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State of Stake vol. 78

A biweekly update on the Proof-of-Stake ecosystem, 14th November — 29th November


  • Gnosis Core Devs released dates last week for the merge aiming for December 7th.
  • Maker adds Rocket Pool staked ETH as collateral.
  • Staking on Litentry parachain is officially live.
  • Ocean stakers can claim DF12 rewards. DF13 runs Nov 24-Dec 1 2022.
  • Kyber Network partners with Lido to bring the best wstETH liquidity to Ethereum mainnet.
  • Polkadot nomination pools have hit another milestone with more than 500,000 DOT currently bonded by pool members.
  • Sub0, the Polkadot Developer Conference, is here.
  • Algorand’s biggest event of the year — Decipher is coming to Dubai, November 28th — 30th.
  • Filecoin Network v17 Shark upgrade is coming.
  • Bifrost announces the official launch of the first parachain derivatives vGLMR & vMOVR.
  • AVAX processed 68M transactions during September, up 51% from August.
  • Learn about the BNB Chain Martian Program. The initiative is dedicated towards developing the BNB Chain ecosystem by presenting engaging opportunities for its members to help the core vision of the chain.
  • Cardano builder Input Output Global invests in the future of blockchain with a $4.5M research hub at the University of Edinburgh.
  • Applications for the 3rd cohort of the Interchain Developer Academy closed.
  • IC People are excited about the launch of SNS-1. The DFINITY Foundation will vote to adopt on November 29th.
  • Magic Eden comes to Polygon to accelerate blockchain games development.
  • Synthetix V3 update by CC Noah is out.
  • Dock has proven to be a successful use case for BurstIQ platforms, making data tamper-proof and verifiable with the help of Dock Certs.
  • Elrond’s xExchange & MEX 2.0 outlook from Beniamin.
  • Injective has officially released its fiat on-ramp with Kado.
  • The ICON Tracker will be redirected from to on December 5th.
  • ‘NEAR Transparency Report: the State of Staking’ is out.
  • The iOS version of the 1inch Wallet is back on the App Store.
  • Kava EVM 2.0 launches this holiday season.
  • And much more!

Top 10 Crypto Assets by Staked Value

Source: Staking Rewards.

Proof-of-Stake Networks’ Updates


Check out our recently-published ‘Defi in Ether’ — biweekly update on Ethereum DeFi ecosystem vol.60 full of news from the ecosystem: $38 in DeFi, Uniswap releases Permit2 and a universal router, Aave on Aztec, The 1inch Router v5 is here, Kyber Network partners with Lido, dYdX introduces Swap Mode, Gnosis will undergo the Merge in early December, FTX collapse, and much more!


  • Polkadot nomination pools have hit another milestone with more than 500,000 DOT currently bonded by pool members. Learn how to join them to start collecting rewards with as little as 1 DOT.
  • Polkadot’s native token (DOT), initially offered, sold and delivered to purchasers as a security, has morphed and no longer is a security. It is software.
  • Polkadot’s Anti-Scam Initiatives: How the community is working to make the Polkadot ecosystem safe.
  • The Web3 Foundation research team has released a formal write-up describing improvements that allow for more efficient verification for BLS signatures for individual and aggregated signatures.
  • The latest demo of Nova Wallet shows it working well with Polkadot Gov 2.0.
  • Referendum 80, proposing to grant sufficiency to USDT on Statemint, has passed.
  • Referendum 81, to on-board Collectives as a common-good parachain, has passed.
  • Referendum 84, proposing to upgrade the Polkadot Relay Chain to runtime v9300, has been passed and executed.
  • Referendum 85, proposing to force and update to the Kapex parachain runtime code to allow it to upgrade.
  • Missed November’s Polkadot Community Calls? Check out the recording to learn the latest updates, referenda, and treasury proposals for Polkadot & Kusama, and hear from the ecosystem teams.

Feel free to read our latest biweekly report on the Polkadot ecosystem vol.49: OmniBTC has won the most recent parachain lease auction, Sub0 on Nov 28, Humanode mainnet launched, Energy Web presented its Trusted Green Charging Solution, MetaMask has integrated Celer cBridge, PhalaNetwork enters its 1st halving period, Centrifuge has raised $4M, EQ offering Phase 2 kicks off this month, Polkadot’s codebase turns 5, and more!



Binance (BNB Chain)


Cosmos Network








  • Dock has proven to be a successful use case for BurstIQ platforms, making data tamper-proof and verifiable with the help of Dock Certs. This video tells the success story of the collaboration.
  • New Dock Certs Release: Custom Certificate Designer: Dock Certs, the platform that enables users to easily issue, verify, revoke, and manage fraud-proof Verifiable Credentials, now has a Certificate Designer feature allowing users to customize the design of their credentials.
  • Blockchain and Health Care: BurstIQ Use Cases That Leverage Verifiable Credentials: See three BurstIQ use cases that demonstrate the importance of Verifiable Credentials in blockchain and health care. BurstIQ implemented our Verifiable Credential technology to make their health data secure and portable.



  • Filecoin News 56: Get the latest and greatest from around the ecosystem on Filecoin.
  • Filecoin Network v17 Shark 🦈 Upgrade: The upcoming Filecoin upgrade to network version 17, “Shark 🦈”, will bring a range of improvements and simplifications that set the stage for programmable storage: smart contracts that interact with storage deals and providers.
  • The Filecoin Masterplan: A recap of Juan Benet’s keynote address at FIL-Singapore exploring where the Filecoin network is headed.


Immutable X


  • ICON Integration Update — October 2022: In this recurring ICON Integration Update, the team zooms in a bit more on the Interoperability Integrations and summarise the highlights from progress reports that contributing teams have supplied to the ICON Bridge GitHub repository.
  • ICON Tracker Gets a Fresh Upgrade: The ICON Tracker will be redirected from to on December 5th 8:00 PM ET and the will be completely shut down by January 5th 10:00 AM ET.


Manta Network


Near Protocol



Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Chain)

  • Gnosis Chain Weekly · 25 November 2022: Gnosis Core Devs released dates last week for the much anticipated merge aiming for December 7th, 2022. The Merge is a significant shift for Gnosis, replacing the legacy PoA consensus with the open and non-permissioned Beacon Chain consensus. This allows Gnosis to transition to a fully decentralized and permissionless PoS network, mirroring Ethereum. The Merge also brings Gnosis one step closer to achieving its goal of being the most credibly neutral network available. With over 100K validators currently securing the Gnosis Beacon Chain, Gnosis is poised to offer a resilient, unstoppable network to the public. The team has simplified the process of running a validator ~ only 1 GNO is required and the process is user-friendly.
  • Subscribe to the Merge Newsletter for the most up-to-date information on how to prepare for the Gnosis Chian merge.

Yearn Finance

  • Yearn <> CoW Swap: After months of working on a yearn cowswap solver, the team reached production-ready code. Now you can do complex swaps in CoW Swap like, 3CRV <-> yvSNX. Yearn is committed to settling all strategies trades through CoW Swap and trying to get as many cows as possible to increase users revenue.
  • yBribe has been introduced. Yearn’s new bribe platform for Curve gauge voting. Check out the thread for key product and contract upgrades, or start selling and buying votes at
  • Twitter space: Fireside chat with @iearnfinance.

0x project


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