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Shift: New Year Delegate Sponsored SHIFT Giveaway, a few papers will be published in coming weeks

Biweekly update 4th December-18th December


GitHub metrics

There is also a private GitHub repository.

Developer activity (from

Shift (SHIFT) event: December 31, 2018:

  • Launch Phoenix;
  • Shift (SHIFT) Business White Paper (To Precede Mass-Market Release);
  • Shift (SHIFT) Financial Whitepaper;
  • Shift (SHIFT) Technical Whitepaper.

Social encounters

October 23rd, 2018 in Official Telegram Group: Werner Heisenberg (Vice-president / Operations manager):

“The concept of conferences is something for the future”.


  • From Official Shift Ryver chat:

Mx (Ambassador, Shift Reddit Moderator, Shift YouTube Manager, Admin of Russian Shift Community) on December 13th, 2018:

“New Year Delegate Sponsored SHIFT Giveaway

On New Year’s Eve, December 31, a SHIFT Giveaway is to be held. At least 1024 SHIFTwill be given away, but the total amount could be even bigger. To participate, entrants will need to complete this form, be a member of one of the Shift communities (Ryver, Telegram, Reddit, Discord), and post a link to the Shift Progress Report on any social network. On December 30, the application window will close and the list of participants will be published on the Shift Phoenix Cluster, with ‘ticket numbers’ assigned to each participant and the draw held using the Shift blockchain. Happy Holidays!”

Partnerships and team members

No updates.


October 17, 2018: The Shift Team has updated the Project Roadmap with new features and information, with translations to follow soon.


100% completed:

  • Proof of Concept: New Shift Website
  • Introductory White Paper (First of Four)
  • Storage Cluster Optimization
  • Hydra Decentralized CMS: Pre-Alpha Release
  • Shift Core 6.7.1t
  • Shift Core 6.7.2t
  • Shift Core 6.7.3t: Block Reward Division
  • Shift Core 6.8.0t
  • Shift Core 6.8.1t: dApp Ready
  • Decentralized Blockchain Explorer
  • Shift Core 6.7.1: Emergency Patch
  • Shift Core 6.8.2t
  • Shift Core 6.8.2
  • Fully Stable Sidechain

Hydra Decentralized CMS: Alpha Release — Q2, 83% completed.

Phoenix — Q4, 90% completed. Priority.

Blockchain Integration with Phoenix — Q4, 83% completed. Priority.

Nano Wallet Update v2.0.0 — Q4, 33% completed. Priority.

Atomic Swaps — TBD, 0% completed. New.

New Shift Core: New Consensus Algorithm — TBD, 37% completed.

Phoenix Websocket Communication — TBD, 0% completed.

Decentralized Cluster Consensus — TBD, 5% completed.

Improved Shift Chain — TBD, 33% completed.

New Shift Website — TBD, 50% completed.

Public awareness:

100% completed:

  • Animation Series: Blockchain
  • Collaboration: Coins and Steel
  • Screencast: Phantom dApp Quickstart Guide

Shift Project Progress Report — Q4, 80% completed. New.

Partnership: To Be Revealed — Q4, 0% completed. New.

Phoenix Pilot Program — Q4, 0% completed. New.

Screencast: Decentralized Storage Solution — Q4, 0% completed. New.

Applying for New Exchange Listings — TBD, 0% completed. New.

Introductory Business White Paper — TBD, 90% completed.

Financial White Paper — TBD, 0% completed.


From Official Shift Ryver chat:

  • Werner Heisenberg (Vice-president / Operations manager) on December 7th, 2018:
    “An underlying economic model is what drives the means through which censorship-resistance is maintained, so success in the latter will naturally contribute to development in the ‘token economy’ of the Shift Project. That is to say, in an era in which digital authoritarianism is already a factor in the lives of millions, we believe that we will offer a valuable service able to cater to the needs of personal and enterprise use cases, markets that will mutually bring about an increased demand for the SHIFT token.
    Regarding the Business White Paper, with its release we will be specifically targeting the enterprise market, and will therefore make it available at a time in which the formalization of the collaborations we have already arranged demonstrate the platform’s viability as a enterprise-ready service.”
  • Werner Heisenberg (Vice-president / Operations manager) on December 12, 2018: “The past few days some really good progress has been made on the backend of the blockchain integration. We will be reporting on this asap.”

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Telegram — Discussion about updates, voting, marketing and coding.

Facebook (since March 2016) — announcements, 10–30 likes, 1–2 shares.

Twitter (since February 2016) — Average number of retweets is 25–50 for one post (tweet about new decentralized website got 351 retweet, 31 December, 2017).

Ryver — discussion on voting, roadmap and bounties.

Reddit — The longest thread in 2018 is about 1 million stolen Shift from the team’s dev fund (it has 29 comments).

Information from — Last post — on December 13, 2018: FAQs, latest news, videos, exchanges etc.

New communication channel — Discord (unofficial, since October 2018).

Ralf S in Ryver chat on 7th December 2018: “Ryver seems to be a huge threshold for new users to join the Shift chat. Discord is a serious alternative and is much faster, especially on mobile.”

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Shift Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

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