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Orbs: Activity in the US Market, A New PoS Wallet In Beta-Test

Biweekly update 3rd February — 17th February

Welcome to our regular report on Orbs! During the last two weeks, not so many news have been published, however, the team continued to steadily work both on the development and public side of the project. Orbs PoS Wallet for mobile app, discussed in the recent update of the Korean community, is in open beta-test now. The ecosystem state is stable; the current participating stake is 556 337 208 ORBS. Furthermore, Eran Peled posted an interview with Head of Global Business Development, Gili Ovadia. They discussed Orbs’ Activity in the US Market, regarding the current state of enterprise adoption of blockchain-based solutions, use-cases they are working on, and a lot more!

It was announced that numerous questions asked by community members as a part of the AMA session would be answered tomorrow. Moreover, the Research & Development update is to appear in the coming weeks. The number of subscribers in social networks and chats is prone to grow.

More news next time. Stay with us!


Github metrics
  • ORBS PoS Wallet for a mobile app is in open beta-test now. (It supports Android 9+). Download it in Galaxy Store or Google play. Any questions or feedback are accepted via

Social encounters

  • Orbs’ Activity in the US Market — Interview with Gili Ovadia. He is the former Consul, Head of the Israeli Economic and Trade Mission to the West Coast, developing the business relationships between US and Israeli companies. He also served as the assistant to the Director of Foreign Trade and in the North America desk and served as an advisor to the Israeli Defense Minister. Gili is regularly based in Silicon Valley, at the Orbs US office, and there’s no one better to know the ins and outs of the American blockchain market.

{Orbs USA’s main activities}

  1. The increased usage of our network, with a focus on enterprise applications. They meet with enterprise decision-makers, go to conferences, and develop different use cases.
  2. Strengthen the Orbs PoS Universe, by working with the different stakeholders in the ecosystem such as validators and guardians.
  3. Exposing Orbs projects to developers and professional communities mostly in Silicon Valley but not only.
  4. Getting high quality and updated business intelligence from the front.

{Use-cases they are working on}

Wide range from provenance to document and photos notarization all the way to traceability and government-related use-cases.

{Expectations for 2020}

“I think we’ll keep on seeing adoption and willingness to try experiment technology although there is still some solid doubts whether these experiments will mature into significant products that will deliver real value. Geography-wise we believe that given the huge progress coming from China, South Korea, and Japan we will see some counter-response from the US from regulation to investment all the way the funded R&D that will boost the market and will generate interest and attention.”

{The current state of enterprise adoption of blockchain-based solutions}

There are mostly private solutions, focusing on collaboration among multiple parties with conflicting interests. The positive momentum started towards public solutions for the last 6–10 months but these attempts are still in their early days, enterprises starting to understand the value of permissionless networks and the guarantees they are providing.

Upcoming events:

  • AMA to be published on 18th February 2020

Orbs Universe

Delegators, in order to receive rewards, you should delegate to an active guardian who does not miss voting deadlines. If your guardian misses voting deadlines, you will not get rewards in this period.

Guardians, please note that elections are every 20000 Ethereum blocks, it is approximately 3 days. A Guardian vote is valid for about 1 week. We recommend voting every 6 days to be on the safe side.

Voting deadlines calendar (estimated)

You can delegate your Orbs tokens via link. After the end of the closest voting period, you can check your rewards here.


Official website metrics


According to the published Roadmap:

  1. Proof-of-Stake Core Infrastructure V2 — Implement the next version of the Orbs Proof-of-Stake architecture with various improvements making the existing implementation more efficient, easier to use and more powerful with the ability to rely on stronger incentives like locking.

2. Proof-of-Stake Ecosystem Tools — Create tools for participants in the Orbs PoS Universe. Validators will benefit from easier ways to keep their node healthy. Guardians will have better ways to measure Validators. Delegators will have easier ways to stake and observe network activity.

3. Orbs Audit Node — Audit nodes are important for network security. They allow any external participant (not necessarily a Validator) to verify that the network operation is correct. Audit nodes may choose to audit only a single or subset of virtual chains.

4. Orbs Two Tier Consensus — Two tier consensus is the hybrid aspect of Orbs. It allows to build permissioned apps — where the app can select its own block producers. These apps run over a permissionless infrastructure — where validators are selected by the network.

5. Virtual Chains Infrastructure — Virtual chains are a key feature of Orbs that provides isolation between apps. It gives the network infinite scalability and sharding; and provides apps with lower cost of operation, guaranteed resources and independent governance.

6. Validator Node Deployment V2 — The next generation of how a Validator deploys and operates an Orbs node. Improvements include efficiency for reduced operation cost, higher availability and uptime, optimizations for even more scaling and improved security.

7. Orbs Smart Contract SDK — Allow developers to build even better apps with Orbs for more versatile use cases. Developers are requesting richer API’s that support more languages, more powerful data structures and more flexible interoperability.

8. App Developer Experience — Increase developer adoption by making the app development experience on Orbs easier than ever. Help developers learn how to build on Orbs and give better developer tools to debug and test their smart contracts.

9. Ready-Made Use Case Templates — Increase business adoption of the Orbs network by offering solutions for popular blockchain use-cases. These templates reduce the integration time of blockchain technology into a business from months to days.

10. Network Production Enhancements — The Orbs network is in production mainnet from March 2019. Continue the process of making the network more mature, reliable stable, performant and secure — so it can host even bigger apps with more users and more value.

11. Protocol Enhancement Research — Long term research for core improvements to the Orbs protocol. Every big feature like privacy with zero-knowledge proofs requires months of academic research before being implemented in production and added to the core.

12. Online IDE for App Developers — Similar to Ethereum’s Remix, the online IDE lets app developers write smart contracts directly from their web browser without installing any tools. This is a great way to make experimentation with Orbs easier with less friction.

Partnerships and team members

No updates.


“Distributed networks present an opportunity to improve data exchange, as information can be aggregated from data silos around relevant, permissioned stakeholders rather than locked behind the walls of each business.” Read an article by Justin Ray OConnell.

About Orbs

A teaser for an exciting project the core team is working on:

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Orbs Facebook likes, Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. The information is taken from

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