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Paradigm Platform beta testing is live!

GM to our beloved Paradigm community!

Over the past few months, our team has been preparing something interesting and useful for your beautiful minds, and today we are pleased to lift the veil and share some exciting news with you! Paradigm’s new brainchild — Paradigm Platform — is up and ready for beta testing.

Paradigm Platform is not just a website or a blog but a full-fledged social network, where you can create an account and follow the topics and projects you are interested in.

With the Paradigm Platform, everyone can build a custom news feed for themselves!

Maybe you are one of Paradigm’s very first readers immersed headlong in the crypto space and you don’t care about anything else? No problem, you can now follow only our blockchain and crypto digests like ‘Defi in Ether’, ‘DAOs biweekly’, ‘L2 reports’ ‘State of Stake’, to name a few.

Fond of matter and energy? Exclusively read digests covering physics, quantum, and space.

Mind, brain, and body are what you are passionate about? ‘Neuroscience biweekly’ and ‘Genetics reports’ are here and waiting for you.

Or maybe you are a polymath and homo universalis interested in all practices rooted in modern tech and science? In this case, to say without exaggeration, on the Paradigm Platform you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself. Just try!

In addition to being able to follow the latest news and qualitative research from the scientific and tech fields, on the Paradigm Platform, every registered user will be able to bookmark an article, a project, a collection, or a theme.

On top of that, you will be able to create unique collections of favorite articles or add collections of friends and authors of choice to your profile.

To become one of the first Paradigm Platform testers and try the above-mentioned features, fill out this form.

Get ready for the Platform’s public release. Lots of exciting news is on the way!

Team Paradigm

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Paradigm is an ecosystem that incorporates a venture fund, a research agency and an accelerator focused on crypto, DLT, neuroscience, space technologies, robotics, and biometrics — technologies that combined together will alter how we perceive reality.

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