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State of Stake #4

Market overview

  • Staking Yearly Yield is the annualized yield for staking at current supply levels, as calculated by
  • Real Staking Yield is the annual yield expected from staking, after accounting for the network’s inflation. Real Yield is calculated as the nominal staking yield adjusted for the inflation rate.
  • Token Staking is the number of tokens currently staking on the network, as reported by
  • Network % Staking is the % of current circulating supply that is currently staking, using data provided by
  • 5 Years Yield is counted like compound interest.

Think & Stake

  • Staking Facilities discussed the current state of PoS validator ecosystems at Web3summit with tehir friends from ChorusOne, CertusOne and skalelabs.
  1. can the naive validator business model survive
  2. race to the bottom regarding commission fees
  3. how validators can differentiate themselves
  • IOST — Learn How To Calculate Your Staking Reward with Paradigm Fund.
  • Why is it smart to diversify your ICON delegation portfolio? ICX staking is approaching inevitably, so it is time to review all of the options ICONists have with their tokens. Staked ICX is the basic delegation unit and means of governance on the ICON Network. Staked ICX is acquired by converting ICX to a lock-up state by invoking the ‘Stake’ function. Check out the article!
  • More than 40 validators at Cosmos Validators Lunch:

Latest Staking Update

  • ICON announced updates ahead of the Pre-Voting Period (which starts August 26th UTC 05:00)!
  • Staking Rewards launched fresh new site: They added the most advanced reward calculator, new clean look, updated asset table + pages and a large categorized staking glossary!
  1. New Cycle and Governance Screen (+ History)
  2. New Operation Screen for all 12 types
  3. New Baker Account Screen with a Staking Rights Heatmap and a brand-new metric “Bakers Luck”
  1. ETH2.0 DESIGN RATIONALE — An amazing wiki that covers all the design decision for Ethereum’s move to a sharded Proof-of-Stake system.
  2. LIVEPEER STAKING — Livepeer’s targeted staking ratio of 50% has been crossed and now the network’s token issuance is declining.
  1. Execute settlement;
  2. Order transactions;
  3. Verify all transactions.
  1. Refactored existing on-chain event watching code to use the new blockwatch package — we’re now handling re-orgs properly
  2. Completed most of the work to add a round watcher that caches round information whenever a new round is initialized which will be used to avoid sending additional RPC requests during PM ticket creation/validation
  3. Kicked off prototyping and design exploration for the staking contract update to expand the orchestrator set
  4. Completed most of the work required to support pixel accounting within the transcoder library that we use (LPMS). The transcoder now returns a count of the pixels encoded and the pixels decoded after each transcode. Streamflow protocol engineering will be able to make use of this data to finalize the payment accounting implementation.
  5. Big milestone in our effort to integrate outside GPUs into our internal test harness — our GPU provider is behind a VPN that is proving difficult to work with. We were able to get a setup working from outside the VPN to within our test network. Just need to automate the process now.
  6. More exploring boundaries with reliability testing: we’ve been gaining confidence in the node itself by stress testing things under small-scale and controlled environments (one-O, two-O, three-O). We have roughly 99.99–100% transcoding success rate for networks that are configured appropriately, and have a better idea of what the behavior is like for networks that are not configured appropriately.
  7. Groundwork for the dual encoding + mining project. Most of the time was spent around getting the necessary software compiled / installed and playing nicely with the hardware. Things are currently close to the point where we can test and start seeing benchmark results.
  8. Ongoing progress and testing toward the LivepeerWowza 0.1.0 release
  9. Documentation and prep of the above
  10. First user testing of 3Box integration; working through a few bugs in cooperation with the 3Box team (see screenshots)
  • New article discussing the recent exploit situation: leaving $BITG, $PIVX and 200+ other PoS chains vulnerable and currently under attack.
  • Horizen’s Sidechain Node Goes Live on Devnet! Horizen’s sidechains will allow everyone to introduce exciting new functionalities by developing blockchain-based applications that are able to safely exchange coins with the mainchain in a decentralized and distributed way. Horizen’s sidechain SDK will hide the complexity of the cross-chain transfer protocol and will provide a solid base for blockchain-based application development.



Paradigm is an ecosystem that incorporates a venture fund, a research agency and an accelerator focused on crypto, DLT, neuroscience, space technologies, robotics, and biometrics — technologies that combined together will alter how we perceive reality.

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