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Shift: Yearly Progress Report release, public product test coming, major partnership will be announced after storage solution is ready

Biweekly update 20th November-4th December


GitHub metrics

There is also a private GitHub repository.

Developer activity (from

Yearly Progress Report by Shift Team (in Newsletter on November 21, 2018):

Q3 2017 — The Release of the Phantom dApp

Q4 2017 — The Decentralized Web

  • The Shift IPFS Cluster
  • Jenga
  • Hydra

Q1 2018 — White Paper Release and Product Improvements

Introductory White Paper

Shift IPFS Cluster Update and Custom IPFS Daemon

  • Jenga Update: Stricter Node Monitoring
  • URL Rewriting (Routing)
  • URL Redirecting
  • Custom 404 Error Pages
  • Regex Support for IPFS Rewrites

Q2 2018 — Evaluating the Shift Platform

  • Sidechains
  • Consensus Algorithm
  • IPFS Cluster

Q3 2018 — Phoenix, Blockchain Integration & Our Pricing Model

  • Phoenix
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Our Pricing Model

Q4 2018 — What’s to come?

During the first half of Q4, the team made important enhancements to Phoenix’s source code necessary to set up the stable test cluster that is now hosting project website. During the last week, they on the core team have also been busy creating a final ‘to-do list’ of the tasks remaining to see the blockchain integration component finalized. Once these are done, they aim to release the decentralized storage and web hosting solution prior to the conclusion of this quarter.
From user’s perspective, the release will come in the form of a rebuilt Shift Nano wallet, that will have a reworked user interface — surpassing that of the Phantom dApp in terms of ease of use and available functions — in addition to the Phoenix node software used to participate in network as a storage provider being made publicly available. An install script and tutorial explaining Phoenix will also be made public, so that anyone will be able to easily set up their own node and take part in testing environment by sharing storage capacity. Testnet tokens will then be distributed so that interested parties can participate in the testing of product, free of charge. The team will be reserving larger quantities of tokens for special partners, however, so that they are able to ensure that the infrastructure meets the requirements of their enterprise use cases.

To coincide with the release of the storage solution, the team will announce a major partnership.
More partnerships are likely to follow in the wake of this. The plan following the launch will then be the development of useful platform mechanics, such as blockchain validation on storage rewards, and, should the launch result in securing additional financial investment, the completion of a detailed technical white paper outlining a re-architecturing of the Shift platform able to deliver a consensus algorithm and blockchain core better suited to the needs of a rapidly expanding Shift ecosystem.

Shift (SHIFT) event: December 31, 2018:

  • Launch Phoenix;
  • Shift (SHIFT) Business White Paper (To Precede Mass-Market Release);
  • Shift (SHIFT) Financial Whitepaper;
  • Shift (SHIFT) Technical Whitepaper.

Social encounters

October 23rd, 2018 in Official Telegram Group: Werner Heisenberg (Vice-president / Operations manager):“The concept of conferences is something for the future”.


Source: @ShiftNrg.

Partnerships and team members

No updates.


October 17, 2018: The Shift Team has updated the Project Roadmap with new features and information, with translations to follow soon.


100% completed:

  • Proof of Concept: New Shift Website
  • Introductory White Paper (First of Four)
  • Storage Cluster Optimization
  • Hydra Decentralized CMS: Pre-Alpha Release
  • Shift Core 6.7.1t
  • Shift Core 6.7.2t
  • Shift Core 6.7.3t: Block Reward Division
  • Shift Core 6.8.0t
  • Shift Core 6.8.1t: dApp Ready
  • Decentralized Blockchain Explorer
  • Shift Core 6.7.1: Emergency Patch
  • Shift Core 6.8.2t
  • Shift Core 6.8.2
  • Fully Stable Sidechain

Hydra Decentralized CMS: Alpha Release — Q2, 83% completed.

Phoenix — Q4, 90% completed. Priority.

Blockchain Integration with Phoenix — Q4, 83% completed. Priority.

Nano Wallet Update v2.0.0 — Q4, 33% completed. Priority.

Atomic Swaps — TBD, 0% completed. New.

New Shift Core: New Consensus Algorithm — TBD, 37% completed.

Phoenix Websocket Communication — TBD, 0% completed.

Decentralized Cluster Consensus — TBD, 5% completed.

Improved Shift Chain — TBD, 33% completed.

New Shift Website — TBD, 50% completed.

Public awareness:

100% completed:

  • Animation Series: Blockchain
  • Collaboration: Coins and Steel
  • Screencast: Phantom dApp Quickstart Guide

Shift Project Progress Report — Q4, 80% completed. New.

Partnership: To Be Revealed — Q4, 0% completed. New.

Phoenix Pilot Program — Q4, 0% completed. New.

Screencast: Decentralized Storage Solution — Q4, 0% completed. New.

Applying for New Exchange Listings — TBD, 0% completed. New.

Introductory Business White Paper — TBD, 90% completed.

Financial White Paper — TBD, 0% completed.


Shift project is mentioned in the Interview With Denis Ermolin, CEO of “Coins & Steel” on

Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

Telegram — Discussion about updates, voting, marketing and coding.

Facebook (since March 2016) — announcements, 10–30 likes, 1–2 shares.

Twitter (since February 2016) — Average number of retweets is 25–50 for one post (tweet about new decentralized website got 351 retweet, 31 December, 2017).

Ryver — discussion on voting, roadmap and bounties.

Reddit — The longest thread in 2018 is about 1 million stolen Shift from the team’s dev fund (it has 29 comments).

Information from — 6150 posts. Last post — on November 5th, 2018: FAQs, latest news, translation of the whitepaper, videos, exchanges etc.

New communication channel — Discord (unofficial, since October 2018).

The graph above shows the dynamics of changes in the number of Shift Reddit subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. The information is taken from

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