • Ontology Announces Partnership with Japanese Technology Accelerator. The partnership will strengthen Sino-Japanese collaboration in the blockchain space as well as Ontology technology adoption in Japan. TECHFUND provides technical support for startups that have applied for the ACCEL PROGRAM. TECHFUND’s vision is “be an entrepreneur”. From their launch in October 2014, they have supported startups in terms of technology. They launched the world’s first platform supporting startups through “technology investments” and have executed investment in six companies. They have given advice for 250 teams.
  • Ontology Partners up with Leading Environmental Protection NGO in China. More information here. The two sides will focus on “green finance” and work out a trusted solution for environmental information in the area of green finance using Ontology blockchain technology. Green finance refers to any financial investment in exchange for the delivery of positive environmental externalities. Disclosure of environmental information in green finance is a key job as prescribed in a recent document released by seven China government agencies, including the People’s Bank of China and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.


  • DApp developers, do not miss out! These dApps are sharing the 20,000 USD prize pool each week.
  • “To thank all community members Ontology is offering members of the Ontology English Telegram group up to $10,000 USD in ONG each month — $100 USD in ONG for 100 people — if the group reaches certain sizes.”

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Ontology Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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