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Orbs: World Economic Forum, letter from the president Daniel Peled, progressing towards Mainnet

Biweekly update 17th January — 31th January

This is not financial advice


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  • January Update — Letter from the President, launch announcement, partnerships, dev updates, new releases and special events.
  • Smart Contracting: The Fine Print — How the element of economic innovation is the final puzzle piece for blockchain smart contracts? Solid explanation about how the missing element in smart contracting is likely economic innovation. It is unclear, at this stage, whether that can work out but it does present some interesting new opportunities.

Social encounters

Source: Orbs Twitter
Source: Orbs Twitter
Source: Orbs twitter
Source: Orbs twitter
  • The future is looking strong for S.Korean cryptocurrency. In 2018, the government of a South Korean province partnered with Israeli blockchain start-up @orbs_network to create its very own currency […] set to be accepted by merchants across the region.” — more info via link.
  • Orbs is a winner at Japan Blockchain Conference Contest!
Source: Twitter

Upcoming events

  1. 28 January — DevCon Korea — Seoul
  2. 29 January — Crypto Pro Expo — San Francisco CA, US
  3. 30 January — Stanford Blockchain Conference 2019 — Stanford CA, US


(Waiting for a Mainnet.)


Next Roadmap will be included in the update, that coming on Tuesday 05.02.2019

What’s next?

  • Progressing towards the Mainnet
  • Major focus on supporting the amazing teams, that are seeking to build on Orbs

Partnerships and team members

  • Read the letter from Daniel Peled, Orbs President and Co-Founder, where he describes the perspectives for the future 2019. “There is a tendency in any movement to let the ideals run wild and to lose touch with the very elements that will help make the dream a tangible reality.”


1. Amino Payments

Amino Payments developed a blockchain-based payment system to helps advertisers and publishers transfer money instantly (and according to real-time data) using smart contracts.

2. AdShares

As a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertising, AdShares removes the middleman of the advertising world (usually an ad exchange) by using blockchain to connect between publishers and advertisers directly.

3. AdChain

AdChain is a MetaX project meant to help curate a list of ad-supported websites.

4. IBM and Salon Media Group

The computing giant in concert with Salon Media are piloting a blockchain-based project meant to prevent fraud in advertising.

5. Brave

Founded by the inventor of Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla Brendan Eich, Brave is a blockchain-based browser that is already changing our we interact with display advertising.

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Social media dynamics

This is not financial advice.

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Paradigm is an ecosystem that incorporates a venture fund, a research agency and an accelerator focused on crypto, DLT, neuroscience, space technologies, robotics, and biometrics — technologies that combined together will alter how we perceive reality.

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