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Orbs: The voting calendar, Prism — the Orbs block explorer, the 1st step of voting period is over, Business strategy published, Paradigm Fund becomes Orbs Guardian

Biweekly update 28th March — 11th April

Orbs successfully survived the launch of Mainnet and now they continue the development. The team works coherent, according to their roadmap. It is a long way down the road, but they keep running: new addition of the whitepaper, the new business strategy was posted, they envision Prism becoming an analytics and monitoring platform, providing real-time information and statistics about what happens inside a virtual chain, and insights to help build better apps. Orbs co-founder, Tal Kol was superior during the last two weeks, presenting the project on numerous events. Moreover, several events are planned, including NY Blockchain week! Orbs starts their marketing campaign and community is thrilled with it. Besides, the latter is increasing significantly, as well as the number of social networks’ subscribers. Paradigm made a voting calendar for the users’ convenience, as we became guardians of Orbs Universe — Paradigm Citadel. Wait for the Orbs success with us!


Github metrics
  • A block explorer is just the beginning […] They envision Prism becoming an analytics and monitoring platform, providing real-time information and statistics about what happens inside a virtual chain, and insights to help build better apps.
  • Orbs go-to-market strategy for 2019 released. The final element of our strategy in 2019 — focusing in 2019 on bringing in the ideal participants to collaborate on building the Orbs ecosystem. This happens on multiple levels. First, they are focusing on the proof-of-stake ecosystem — The Orbs Universe — with validators, guardians and delegators — who are the core of what is being built and whose collaboration is critical for the success of the network. Second, they are actively working on strengthening the stack of providers around. Finally, now that Orbs is launched and fully open source, they are focusing on growing the open source developer community around the project. They are focused on solutions that leverage public blockchains to provide businesses with a core value — the ability to collaborate in trustless environments. This is based on the three guarantees — forkability, auditability, and governance that is transparent and enforceable. Orbs breaks down the unique values blockchain brings to the table in full in our post here, but essentially it allows multiple parties to collaborate on open projects while limiting the risks currently associated with working together. The result is a scenario where many parties or businesses can come together to create solutions that could have never been imagined before because the risks of collaboration are removed.

Social encounters

  • “In a sense, the most important guarantee of the three is the 2nd, which represents beyond all others why giving these guarantees pushes us to design better systems.”

Orbs Co-founder Tal Kol’s beautiful breakdown of what a public blockchain means.

  1. Orbs made it to the news Some mentions:

Orbs Launches Today, with a Focus on Converting Businesses to Blockchain | BreakerMag

Orbs Launches Enterprise-Ready Open-Source Blockchain Network | SiliconANGLE

  • Uriel Peled is presenting on the Orbs Network LIVE at Deconomy forum.
  • Video highlights from the Orbs Korea Meetup at Deconomy forum.
  • Technical Co-founder Tal Kol presenting the Orbs Blockchain to leaders of Israel’s tech industry at NOAHConference
  • Look at the Orbs poster.

Upcoming events:

  1. Orbs will meet Paradigm Fund soon.
  2. NY Blockchain Week:

Ethereal Summit May 10–11 Hello Brooklyn! Orbs is sponsoring what some consider the SXSW of blockchain. This ConsenSys gathering will draw in futurists, investors, entrepreneurs and government officials and a showcase of blockchain art from artists around the world.

Consensus — May 13–15 Like last year, Orbs will sponsor at this large Consensus event (+8,000 people in 2018’s event) together with directors, developers, company founders, investors, government officials and even reps from regulatory bodies like the EU all jam-packed into a 3-day extravaganza.

ETHGlobal — May 17–19 is ETHNewYork! Orbs will be partaking in this Ethereum centred event includes everything from seminars to hackathons to developer meetups and is a great way to engage the global Ethereum community.

Orbs Universe (voting)

Delegators, in order to receive rewards, you should delegate to an active guardian who does not miss voting deadlines. If your guardian misses voting deadlines, you will not get rewards in this period.

Guardians, please note that elections are every 20000 Ethereum blocks, it is approximately 3 days. A Guardian vote is valid for about 1 week. We recommend voting every 6 days to be on the safe side.

Voting deadlines calendar

Estimated time:

11 April — 23:34:32

15 April — 01:59:44

18 April — 04:26:31

21 April — 06:53:44

24 April — 09:20:44

27 April — 11:46:57

30 April — 14:14:23

You can delegate your Orbs tokens via link. After the end of the closest voting period, you can check your rewards here.



Current Market Cap: 53 550 000 $

  • Orbs has been listed on Bittrex. “Following the launch of our production ready environment, we are excited to take this next step in bringing the project forward,” said Daniel Peled, Orbs President and Co-Founder. “Partnering with Bittrex International will help us better bring developers and businesses the support and product to fulfill the potential of the technology.”
  • $ORBS is now live for trading on Liquid.


Next Roadmap will come soon with more details to the releases leading up to v1 launch.

What’s next?

  • Performance optimization — Improving stability under stress for broad release of the network in the short and long terms.
  • Hubble Block Explorer — Release of the web-based tool used for acquiring information from the virtual chain (e.g. committed blocks and transaction confirmations), as well as show diagnostics data related to the network health and performance. The new explorer will also perform analytics on contracts running on virtual chains.
  • Helix Consensus Protocol — Integrating the Lean Helix Consensus Protocol into the node software stack. The implementation of Lean Helix has been a massive and intensive project ongoing for several months by the Orbs dev team.
  • Autonomous Swap Bridge — mechanism for transferring existing ERC20 tokens from Ethereum securely into Orbs and then back again. This will enable the scaling of apps running on Ethereum, while still maintaining the native benefits of Ethereum as a base-layer.
  • POS Security Model — Put into high gear the development of Orbs’ proof of stake model designed to ensure the sustainability of the decentralized, public ecosystem.

Partnerships and team members

No updates.


  • Telegram chat provided a meme.

Social media metrics

Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics
Social media activity

There is a slight decrease in number of telegram followers and behind this, community is growing.

This is not financial advice.

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