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Stellar: CoinDeal Listing And IBM is Opening Up Demand For XLM

Biweekly update 5th April — 19th April

This is not financial advice.

During the last two weeks Stellar illustrated average level of social activity. Crypto exchange CoinDeal announced, that after its 13th community vote, Stellar (XLM) has won and would be listed on the exchange platform. Moreover, the IBM Food Trust and the IBM Blockchain World Wire could in the long run drive billions of dollars’ worth of transactions through Stellar (XLM). Though it is trading way below its all-time highs, its growing real world adoption places it in a unique position to gain in value way beyond its 2017 highs. Its growth will also be boosted by growth in the entire market, which is happening at an exponential growth.


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Social encounters

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare is launching a stablecoin pegged 1:1 to the Canadian dollar (CAD).

The exchange plans potential roles for its new “eCAD” token in cross-border payments and remittance, peer-to-peer lending, merchant payment solutions, as well as trade settlements and forex conversions.

The firm pledged that each eCAD token will have one Canadian dollar backing it in reserve. While it claimed transparency in the announcement, it did not detail if and how proof of its reserves might be made public.

The news follows Coinsquare’s recent acquisition of decentralized exchange (DEX) StellarX for an undisclosed amount. StellarX is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Coinsquare and is based in Bermuda.

The usual transaction flow for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin goes as follows: Type in receiving address, specify amount to be sent along with fees, click send.

Stellar introduces an optional step to this transaction flow called a memo. A memo is a data field for including information associated with a transaction.

If you are making an ‘everyday’ transaction on the Stellar network using a popular Stellar wallet, forgetting the memo is no big deal; it’s optional. If you are sending (depositing) lumens to an exchange, forgetting the memo will generally lead to your exchange account not being credited with lumens. If this happens, it’s important that you contact the exchange you sent lumens to — SDF can not help you recover your lumens.

I suggest finding your transaction using the Payment Locator on Stellar.Expert and getting as many details as you can regarding the transaction. Reach out to the exchange’s support team with the transaction details, let them know that you forgot the memo, and see what they can do to help you identify your transaction.

Going forward, make sure to review the address you’re sending to, verify if you need to provide a memo, and check that you provide an appropriate fee. You should only send transactions after you have double checked all of this information and verified that it is correct. Remember, it’s never a bad idea to try sending a small amount of an asset before making any transaction.

IBM is using blockchain technology to transform entire industries. One of them is the food industry. IBM is using blockchain technology to create transparency in every step of the supply chain. Through the IBM Food Trust, supermarkets and other food companies can keep track of the food that reaches the consumer using blockchain technology. So far, a number of major corporations have signed up to the IBM Food Trust, and they include Wall-mart and Carrefour. The latest one to join is Albertsons, one of the world’s largest supermarkets. While this is a big deal for the food industry, it is also a big reason for Stellar (XLM) investors to be delighted. That’s because, it has a direct implication on the value of this crypto in the long run.

This article goes to show that as more companies join the IBM Food and the world moves more towards crypto based settlements, the IBM Food Trust and the IBM Blockchain World Wire could in the long run drive billions of dollars’ worth of transactions through Stellar (XLM). For investors, this is a huge validation that Stellar (XLM) has a massive chance to grow in value going into the future. As the transaction volumes increase, the value of Stellar (XLM) will grow as well. That’s because, stability will incentivize more organizations to settle in XLM on the World Wire, pushing up Stellar (XLM) demand and by extension, its value.

On this basis, Stellar (XLM) is easily one of the most undervalued cryptos in the market. Though it is trading way below its all-time highs, its growing real world adoption places it in a unique position to gain in value way beyond its 2017 highs. Its growth will also be boosted by growth in the entire market, which is happening at an exponential growth. Evidence to this is the entry of institutional money into crypto through platforms like Bakkt.

Upcoming events:

Location: Dienstag, 30. April 2019

Time: 18:30 bis 21:30

Location: Oberwallstrasse 6, Berlin. May, 9

Time: 18:30 bis 20:30


Token holders, the number of payments, trades and assets (information from

It was announced by crypto exchange CoinDeal, that after its 13th community vote, Stellar (XLM) has won and will now be listed on the exchange platform. For CoinDeal users, they will now see a new XLM/BTC market.


Stellar Roadmap 2019


Horizon is a client-facing API server for the Stellar ecosystem. It is how developers connect their applications to Stellar Core. SDF currently maintains three Horizon SDKs: Javascript, Java, and Go. Early this year Stellar reached out to developers in the ecosystem to get their feedback on Horizon. Stellar will use this quarter to focus on improving the Horizon admin and developer experience.

  • Mid/Late Q2: Bring Horizon SDKs to parity with Horizon server
  • Q2: Create technical spec for Core/Horizon API
  • Q1: Add transactions that fail in consensus to Horizon
  • Ongoing: Whittle down the Github PR and issue backlog


  • Q2/Q3: Improve decentralization while preserving performance

More validators will join the network if a Stellar node can run on medium-range hardware. Towards that goal, Stellar will improve data access to stellar-core’s database (by implementing batching and prefetching). Stellar will add safeguards for bad archives and allow full validator discovery and quorum configuration by Q3.

  • Q2/Q3: Make node management faster and easier
  • Ongoing: Maintain a consistent ship schedule

Stellar will have 6 Minor Releases in 2019; one each in February, March, May, June, August, and October. Stellar will push 3 Protocol upgrades; one each in Q2, Q3, and Q4. In Q2 Stellar will migrate the SDF infrastructure to a new production environment.


  • Q2: Redesign till May 1st.
  • Q1/Q2: Publish More Content
  • Q1/Q2: Make Better Tools: Dashboard, Laboratory, SEP6 validator
  • Q2: Create an open-source Wallet SDK
  • Q2/Q3: Improve Kelp, a trading bot library designed to make it easy to make markets on Stellar.
  • Q2/Q3: Continue work on Lightning-like Payment Channels (aka Starlight)


  • Ongoing: Increase community and marketplace presence
  • Ongoing: Integrate more community feedback

Last year, Stellar announced a process for Core Advancements Proposals — proposals to change or improve the Stellar Core protocol.

  • Ongoing: Collaborate with ecosystem projects
  • supporting their headcount growth as they develop StellarExpert ID and also improve the information design and functionality of their ledger explorer.
  • AnchorUSD: supporting improved brand messaging and user experience.
  • StellarX: supporting their continued development as an open interface to Stellar’s decentralized exchange. Emerging projects will for this program continue to receive support via the Stellar Community Fund. Stellar will announce the specifics of the Community Fund in March.


  • Ongoing: Hire more good people

Q3:Increase clarity around SDF’s lumen holdings and distribution plans

A full accounting of SDF’s projects, grants, XLM holdings, and plans for those holdings is long overdue. By year-end there should be complete clarity around all SDF’s activities and assets.

Partnerships and team members

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Social media metrics

Social media activity
Social media dynamics
Social media dynamics

The graph above illustrates a slight increase in the number of Reddit subscribers and Twitter followers. However, Twitter followers prevail. The information is taken from

This is not financial advice.

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