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Biweekly update 30th August — 13th September


GitHub metrics:

The table above illustrates the low development activity.

Last commits on public GitHub were made on June 23th, 2019 in shift-explorer repository (this repository contains the code for the explorer of the Shift blockchain).

A lot of the information is private at present. Shift has also private GitHub repositories.

Developer activity (from

On July 20th Phoenix 0.8.1 has totally fixed the root of the issue that was preventing the network from reaching consensus on cluster size.

This proves Phoenix has an outstanding p2p library with an innovative feature that is rare in crypto: ensurance that cache data is synchronized over a p2p network without a consensus algorithm. On top of that, Phoenix has demonstrated the strength of statelessness. While the network had moved into a bad “state”, usually a major problem for distributed systems, it quickly healed itself as more storage nodes updated to 0.8.1.

To set a perfect stage for the demo launch, the team is going to release Phoenix 0.8.2 that fixes two minor and separate issues, as well as a new patch of Shift Core, v7.1.0t.

The Shift “Lock n’ Load” Demo is live

With your help the team will monitor the release to ensure maximum stability before then moving ahead with spreading word more widely. Please limit your total locked tokens to 10 SHIFT for now, as this will allow us to observe how the network responds to an evenly distributed use of storage capacity. Within that limit, feel free to experiment and enjoy!

From Official Discord channel:

Ralf S (Shift President and Lead Developer):

Social encounters

From Official Telegram Group:


A reward program from the Shift Team

The Shift Team is instigating a reward program for those that set up a storage node and join the Phoenix testnet cluster. This will come in the form of 15 SHIFT (≈5 $) distributed to qualifying participants every month.

In total, 9,000 SHIFT (≈ 3000 $) will be available for distribution during the first 3 months of the Shift v7.0t roll out.

Information from

See also Shift Wallet and Explorer.

Partnerships and team members

From Official Discord channel:

Werner Heisenberg (Vice-president and Operations manager):


From Official Discord channel:

Werner Heisenberg (Vice-president and Operations manager):

The Project Roadmap


100% completed:

  • Proof of Concept: New Shift Website
  • Introductory White Paper (First of Four)
  • Storage Cluster Optimization
  • Hydra Decentralized CMS: Pre-Alpha Release
  • Shift Core 6.7.1t
  • Shift Core 6.7.2t
  • Shift Core 6.7.3t: Block Reward Division
  • Shift Core 6.8.0t
  • Shift Core 6.8.1t: dApp Ready
  • Decentralized Blockchain Explorer
  • Shift Core 6.7.1: Emergency Patch
  • Shift Core 6.8.2t
  • Shift Core 6.8.2
  • Fully Stable Sidechain

Hydra Decentralized CMS: Alpha Release — Q2, 83% completed.

Phoenix — Q4, 90% completed. Priority.

Blockchain Integration with Phoenix — Q4, 83% completed. Priority.

Nano Wallet Update v2.0.0 — Q4, 33% completed. Priority.

Atomic Swaps — TBD, 0% completed. New.

New Shift Core: New Consensus Algorithm — TBD, 37% completed.
Phoenix Websocket Communication — TBD, 0% completed.

Decentralized Cluster Consensus — TBD, 5% completed.

Improved Shift Chain — TBD, 33% completed.

New Shift Website — TBD, 50% completed.

Public awareness:

100% completed:

  • Animation Series: Blockchain
  • Collaboration: Coins and Steel
  • Screencast: Phantom dApp Quickstart Guide

Shift Project Progress Report — Q4, 80% completed. New.

Partnership: To Be Revealed — Q4, 0% completed. New.

Phoenix Pilot Program — Q4, 0% completed. New.

Screencast: Decentralized Storage Solution — Q4, 0% completed. New.

Applying for New Exchange Listings — TBD, 0% completed. New.

Introductory Business White Paper — TBD, 90% completed.

Financial White Paper — TBD, 0% completed.


From Official Discord channel:


Use the Shift Bot, which provides real-time insight into the blockchain events of the Shift Project.


New Shift-Hosted Delegate Site by TerraBellus.

Social media metrics

Social media activity:

Social media dynamics:

Shift community grows slowly, social media dynamics shows that it remains virtually unchanged. There is a slight fluctuation in the number of subscribers of Shift social media channels these weeks.

Official Discord channel — Discussion on voting, roadmap, and bounties.

Telegram — Discussion about updates, voting, marketing, and coding.

See also unofficial Shift Telegram News Channel.

Facebook (since March 2016) — Announcements, 10–30 likes, 1–2 shares.

Twitter (since February 2016) — Average number of retweets is 25–50 for one post (tweet about new decentralized website got 351 retweets, December 31st, 2017).

Reddit — The longest thread in 2018 is about 1 million stolen Shift from the team’s dev fund (it has 29 comments). since August 17th, 2015. Discussion on FAQs, latest news, videos, exchanges etc.

See also unofficial Shift forum: Delegate proposals mostly.

There are also Tools for Analyze Delegates:

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Shift Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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